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Inventory no. 52066 - Former Display Label

Indo-Persian ASTROLABE
A.H. 1057 = A.D. 1647/8

Signed, on the back, 'Ibn Muhibb Haqiqa, may God forgive his sins, in the year 1057 [H.]'. Brass. Diam.: 88 mm.

Rete for 17 stars. 6 plates, for latitudes 18°14', 29°; 21°40' (for Mecca), 35°; 26°, 28°; 27°, 32°; 34°, 36°; a tablet of horizons, and a tablet of co-ordinates of the ecliptic (shown); the plates are variously engraved with azimuths below the horizon, and lines for unequal, Babylonian, and Italian hours, in addition to the usual almucantars. The mater is engraved as a gazetteer, giving the latitudes and longitudes of 34 towns in India, Persia, Arabia, etc. The back is engraved with degree and cotangent scales, a sine quadrant, the arcs of the signs with a graph of meridian altitudes of the sun for latitudes 32° and 37°, and an astrological table.

[IC 73; B-M: IBN MHB HQQ 1]
Lewis Evans Collection

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