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Mercury Barometer and Spirit Thermometer, by Thomas Heath, London, c. 1720-50

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Inventory Number: 15341
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Persons: Thomas Heath
Date Created: c. 1770
Place Created: London England United Kingdom Europe
Accession Number: 1942-1
Brief Description: An early combined barometer and thermometer by T. Heath, with the Royal Society scale of temperatures. The thermometer plate is placed over the barometer tube, and thus hides all but its reading portion. The engraving style for the maker, the words on the temperature scale and the numerals is relatively crude for the Heath workshop. Presumably this was a bought in item acquired for resale. (Unless it is thought that it is an attempt to pass off inferior goods as Heath's high status work: the old label asserts without justification that the date is c.1770, which is 20 years after Heath had entered into partnership with Tycho Wing.)

The thermometer scale is from 90 to 0, with VERY HOT at 5, SULT HOT at 15, VERY WARM at 25, WARM AIR at 35, TEMPERAT at 45, COLD AIR at 55, FREEZING at 65, HARD FROST at 75 and GREAT FROST at 85.
Primary Inscriptions: "T. HEATH LONDON" engraved above the barometer scale.
Provenance: Presented by G. Heynes.
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