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Inventory no. 49364 - Former Display Label

16th century
Gilt brass and ? Solenhofen stone; parts of the inscriptions and the incised decoration on the stone are coloured or gilded. Unsigned and undated.

For latitude 49°30'. Below the compass is engraved the following quotation from the Bible, "ET ER VNT LVMINA, IN SIGNA, TEMPORA, DIES ET ANNOS. GENE: I."
In use the dial is orientated on the meridian by means of the compass. The gnomon is then adjusted to the sun's declination by sliding the gnomon support, each end of which terminates in a point, until either the Southern point lies on the declination circle corresponding to the date, or until the Northern point lies on the appropriate division of the Zodiac scale surrounding the compass. Then if the gnomon is rotated until it is directed towards the sun, the Southern point will show the time. The length of the day throughout the year is indicated at one end of the arcs corresponding to the month of the year.

From the Michel Collection.

Billmeir Collection no. 114

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