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Photograph (Albumen Print, Framed) of the Moon, Late 19th Century

Inventory Number: 11772
Object Type:
Brief Description: Large albumen print mounted on paper or card and then on galvanised tin, framed and glazed. The Moon in full detail, the focus soft at either side and top (viewed vertically as framed) but the lower limb crisply focused. Vertical format, but virtually square. Strong dark brown with slightly yellowy highlights. No inscriptions or indication of taker or provenance. Backing paper missing and no backing board (just the tin sheet). Scratches on glass. An unusually large albumen print, approximately 19½ inches square.
It could well be one of the moon photographs taken by the renowned American lunar photographer Lewis Morris Rutherfurd (1816-1892) in the period 1858-77; see 12962. Metal fixings and hanging wire on the reverse and 12 white metal pins securing the piece into the frame. One further fixing on each of the long sides of the frame.
Provenance: Probably from the University Observatory, Oxford.
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Material(s): Photographic Materials
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
6100 595 15 mm

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