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Inventory no. 51027 - Former Display Label


Gilt and silvered brass. Signed, "Ego Sebastianus Thibault Dreux Fesit[sic]"; undated, but the table of dominical letters and of golden numbers begins with the year 1588.

1. A universal solar and lunar equinoctial dial, for any latitude up to 80°, with a lunar volvelle. The sights on the alidade, which serves as a gnomon for the dial, are modern replacements.

2. A table of the latitudes of 32 places. Inscribed at the side and the top of this table is the maker's description of his compendium, "Rologio Vniuersal De Sol, e Lua, e Estrela De Norte".

3. A compass (the needle and compass-plate are modern replacements) surrounded by three concentric scales inscribed, "Dias de lua", "Horas", and "Quitos".

4. A "Taboa da Lua".

5. A quadrant engraved with a scale of degrees and a shadow-square; and a circular table of dominical letters and golden numbers.

6. A nocturnal.

On the sides of the case are engraved the latitudes of 25 places, mostly Portuguese possessions. This compendium was, presumably, made for a Portuguese owner, because the inscriptions engraved on it (except for the signature) are in Portuguese.

[F. 140]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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