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TYPHOON BAROMETER AND CYCLONOMETER, Philippine/German, early 20th century, signed for the designer "By José Algué, S.J., Director of the Manila Observatory," for the barometer maker "Schmidt & Ziegler, Remscheid," and for the important Dutch ship "Joh. v. Oldenbarnevelt," with serial number 364 and logo "NSM." Set into the 8-1/2" square mahogany case is a sturdy aneroid barometer with pressure scales in inches and millimeters of mercury, lookup table of mean sea level pressures as a function of date and latitude in the area, and rotating scale of low pressures representing distance to the typhoon. A "cyclonometer" in the lid has a compass rose, rotating glass with wind vectors painted on the reverse, and two adjustable cursors, one with distance calibrations. Condition is very fine noting losses to the painted wind vectors.
This interesting instrument is engraved with its provenance, having been on the liner Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, launched in Amsterdam in 1929, 609 feet long, being the largest Dutch ship at the time. For nine years she sailed between Amsterdam and the Dutch East Indies, where a cyclonometer would have been most useful. After serving as a troop carrier in WWII, she was eventually refitted and renamed the Lakonia, to provide passenger cruises from Southampton to the Canary Islands. In 1963 she was destroyed by fire, in a serious maritime disaster.
A rare example of Algué's typhoon predictor.

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