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—>  "Roger Sherman's Field Survey Book: Richard Norwood's Epitome"
—>  "Role of the Intellectual in Public Bureaucracy"
—>  Rolfe Family Records : 2 entries
—>  Roll of commissioned officers in the Medical service of the British army: who served on full pay within the period between the accession of George II and the formation of the Royal army medical corps, 20 June 1727 to 23 June 1898, with an introduction sho
—>  Roman and Islamic Water-Lifting Wheels
—>  Roman Science
—>  "Romer, Flamsteed, and the Search for a Stellar Parallax"
—>  Romische Sonnenuhren aus Aquileia
—>  "Romische Vermessungskunst: Ihre Instrumente und Verfahren"
—>  Rontgen Rays Centennial: Exhibition on the Occasion of the Discovery of X-Rays in Wurzburg on November 8, 1895
—>  Rontgenstrahlen: Zum funfzigjahrigen Jubilaum ihrer Entdeckung
—>  "Rosenholm"
—>  Rotary Specialities: Price List November, 1908
—>  Rotary Stripping Pigment Films for Three Colours
—>  Rotatoria of the United States, with especial reference to those of the Great Lakes
—>  "Rothamsted: 1843-1943"
—>  "Rotiferes"
—>  "Rouget Cells and their Function"
—>  Rowland's Double Sextant, and Circle
—>  Rowlandson's Oxford
—>  Royal Funding of the Parisian Academie Royale des Sciences During the 1690s
—>  "Royal Institution Lectures"
—>  "Royal Microscopical Society Standards"
—>  "Royal Microscopical Society"
—>  "Royal Sovereign Pencils"
—>  R's Method of Using Ordinary Set Squares in Drawing and Design
—>  Rudimenta Mathematica
—>  "Rudolph II in Prague"
—>  Ruhmkorff, Rontgen, Regensburg: Historische Instrumente zur Gasentladung
—>  Rule for measuring Heights by the Barometer, reduced to the English Measure of Length and adapted to Fahrenheit's Thermometer, and other Scales of Heat, and reduced to a more convenient Expression by the Astronomer Royal. Read at the Royal Society January
—>  Rules [&] List of Members
—>  Rules and Orders of the Society Instituted at London, for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce
—>  Rules and Orders of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce
—>  Rules and Tables for Clearing the Compass of the Regular Effect of a Ship's Attraction
—>  Rules for judging the Change and Alteration of the Weather by the Barometer
—>  Rules, chiefly deduced from experiment, for conducting the Practical Operations of a Siege
—>  Rural chemistry : an elementary introduction to the study of the science in its relation to agriculture and the arts of life
—>  "Rural Places in the Early Nineteenth Century"
—>  "Rural Transport in the New Oxfordshire"
—>  Ruskinian Gothic: The Architecture of Deane and Woodward 1845-1861
—>  Russian Bibliography Libraries and Archives: A Selective List of Bibliographical References for Students of Russian History, Literature, Political, Social and Philosophical Thought, Theology and Linguistics
—>  Russian Medicine
—>  Russian Tool and Instrument Makers of 18th Century (Russkie Priborostroiteli Pervoi Poloviny XVIII Veka)
—>  Russian-English Dictionary
—>  Russkaya Tekhnika
—>  Rutherford Collection at McGill University
—>  Rutherford of Nelson
—>  "Rutherford, Nagaoka, and the Nuclear atom"
—>  "Ruthless Research in a Cupboard"
—>  Rynuyn Quadrant with a Pedro Nunes Nonius
—>  "S. L. Coulthurst 1867-1937"
—>  S. S. White Catalogue General de Fournitures Dentaires
—>  S. Z. de Ferranti: A brief account of some aspects of his work
—>  Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice
—>  Saga of the Vacuum Tube
—>  Sage: A Life of J. D. Bernal
—>  Saggi di Naturali Esperienze
—>  Saggi di naturali esperienze fatte nell'Accademia del Cimento
—>  Saggio Orittografico ovvero Osservazioni sopra le terre nautilitiche ed ammonitiche della Toscana. Con Appendice O Indice Latino Ragionato de' piccoli Testacei, e d'altri Fossili d'origin marina per schiarimento dell' Opera
—>  "Sailing Instructions of Vasco da Gama to Pedro Alvares Cabral. 1500"
—>  Saint Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale: The Sundial. A Short Account
—>  "Sal ammoniacus, Nusadir und Salmiak"
—>  Salamandrolocia, h. e. descriptio Historico - Philologico - Philosophico - Medica Salamandrae quae vulge in igne vivere creditur, S.R.J. Academiae Naturae Curiosis exhibita, atc novis aliquot Capitibus, Experimentis, Figurisc; aeri eleganter incisis, nec
—>  "Sal-Ammoniac: a Study in Primitive Chemistry" : 2 entries
—>  Sale Catalogus Bibliothecae Historico-Naturalis Josephi Banks
—>  Salter: The Story of a Family Firm 1760-1960
—>  Saltpetre Caves and Virginia History
—>  Salutations to Robert-Houdin
—>  Salvan: sur les Pas de Marconi
—>  Salve Academicum
—>  "Samengestelde Microscopen"
—>  "Samenwerking tussen twee Utrechtse Instrumentmakers in de 18e eeuw?"
—>  Sammlung der vom Jahre 1851 bis 1856 erschienenen Recensionen und literarischen Notizen uber Franz von Baader's sammtliche Werke. Als urkundliche Belege uber die Aufnahme dieser "Ersten Gesammtausgabe" Seitens der gelehrten Welt Deutschands
—>  Sammlung Goschen Funktiontheorie
—>  Sammlung Mensing: Altwissenschaftliche Instrumente
—>  Sammlung von Beispielen und Aufgaben aus der Differenzial-und Integralrechnung mit Verwandlung der Functionen
—>  Sammlung von Formeln, Aufgaben und Beispielen aus der Arithmetik und Algebra nebst vier Tafeln der Vergleichung der vorzuglichsten Masse, Gewichte und Munzen mit den osterreichischen und franzosischen
—>  "Samuel Bourne of Nottingham"
—>  Samuel Colt's Submarine Battery: The Secret and The Enigma
—>  Samuel Johnson and the Dodd Affair
—>  'Samuel Morland, Inventor: calculation and career in the seventeenth century'
—>  San Luis Catalogue of 15333 stars for the epoch 1910
—>  "Sand Glasses"
—>  "Sand-Glasses of the Historisches Uhren-Museum Wuppertal, Germany"
—>  Sanitary Economy: its principles and practice; and its moral influence on the progress of Civilisation
—>  Sanskrit Astronomical Tables in the United States
—>  Sarcoptides
—>  Sartonia
—>  "Sartonian Values in a Changing World: the Case of Isis"
—>  "SAS navigerer efter vikingernes "solsten": Morsomt eksperiment med Nationalmuseet over Gronland"
—>  Satellite!
—>  Satellites and scientific research
—>  Saturn.
—>  "Saules laikrodziai Lietuvoje"
—>  Saved! 100 Years of the National Art Collections Fund
—>  Savile Bradbury: 1931-2001
—>  Sawai Jai Singh and His Astronomy
—>  Sawdust and Fish Life
—>  Sbornik pro dejiny prirodnich ved a techniky

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