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Photograph (Albumen Print, Framed) of Teatro Greco, Taormina, Sicily, by Giovanni Crupi, 1880s

Inventory Number: 11788
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Persons: Giovanni Crupi (Photographer)
Date Created:
Brief Description: Albumen print mounted on card and matted, framed and glazed. View of the ruins of the Greek Theatre at Taormina, Sicily, with the coast beyond and a snow-capped mountain in the right distance. Horizontal format.
The Teatro Greco is one of the best preserved Greco-Roman theatres, and modern photographs of it show it little changed and usually from the same spectacular vantage point, with the coastline and snow-capped mountain beyond. The mountain is in fact the volcano Etna. It is probably one of the places visited by Gunther on his regular visits to southern Italy in the 1890s and 1900s, when he will have purchased the photograph, one of a commercially sold series by the local photographer Giovanni Crupi, who also photographed Etna erupting in 1886.
The picture has been backed with wood and previously with paper around the edges. 24 metal pins keep the wooden backing in place. Metal eye hooks and hanging wire.
Primary Inscriptions: Printed captions within image: 'Teatro Greco -- Taormina' and 'Crupi No 12'.
Provenance: Presented by Dr A. E. Gunther in 1986. Part of the collections of his father R. T. Gunther, founding Curator of the Museum, previously on loan to the Museum.
Collection Group: Gunther Collection
Material(s): Photographic Materials
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
475 600 19 mm

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