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D Tartu Astronomical Observatory

Rara Cosmographica in Estonia

Tartu 1978 Tapmy. Tartu Astronomical Observatory Teated Nr. 57. Contains: H. Tankler & O. Nagel, "British Astronomers' Letters at the Library of Tartu University: A Supplement"; N. Vorobiova, "Un Autographe de J.-N. Delisle dans la Bibliotheque de l'Universite de Tartu"; H. Eelsalu & Ch. Villmann, "Ars Astronomica in Tartu: A Bust of J. South identified by G. L'E. Turner"; G. L'E. Turner, "A Livonian Sundial made for General-superintendent Fischer"; A. Tering, "Daniel von Berthold (?-1710) and his Sundial"; O. Nagel, "Rara Astronomica in the Library of the Tartu University: Books Printed before 1600. Addenda & Corrigenda"; K. Robert & H. Eelsalu, "Rara Astronomica in the Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences: A Supplement".



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