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—>  Rhetorical and Religious Aspects of Greek Alchemy
—>  "Richard Beard: an Ingenious and Enterprising Patentee"
—>  Richard Corbould 1757-1831 Illustrator: A Glimpse of the Common Life of Georgian Society
—>  Richard Lower's Vindicatio: A Defence of the Experimental Method : 2 entries
—>  "Richard of Wallingford and his Rectangulus, 1326"
—>  "Richard of Wallingford, Abbot of St. Albans, 1326-1335"
—>  Richard of Wallingford: An edition of his writings with introductions, English translation and commentary
—>  Richard Owen Commemoration
—>  "Richard Taylor, 1781-1858"
—>  "Richard Watson (1737-1816)"
—>  "Richard Zsigmondy as Man and Teacher"
—>  Richardi Watson, A.M. Coll. Sacro-Sanctae Trin. Soc. et chemiae professoris in academia Cantabrigiensi, : institutionum chemicarum in praelectionibus academicis explicatarum, pars metallurgica
—>  Richtiger und vermehrter Feld-Messer wie auch Sonnen-Uhren-Macher, ohne Lehrmeister und ohne Instrument; etc. ... von einem dieser Kunsten Curieusen Liebhaber
—>  Rider's British Merlin : for the year of our Lord God 1783. Being the third after bissextile, or leap year
—>  "Rigas kalendarnuja"
—>  Rijks Universiteit Utrecht: 350 Jaar Verzamelaar
—>  "Rings and Menhirs: Geometry and Astronomy in the Neolithic Age"
—>  Rio d Brasil
—>  Rio de Janeiro : historia de sus denominaciones
—>  Risposta Di D. Giambattista de Girolami Parroco Di Faeo All' autore dell'articolo inserito nella Gazzetta Urbana 10 Luglio 1793 pag 435, sul proposito della suo scoperta ec. indicata nel libretto Modo ec.
—>  Rittenhouse: Journal of the American Scientific Instrument Enterprise
—>  Riyad al-Mukhtar. Mirat al-miqat wa-l-adwar ma'a majmu'at al-ashkal
—>  Robert Boyle and Seventeenth-Century Chemistry
—>  Robert Boyle e la Scienza Virtuosa
—>  Robert Boyle: Pioneer of Experimental Chemistry
—>  "Robert Child"
—>  Robert Dick
—>  Robert Dick: Baker, of Thurso Geologist and Botanist
—>  Robert Edmond Grant (1793-1874) and his Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy
—>  "Robert Erskine (1735-1780) of the Continental Army: Geographer and Surveyor-General"
—>  "Robert Fludd and the Circulation of the Blood"
—>  "Robert Fludd e la polemica con Gassendi"
—>  Robert Fludd: Hermetic Philosopher and Surveyor of Two Worlds
—>  "Robert Fludd: Le Rosicrucien"
—>  "Robert Fludd's Theory of Geomancy and his Experiences at Avignon in the Winter of 1601 to 1602"
—>  Robert Grosseteste and the Origins of Experimental Science 1100-1700
—>  Robert Hooke
—>  "Robert Hooke (1635-1703)" [Part I only]
—>  Robert Hooke : tercentennnial studies
—>  Robert Hooke and the English Renaissance
—>  "Robert Hooke and Thomas Tompion the Founders of English Horology"
—>  "Robert Hooke as Geologist and Evolutionist"
—>  "Robert Hooke Born July 18, 1635"
—>  "Robert Hooke, 1635-1703"
—>  Robert Hooke: Creative Genius, Scientist, Inventor
—>  Robert Hooke: New Studies
—>  Robert Hooke's Contributions to Mechanics. A Study in Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophy
—>  "Robert Hooke's Letter of December 9, 1679, to Isaac Newton"
—>  "Robert Jameson and the Royal Scottish Museum"
—>  Robert Koch, der Schopfer der modernen Bakteriologie
—>  "Robert Plot"
—>  Robert Ranulph Marett
—>  Robert Record, the First Mathematical Educator
—>  "Robert Recorde's Mathematical Teaching and the anti-Aristotelian Movement"
—>  "Robert Seeley… the Restless Frontiersman"
—>  Robert T. Gunther and the Old Ashmolean
—>  Robert T. Gunther: A Pioneer in the History of Science 1869-1940
—>  Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
—>  Rocenka Technickeho Muzea v Kosiciach, 1968
—>  Roentgen Rays and Phenomena of the Anode and Cathode
—>  "Roger Bacon and the Voynich Manuscript"
—>  "Roger Bacon"
—>  Roger Bacon: Essays Contributed by Various Writers on the Occasion of the Commemoration of the Seventh Centenary of his Birth
—>  "Roger Bacon's Gunpowder and His Secret Wisdom"
—>  'Roger Barlow: A New Chapter in Early Tudor Geography'
—>  Roger Fenton: The First Secretary of The Royal Photographic Society
—>  Roger Joseph Boscovich S. J., F.R.S., 1711-1787: Studies of his Life and Work on the 250th Anniversary of his Birth
—>  "Roger Sherman's Field Survey Book: Richard Norwood's Epitome"
—>  "Role of the Intellectual in Public Bureaucracy"
—>  Rolfe Family Records : 2 entries
—>  Roll of commissioned officers in the Medical service of the British army: who served on full pay within the period between the accession of George II and the formation of the Royal army medical corps, 20 June 1727 to 23 June 1898, with an introduction sho
—>  Roman and Islamic Water-Lifting Wheels
—>  Roman Science
—>  "Romer, Flamsteed, and the Search for a Stellar Parallax"
—>  Romische Sonnenuhren aus Aquileia
—>  "Romische Vermessungskunst: Ihre Instrumente und Verfahren"
—>  Rontgen Rays Centennial: Exhibition on the Occasion of the Discovery of X-Rays in Wurzburg on November 8, 1895
—>  Rontgenstrahlen: Zum funfzigjahrigen Jubilaum ihrer Entdeckung
—>  "Rosenholm"
—>  Rotary Specialities: Price List November, 1908
—>  Rotary Stripping Pigment Films for Three Colours
—>  Rotatoria of the United States, with especial reference to those of the Great Lakes
—>  "Rothamsted: 1843-1943"
—>  "Rotiferes"
—>  "Rouget Cells and their Function"
—>  Rowland's Double Sextant, and Circle
—>  Rowlandson's Oxford
—>  Royal Funding of the Parisian Academie Royale des Sciences During the 1690s
—>  "Royal Institution Lectures"
—>  "Royal Microscopical Society Standards"
—>  "Royal Microscopical Society"
—>  "Royal Sovereign Pencils"
—>  R's Method of Using Ordinary Set Squares in Drawing and Design
—>  Rudimenta Mathematica
—>  "Rudolph II in Prague"
—>  Ruhmkorff, Rontgen, Regensburg: Historische Instrumente zur Gasentladung
—>  Rule for measuring Heights by the Barometer, reduced to the English Measure of Length and adapted to Fahrenheit's Thermometer, and other Scales of Heat, and reduced to a more convenient Expression by the Astronomer Royal. Read at the Royal Society January
—>  Rules [&] List of Members
—>  Rules and Orders of the Society Instituted at London, for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce
—>  Rules and Orders of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce
—>  Rules and Tables for Clearing the Compass of the Regular Effect of a Ship's Attraction
—>  Rules for judging the Change and Alteration of the Weather by the Barometer
—>  Rules, chiefly deduced from experiment, for conducting the Practical Operations of a Siege
—>  Rural chemistry : an elementary introduction to the study of the science in its relation to agriculture and the arts of life
—>  "Rural Places in the Early Nineteenth Century"
—>  "Rural Transport in the New Oxfordshire"
—>  Ruskinian Gothic: The Architecture of Deane and Woodward 1845-1861
—>  Russian Bibliography Libraries and Archives: A Selective List of Bibliographical References for Students of Russian History, Literature, Political, Social and Philosophical Thought, Theology and Linguistics
—>  Russian Medicine
—>  Russian Tool and Instrument Makers of 18th Century (Russkie Priborostroiteli Pervoi Poloviny XVIII Veka)
—>  Russian-English Dictionary
—>  Russkaya Tekhnika
—>  Rutherford Collection at McGill University
—>  Rutherford of Nelson
—>  "Rutherford, Nagaoka, and the Nuclear atom"
—>  "Ruthless Research in a Cupboard"
—>  Rynuyn Quadrant with a Pedro Nunes Nonius
—>  "S. L. Coulthurst 1867-1937"
—>  S. S. White Catalogue General de Fournitures Dentaires
—>  S. Z. de Ferranti: A brief account of some aspects of his work
—>  Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice
—>  Saga of the Vacuum Tube
—>  Sage: A Life of J. D. Bernal
—>  Saggi di Naturali Esperienze
—>  Saggi di naturali esperienze fatte nell'Accademia del Cimento
—>  Saggio Orittografico ovvero Osservazioni sopra le terre nautilitiche ed ammonitiche della Toscana. Con Appendice O Indice Latino Ragionato de' piccoli Testacei, e d'altri Fossili d'origin marina per schiarimento dell' Opera
—>  "Sailing Instructions of Vasco da Gama to Pedro Alvares Cabral. 1500"
—>  Saint Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale: The Sundial. A Short Account
—>  "Sal ammoniacus, Nusadir und Salmiak"
—>  Salamandrolocia, h. e. descriptio Historico - Philologico - Philosophico - Medica Salamandrae quae vulge in igne vivere creditur, S.R.J. Academiae Naturae Curiosis exhibita, atc novis aliquot Capitibus, Experimentis, Figurisc; aeri eleganter incisis, nec
—>  "Sal-Ammoniac: a Study in Primitive Chemistry" : 2 entries
—>  Sale Catalogus Bibliothecae Historico-Naturalis Josephi Banks
—>  Salter: The Story of a Family Firm 1760-1960
—>  Saltpetre Caves and Virginia History
—>  Salutations to Robert-Houdin
—>  Salvan: sur les Pas de Marconi
—>  Salve Academicum
—>  "Samengestelde Microscopen"
—>  "Samenwerking tussen twee Utrechtse Instrumentmakers in de 18e eeuw?"
—>  Sammlung der vom Jahre 1851 bis 1856 erschienenen Recensionen und literarischen Notizen uber Franz von Baader's sammtliche Werke. Als urkundliche Belege uber die Aufnahme dieser "Ersten Gesammtausgabe" Seitens der gelehrten Welt Deutschands
—>  Sammlung Goschen Funktiontheorie
—>  Sammlung Mensing: Altwissenschaftliche Instrumente
—>  Sammlung von Beispielen und Aufgaben aus der Differenzial-und Integralrechnung mit Verwandlung der Functionen
—>  Sammlung von Formeln, Aufgaben und Beispielen aus der Arithmetik und Algebra nebst vier Tafeln der Vergleichung der vorzuglichsten Masse, Gewichte und Munzen mit den osterreichischen und franzosischen
—>  "Samuel Bourne of Nottingham"
—>  Samuel Colt's Submarine Battery: The Secret and The Enigma
—>  Samuel Johnson and the Dodd Affair
—>  'Samuel Morland, Inventor: calculation and career in the seventeenth century'
—>  San Luis Catalogue of 15333 stars for the epoch 1910
—>  "Sand Glasses"
—>  "Sand-Glasses of the Historisches Uhren-Museum Wuppertal, Germany"
—>  Sanitary Economy: its principles and practice; and its moral influence on the progress of Civilisation
—>  Sanskrit Astronomical Tables in the United States
—>  Sarcoptides
—>  Sartonia
—>  "Sartonian Values in a Changing World: the Case of Isis"
—>  "SAS navigerer efter vikingernes "solsten": Morsomt eksperiment med Nationalmuseet over Gronland"
—>  Satellite!
—>  Satellites and scientific research
—>  Saturn.
—>  "Saules laikrodziai Lietuvoje"
—>  Saved! 100 Years of the National Art Collections Fund
—>  Savile Bradbury: 1931-2001
—>  Sawai Jai Singh and His Astronomy
—>  Sawdust and Fish Life
—>  Sbornik pro dejiny prirodnich ved a techniky
—>  Sbornik pro dejiny prirodnich ved a techniky / Acta historiae rerum naturalium nec non technicarum
—>  Sbornik pro dejiny prirodnich ved a techniky VI
—>  Sbornik tablits i nomogramm dlya obrabotki nablyudenii iskusstvennikh sputnikov zemli
—>  Scales and Balances: A Guide to Collecting : 2 entries
—>  Scales and Weighing Machines : 2 entries
—>  Scales and Weighing Machines made by Siddons represent the true standard of accurate weighing
—>  Scales and Weights Etc.
—>  Scales and Weights: A Historical Outline
—>  Scales, Weighing Machines and Shop Sundries
—>  Scandia: Important Early Maps of the Northern Regions & Maps and Charts of Norway from the Collection of William B. and Inger G. Ginsberg: Presented at Scandinavia House, the Nordic Center in America, April 17-August 16, 2002
—>  Scanning Electron Microscopy: Applications to Materials and Device Science
—>  Schatten op Zolder: tentoonstelling van wetenschappelijke instrumenten gebruikt in onderzoek en onderwijs in Antwerpen tussen 1750 en 1950, 18 oktober 1999 - 31 juli 2000
—>  Schatze der Astronomie: Arabische und deutsche Instrumente aus dem Germanischen Nationalmuseum = Treasures of Astronomy: Arabic and German Instruments of the German National Museum
—>  Schemata Geometrica; Ex Euclide et Aliis, Tabulis Aeneis Expressa in usum Tironum
—>  Scheme of Urine Testing adapted to Dr Wm. Roberts's Stand of Urine Tests : 2 entries
—>  Schilderung der Naturverhaltnisse in Sud-Abyssinien
—>  Schip Recht door Zee: De octant in de Republiek in de achttiende eeuw
—>  Schmidti Komavaba Peegelsusteem
—>  Schola botanica sive catalogus plantarum, quas ab aliquot annis in Horto Regio Parisiensi Studiosis indigitavit
—>  Schola et Vita: Organo de Academia pro Interlingua
—>  Schola Salernitana, hoc est de valetudine tuenda, opus Nova Methodo Instructum, infinitis versibus auctum, commentariis Villanouani, Curionis, Crellii & Constansoni Illustratum. Adiectae sunt Animaduersiones novae & copiosae Renati Moreav, Doctoris Medici
—>  Schola Steganographica ...
—>  "Scholar Loved Maths Gadgets: Francis Maddison"
—>  Scholastic Logic and the Experimental Method
—>  "Schools of Chemistry in Great Britain and Ireland" : 2 entries
—>  "Schools of Chemistry in Great Britain and Ireland. III. The Dublin Schools. (B) University College"
—>  "Schools of Chemistry in Great Britain and Ireland. II. The Dublin Schools (A) Trinity College"
—>  "Schreib- und Rechenmaschinenschatze der Smithsonian Institution, Washington/USA"
—>  Schreiben an den Herrn Doctor W. Olbers in Bremen ... enthaltend eine Nachricht uber den Apparat, dessen er sich zur Messung der Basis bei Braack im Jahre 1820 bedient hat
—>  "Schreibtechnik im Spiegel der Zeit"
—>  "Schrodinger at Oxford: A Hypothetical National Cultural Synthesis which Failed"
—>  "Schweiz maritim"
—>  Science & Empire: Newsletter
—>  Science & Medicine. Catalogue 29
—>  Science & Society
—>  Science & The Portrait
—>  "Science After the War"
—>  "Science among the Chinese."
—>  Science and Civilisation in China : 16 entries
—>  "Science and civilisation in China"
—>  Science and Civilization in Islam
—>  "Science and Confidence in the Rational Mind"
—>  Science and Conscience: The World of Two Atomic Scientists: Max Born (1882-1970) James Franck (1882-1964)
—>  "Science and Ethics"
—>  Science and History
—>  Science and Hypothesis
—>  Science and Imagination
—>  Science and Industry (Wetenskap en Industrie)
—>  Science and its History
—>  Science and Literature in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the Renaissance
—>  "Science and Medicine in China"
—>  "Science and Medicine in India"
—>  Science and Music in Eighteenth Century Bath : 2 entries
—>  "Science and Philosophy" : 2 entries
—>  "Science and Professor Bernal"
—>  Science and Profit in 18th-Century London : 2 entries
—>  "Science and Religion at Oxford before the Civil War" : 2 entries
—>  "Science and Religion" : 2 entries
—>  "Science and Society in East and West"
—>  Science and Technology in 19th Century Germany
—>  "Science and Technology in China's Far South-East"
—>  Science and Technology in Islam: An Exhibition at the Science Museum, London 7 April-29 August 1976
—>  Science and technology in Islam: catalogue of the exhibition of the Institute for the History of Arabic-Islamic Science (at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany), Frankfurt Book Fair 2004 = Wissenschaft und Technik in Islam: Katalog d
—>  Science and Technology In Korea: Traditional Instruments and Techniques
—>  Science and Technology in the Eighteenth Century
—>  Science and Technology in the Industrial Revolution
—>  Science and Technology Museums
—>  Science and the Canadian Arctic: A Century of Exploration, 1818-1918
—>  Science and the Economic Order
—>  "Science and the Forger"
—>  Science and the Future
—>  Science and the Humanities
—>  Science and the Idea of God
—>  Science and the Instrument-maker Michelson, Sperry, and the Speed of Light
—>  "Science and the ladies of fashion"
—>  Science and the Nation: Essays by Cambridge Graduates
—>  Science and the Planned State
—>  Science and the techniques of navigation in the Renaissance
—>  "Science and the Treasury: Principles, Personalities and Policies, 1870-85"
—>  Science and Thought in the Fifteenth Century: Studies in the History of Medicine and Surgery Natural and Mathematical Science, Philosophy and Politics
—>  "Science and Tradition"
—>  Science as a General Study in the Sixth Form : 2 entries
—>  Science as Culture
—>  Science as Public Culture: Chemistry and Enlightenment in Britain, 1760-1820
—>  Science at Oxford 1914-1939: Transforming an Arts University
—>  "Science at Oxford"
—>  Science at the Great Exhibition : 3 entries
—>  'Science at the North East Coast Institution of Engineers & Shipbuilders'
—>  "Science Education in Late-Victorian Oxford: A Curious Case of Failure?"
—>  Science et Astrologie au XVIe Siecle: Oronce Fine et son Horloge Planetaire
—>  Science et Methode
—>  Science for the Citizen. A Self-Educator based on the Social Background of Scientific Discovery
—>  Science for the nation : perspectives on the history of the Science Museum
—>  "Science for the Working Man: The Failure of a Victorian Dream"
—>  Science from an Easy Chair: Leaf Green
—>  "Science from the Attic"
—>  Science Front 1939
—>  "Science in an Old Industry"
—>  Science in Antiquity
—>  "Science in China: 7000 Years of Discovery"
—>  Science in Czechoslovakia and the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
—>  Science in Europe, 1500-1800: A Secondary Sources Reader.
—>  "Science in France and Britain - a Retrospect"
—>  Science in General Education
—>  "Science in Hereford during the Middle Ages"
—>  Science in India
—>  Science in Ireland 1800-1930: Tradition and Reform
—>  "Science in Kweichow and Kuangsi"
—>  Science in Medieval Islam: An Illustrated Introduction
—>  "Science in Medieval Persia"
—>  "Science in Oxford"
—>  Science in Russian Culture. A history to 1860
—>  "Science in seventh-century Armenia: Ananias of Sirak"
—>  "Science in South-West China"
—>  Science in the 18th Century: The King George III Collection
—>  "Science in the Museum"
—>  Science in the Provinces: A descriptive Catalogue of the 'Deventer' Collection
—>  "Science in the Service of Religion: The Case of Islam"
—>  "Science in Western Szechuan"
—>  Science Museum Exhibition of Musical Boxes
—>  Science Museum Exhibition of Musical Boxes December 7th to April 13th 1980 On Loan from the National Technical Museum Prague
—>  "Science Museum Programs for the Young"
—>  "Science Museums as Educational Vehicles"
—>  "Science Museums as Resources for Historians"
—>  Science News : 2 entries
—>  "Science Out of the Shadows"
—>  Science Past and Present
—>  Science Preserved: A Directory of Scientific Instruments in Collections in the United Kingdom and Eire
—>  Science simplified: and its elementary principles demonstrated by two hundred diagrams, with concise explanations
—>  Science Since 1500: A short history of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology : 2 entries
—>  Science Since Babylon
—>  "Science Teaching in Our Public Schools"
—>  Science Through the Ages
—>  "Science"
—>  Science, Faith and Society
—>  "Science, Meaning and Myth in the Museum"
—>  Science, Medicine and Dissent: Joseph Priestley (1733-1804)
—>  Science, Philosophy & Religion
—>  Science, Philosophy and Religion
—>  Science, technology & society in seventeenth century England
—>  "Science, Technology and Medicine in the Classical Tradition"
—>  Science, Technology and the 19th Century State / Sciences, Technologies et Constitution de l'Etat au 19e Siecle
—>  Science, technology, and economic growth in the eighteenth century
—>  Science, Tools and Magic
—>  "Science/Technology Museums Come of Age"
—>  "Science: A History of Woman's Work"
—>  Sciences
—>  "Sciences in China from the Fourth to the End of the Twelfth Century"
—>  'Scientific Accounts of a Vanishing Lake: Janez Valvasor, Lake Cerknica and the New Philosophy'
—>  Scientific Activity in the Bristol Region in the Past
—>  "Scientific Activity in the Bristol Region in the Past"
—>  Scientific Amusement Arcade
—>  Scientific and Engineering works of Art, Medical Instruments and Models.
—>  "Scientific and Mechanical Toys"
—>  Scientific and Technical Education in Nineteenth-Century England: A Symposium
—>  Scientific Apparatus
—>  Scientific Apparatus Catalogue
—>  "Scientific Apparatus" with Cannon! - An 18th-Century Laboratory"
—>  "Scientific Associations of the Spalding Gentlemen's Society during the period 1710-1750"
—>  Scientific Books & Instruments from Robertus Anglicus to Leonhard Zubler 1478-1614
—>  Scientific Books Libraries and Collectors: A Study of Bibliography and the Book Trade in Relation to Science: Supplement 1969-75
—>  Scientific books, libraries and collectors : a study of bibliography and the book trade in relation to science
—>  Scientific Books, Libraries and Collectors: A Study of Bibliography and the Book Trade in Relation to Science : 2 entries
—>  "Scientific Centennaries in 1939"
—>  "Scientific Century"
—>  Scientific Change: Historical Studies in the Intellectual, Social and Technical Conditions for Scientific Discovery and Technical Invention, from Antiquity to the Present
—>  "Scientific Clubs and Societies in London"
—>  Scientific Collaboration of the Islamic Orient and the Occident
—>  Scientific Credibility and Technical Standards in 19th and early 20th century Germany and Britain
—>  "Scientific Developments of the Early Nineteenth Century"
—>  Scientific dialogues : intended for the instruction and entertainment of young people ; in which the first principles of natural and experimental philosophy are fully explained
—>  Scientific Dialogues; intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People: in which the first principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are fully explained
—>  "Scientific Discovery 1593-1963"
—>  "Scientific Error and the Ethos of Belief"
—>  Scientific Ideas of To-Day: A Popular Account of the Nature of Matter, Electricity, Light, Heat, etc. etc. in Non-Technical Language
—>  Scientific Instrument Collections in Australian Universities
—>  Scientific Instruments : 3 entries
—>  Scientific Instruments (13th-19th Century): The Collection of J. A. Billmeir C.B.E. / Exhibited by the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford.
—>  Scientific Instruments (13th-19th Century): The Collection of J. A. Billmeir Esq. / Exhibited by Frank Partridge & Sons 144-146 New Bond Street, London, W. 1. and the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford.
—>  Scientific Instruments 1500-1900: An Introduction
—>  Scientific Instruments and Apparatus : 2 entries
—>  Scientific Instruments and Experimental Philosophy 1550-1850
—>  "Scientific Instruments and Industrial Innovation: The Achievement of Jesse Ramsden"
—>  Scientific Instruments and Museums
—>  "Scientific Instruments and the Arthur Frank Collection"
—>  "Scientific Instruments and the Old Ashmolean"
—>  Scientific Instruments being A Catalogue and Work of Reference Combined invaluable to the user of Instruments of this Class
—>  "Scientific Instruments by Karl Zeiss, Jena at the Museum of Tartu University History"
—>  "Scientific Instruments From the Thirteenth to the Nineteenth Century"
—>  Scientific Instruments in Art and History
—>  "Scientific Instruments in the 18th Century"
—>  Scientific Instruments in the Sixteenth Century: The Spanish Court and the Louvain School
—>  Scientific Instruments of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries and their Makers
—>  "Scientific Instruments" : 3 entries
—>  "Scientific Instruments: Models of Brass and Aids to Discovery"
—>  Scientific Instruments: Originals and Imitations. The Mensing Connection: Proceedings of a symposium held at the Museum Boerhaave, Leiden, 15th-16th October 1999.
—>  "Scientific Manuscripts"
—>  "Scientific Memoirs, selected and translated from the transactions of foreign academies of science and learned societies, and from foreign journals"
—>  "Scientific Method in Chemistry"
—>  "Scientific notes from the books and letters of John Winthrop, jr. First Governor of Connecticut 1606-76"
—>  "Scientific notes from the early minutes of the Peterborough Society 1730-1745"
—>  Scientific Papers
—>  Scientific papers and addresses
—>  Scientific Record of the Great Exhibition, 1862
—>  Scientific Seating in Schools and Colleges
—>  "Scientific Societies to the End of the Eighteenth Century"
—>  "Scientific Thought Through the Ages"
—>  Scientific Toys Special Exhibition December 1971 - Easter 1972
—>  "Scientific Toys"
—>  Scientific Trade Cards in the Science Museum Collection
—>  Scientific, Medical and Engineering Works of Art
—>  Scientists and the Sea 1650-1900: A Study of Marine Science
—>  Scientists are Human
—>  "Scientists' Libraries: A Handlist of Printed Sources"
—>  "Scientists of 1855 Had Grim Time in Oxford ..."
—>  "Scienza antica e moderna: possibilita e limiti della conoscinza della natura"
—>  Scienza Duemila
—>  Scienza e Storia: Bollettino del Centro Internazionale di Storia dello Spazio e del Tempo - 6
—>  Scienza e Technica di Leonardo
—>  Scienza e Tecnica di Leonardo
—>  Scienza e Tecnica Saggio delle collezioni scientifiche dell' Istituto Tecnico Gaetano Salvemini
—>  Scienziati a Corte: L'arte della sperimentazione nell'Academia Galileiana del Cimento
—>  Sciographia Solis, Das ist, Grundlich Beschreibung, von Nutz und Gebrauch des Sonnen Schalten, Jahr, Zeit, Monat, Wochen, Tage, Stunden und Minuten, etc.
—>  Sciographia, or the Art of Shadowes. Plainly demonstrating out of the Sphere how to project both great and small circles, etc...
—>  Sciothericum Telescopicum or A New Contrivance of Adapting a Telescope to an Horozontal Dial for Observing the Moment of Time by Day or Night
—>  Sciothericum Telescopicum; or, A New Contrivance of Adapting a Telescope to an Horizontal Dial for Observing the moment of Time by Day or Night. Use ful in all Astronomical Observations, and for Regulating and Adjusting Curious Pendulum-Watches and other
—>  Sciothericum Telescopicum; or, a New Contrivance of Adapting a Telescope to an Horizontal Dial for observing the movement of Time by Day or Night. Useful in all Astronomical Observations, and for Regulating and Adjusting curious Pendulum-Watches and other
—>  Scotia illustrata sive, Prodromus historiae naturalis; in quo regionis natura, incolarum ingenia & mores, morbi iisque medendi methodus, & medicina indigena accurate explicantur
—>  "Scotland's earliest surviving calculating device: Robert Davenport's Circles of Proportion of c.1650"
—>  Scotland's Industrial Past: An Introduction to Scotland's Industrial History with a Catalogue of Preserved Material
—>  "Scots 'trone' weight : preliminary observations on the origins of Scotland's early market weights"
—>  Scottish Clockmakers (A Brief History - up to 1900)
—>  Scottish Photography Bulletin
—>  Scottish Scientific Instrument-Makers 1600-1900
—>  Scratch a Surveyor ...
—>  Scratch Dials : 2 entries
—>  Scratch Dials, Sundials and Unusual Marks on Herefordshire Churches
—>  Scratch-Dials and Medieval Church Sundials - History and relation to scientific sundials
—>  Scratch-Dials on Churches - Interim List
—>  Screw-cutting Tables, for Engineers and Machinists: giving the values of the different trains of wheels required to produce screws of any pitch
—>  Screw-cutting Tables, for the use of Mechanical Engineers. Showing the proper arrangement of wheels for cutting the threads of screws of any required pitch, with a table for making the universal gas-pipe threads and taps
—>  Screw-thread cutting by the Master-Screw Method since 1480
—>  Scripta Clarissimi Mathematici M. Joannis Regiomontani, del Torqueto, Astrolabio armillari, Regula magna Ptolemaica, Baculoque Astronomico' Joannis Schonvi ... additionibus ... item Libellus M. Georgii Purbachii de Quadrato Geometrico
—>  Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria, a Christo Nato usque ad Saeculum XIV, facili Methodo idgesta
—>  Scritti intorno alla teoria molecolare ed atomica ed alla notazione chimica di S. Cannizzaro : pubblicati nel 70 anniversario della sua nascita (13 luglio 1896)
—>  Scritti Vari di Galileo Galilei
—>  Scuola e Scienza Strumenti oggetti materiali
—>  Sebastian Munster, Versuch eines biographischen Gesamtbildes
—>  Sebastian Munster: Eine Bibliographie mit 22 Abbildungen
—>  Sebastian Munster: Leben, Werk, wissenschaftliche Bedentung
—>  Second Annual Report of the Missouri Botanical Garden
—>  Second Appendix to the Account of Massey's Patent Log, and Sounding Machine etc. etc. etc.. The Honourable Navy Board have adopted the Sounding Machine for the use of his Majesty's Navy, and have favoured the Inventor with an order for Five Hundred Machin
—>  "Second Dickinson Biennial Memorial Lecture :- Iron and Steel Production in Ancient and Mediaeval China"
—>  Second Radcliffe Catalogue, containing 2386 Stars; deduced from Observations extending from 1854 to 1861, at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford; and reduced to the Epoch 1860
—>  "Second Report of Experiments on the Development of the Liver-Fluke (Fasciola Hepatica)"
—>  "Second Thoughts on the Planets"
—>  "Secondo Ragionamento ..."
—>  Secret Remedies, what they cost and what they contain
—>  Secret Writing
—>  "Secretary for Science"
—>  "Secretion and Absorption of Gas in the Swimming-Bladder and Lungs. Part I. - Swimming-Bladder"
—>  Section Cutting and Staining: A Practical Introduction to Histological Methods for Students and Practicioners
—>  "Section of the History of Science of the Carnegie Institution. Report. Number 13. For the period July 1st, 1930 to June 30th, 1931"
—>  Sectionum Conicarum
—>  Seeing and believing : the story of the telescope, or how we found our place in the universe
—>  Seeing by Wireless: The Story of Baird Television
—>  "Seeing in the Near Dark"
—>  "Seeing, Eyesight and Weather in Ancient Babylonia"
—>  Seek & Strike: Sonar, Anti-Submarine Warfare and the Royal Navy 1914-54
—>  "Seezeichenaufgaben von 1900 bis zur Gegenwart"
—>  Sefunim (Bulletin) : 2 entries
—>  Sefunim Bulletin
—>  "Seifenahnliche Produkte im alten Orient"
—>  "'Seine Majestat machten sich einen Knopf ins Schnupftuch': Die Rolle Justus von Liebigs im Munchen Konig Max' II"
—>  "Seismological Investigation. - Thirty-fourth Report of the Committee"
—>  "Seismological Investigations. - Thirty-fifth Report of Committee"
—>  "Seismological Investigations. - Thirty-first [corrected by hand to 'second'] Report of Committee"
—>  "Seismological Investigations. - Thirty-second [corrected by hand to 'third'] Report of Committee"
—>  Sekka-Zusetsu: Illustrations of Snow Crystals
—>  Sekonic Exposure Meters
—>  Select Index of Manuscript Collections in Oxford Libraries Outside the Bodleian
—>  Select mechanical exercises : shewing how to construct different clocks, orreries, and sun-dials, on plain and easy principles
—>  Select Mechanical Exercises: Shewing how to construct different Clocks, Orreries, and Sun-Dials, on plain and easy principles ...
—>  Select Remains of the Learned John Ray, M.A. and F.R.S. with his Life, by the Late William Derham, D. D. Canon of Windsor, and F.R.S.
—>  Select Works. Containing his Microscopical Discoveries in many of the works of nature. Translated from the Dutch and Latin Editions published by the Author
—>  Selectas Aliquot Observationes Coelestes Superioribus Annis Vitembergae Habitas. Disputantium Disquisitioni submittent A. M. DCC. XXIII. D. IV. DECEMBR
—>  Selected Exhibits in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science : 2 entries
—>  Selected Readings in the History of Physiology
—>  Selected Writings 1877-1930
—>  Selected Writings of Sir William Osler 12 July 1849 to 29 December 1919
—>  Selections from the correspondence of Dr George Johnston
—>  Selen Metall-Gleichrichter Elemente
—>  Selenographia : 2 entries
—>  Selenographische Koordinaten
—>  'Selenography in Victorian England: Amateur Astronomers Map Our Nearest Neighbor'
—>  Selen-Photo-Elemente
—>  "Self-optimizing mechanical systems 150 years ago"
—>  "Self-Supplying Fountain and Sun-Dial"
—>  'Selling Experiment: Public Experimental Lecturing in London, 1705-1728'
—>  Sell's Directory of Products and Services
—>  "Seltene Uhrwerke vom 16. bis zum 18. Jahrhundert im Astronomisch-Physikalischen Kabinett zu Kassel"
—>  "SEM - Past, Present and Future"
—>  Semeiologie buccale et buccamancie, ou Traite des Signes qu'on trouve a la bouche, qui font connaitre les constitutions par des signes innes; et les qualites du sang des sujets qu'on examine en sante ou en maladies, par les effets qu'il produit lui meme;
—>  Semi-Centennial of the First Written Report on the Discovery of the X-Ray by William Conrad Rontgen December 28th, 1945
—>  Semi-Conductors
—>  Septime Congres International d'Histoire des Sciences
—>  Sepulchretum sive Anatomia Practica ex Cadaveribus morbo Denatis, Proponens Historias et Observationes, Omnium Humani Corporis Affectuum, ipsorumq; Causas reconditas revelans. Quo Nomine tam Pathologiae Genuine, quam Nosocomiae Orthodoxae fundatrix, imo M
—>  Sequel to the Foregoing Tracts on the Relation of Christianity to Judaism and Heathenism with a Supplementary Symbolism for the Zodiac of the Hindus
—>  Serial List of Publications
—>  Serie Historica: Bicentenario de Humboldt
—>  "Serious Science"
—>  Sermo Academicus de Similitudine Vis Electricae atque Magneticae in Solenni Conventu Academiae Imperialis Scientiarum A. O. R. MDCCLVIII. Die VII. Septembris cum Dies Nomini Augustae Russorum Imperatricis Elisabetae Primae Sacer Celebratur, Publice Praele
—>  Sermons preach'd upon several Occasions before the King at White-Hall
—>  "Serpents a deux tetes" [and] "Serpents doubles"
—>  "Seventeenth century copper engraving for maps"
—>  "Seventeenth-century Dutch charts of the East Indies"
—>  Seventy-Eighth Annual Meeting: Guide Book
—>  Sewing Machines: Historical Trade Literature in Smithsonian Institution Collections
—>  "Sex-limited inheritance in Lychnis dioica L."
—>  "Sextant Astronomique de Burgi"
—>  "Sextant astronomique de Burgi"
—>  Sezione Transporti Terrestri
—>  "Seznam map a planu Cech, Moravy, Slezska, i Ceskosl. Republiky (1518-1923), v Geodetickem Oddeleni Technickeho Musea Ceskoslovenskeho"
—>  Sfera
—>  Sfere armillari, armille, planetari
—>  Shalders' Gravitating Expressing Fountain; commonly called the Fountain Pump: Considered to be the Greatest Improvement in the Art of Raising Water, that has appeared within the last Two Thousand Years
—>  Shampooing; or, Benefits Resulting From the Use of the Indian Medicated Vapour Bath, as introduced into this country, by S. D. Mahomed, (A Native of India) containing a brief by comprehensive view of the effects produced by the use of the Warm Bath, in co
—>  Sharh kitab as-surur fi 'ilm as san'at
—>  "Shedding a Glorious Light: Stained-Glass-Window Sundials"
—>  Sherrington's "Endeavour of Jean Fernel" and "Man on his Nature": Comments by Gosta Ekehorn
—>  Ship Models in the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh: A Catalogue of Models Representing the History of Shipping from 1500 BC to the Present Day
—>  "Ships' loadstones"
—>  "Shoemaker Surveyor of Stratham: Samuel Lane (1718-1809)"
—>  Shop Records of Daniel Burnap, Clockmaker
—>  "Short Electric Waves obtained by Valves"
—>  Short Guide
—>  Short History of the Art of Distillation from the beginnings up to the death of Cellier Blumenthal
—>  "Should a museum be active?" ("Un musee doit-il etre actif?")
—>  Shropshire Clock and Watchmakers
—>  SIC XIX MM: XIX Scientific Instrument Symposium
—>  Sidereal Chromatics: Being a Re-print, with Additions, from the "Bedford Cycle of Celestial Objects", and its "Hartwell Continuation", on the Colours of Multiple Stars
—>  Sidereus Nuncius Magna Longeque Admirabilia Spectacula pandens, suspiciendaque proponens unicuique, praesertim vero Philosophis atque Astronomis quae a Galileo Galileo, Patritio Florentino, Patavini Gymnasii Publico Mathematico, Perspicilli; Nuper a se re
—>  Sidereus Nuncius Magna Longeque Admirabilia Spectacula pandens, suspiciendaque proponens unicuique, praesertim vero Philosophis atque Astronomis, quae a Galileo Galileo, Patritio Florentino, Patavini Gymnasii Publico Mathematico, Perspicilli; Nuper a se r
—>  Sidereus nuncius, Magna Longeque Admirabilia Spectacula pandens, suspiciendaque proponens unicuique, praesertim vero Philosophis atque Astronomis, quae a Galileo Galileo, Patritio Florentino, Patavini Gymnasii Publico Mathematico, Perspicilli. Nuper a se
—>  Siderum Nebulosorum observationes Havnienses
—>  Sieben Jahrhunderte Brille
—>  "Sieben Jahrhunderte Brille"
—>  Siebenstellige Logarithmentafel der trigonometrischen Funktionen fur jede Bogensekunde des Quadranted
—>  "Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation"
—>  Sight Testing for the General Practitioner
—>  Signor Marconi's Magic Box: How an Amateur Inventor Defied Scientists and Began the Radio Revolution
—>  Sikes' Tables of the Concentrated Strength of Spirits with Directions for Using his Hydrometer: Established throughout the United Kingdom for Estimating the Duties on Spirtuous Liquors by Act of Parliament, 58 Geo. III., cap. 28.
—>  Sikes' Tables of the Concentrated Strength of Spirits with Directions for the Use of his Hydrometer: Established throughout the United Kingdom for Estimating the Duties on Spirtuous Liquors by Act of Parliament, 58 Geo. III., cap. 28: To Which is Added Ta
—>  "Silhouettes on Glass with Gold Backgrounds"
—>  Silva Porto e a exploracao cientifica da Africa
—>  Silva Porto e os problemas da Africa portuguesa no seculo XIX
—>  Silvanus P. Thompson: Teacher
—>  Simms's Instruments and Levelling
—>  "Simon Plossl, "Nestor der deutschen Mikroskopverfertiger""
—>  Simon Stevin: Science in the Netherlands around 1600
—>  Simply Switch On!
—>  Single Lens: The Story of the Simple Microscope
—>  "Single-crystal films of semiconductor compounds by cathodic sputtering"
—>  Singular Beauty: Simple Microscopes from the Giordano Collection: Catalogue of an Exhibition at the MIT Museum September 1st 2006 to June 30th 2007
—>  Sir Alfred Egerton F.R.S., A memoir with papers
—>  Sir Arthur Evans 1851-1941: 'A Memoir'
—>  "Sir Benjamin Thompson, Graf von Rumford (1753-1814): Ein Universalgenie aus Massachusetts reformiert Bayern"
—>  Sir Charles Wheatstone FRS 1802-1875
—>  Sir Christopher Wren
—>  Sir Christopher Wren and his times : with illustrative sketches and anecdotes of the most distinguished personages in the seventeenth century
—>  "Sir Christopher Wren PRS: His Mathematical Wing-Dividers Dated 1697"
—>  Sir Cyril Hinshelwood
—>  "Sir Cyril Hinshelwood 1897-1967"
—>  "Sir David Brewster, R.H., F.R.S."
—>  "Sir Donald MacAlister"
—>  Sir E. Poulton's Address
—>  "Sir E. Ray Lankester, K.C.B., F.R.S."
—>  "Sir Ewart Ray Herbert Jones 16 March 1911 - 7 May 2002"
—>  "Sir George Airy (1801-1892) and the Concept of International Standards in Science, Timekeeping and Navigation"
—>  "Sir George Biddell Airy, F. R. S. (1801-1892) and the Discovery and Correction of Astigmatism"
—>  "Sir H.H. Dale : Honorary Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society" [obituary]
—>  "Sir Hans Sloane and French Men of Science"
—>  Sir Hans Sloane and the British Museum
—>  "Sir Harold Hartley, G.C.V.O., C.H., C.B.E., M.C., F.R.S."
—>  Sir Henry Acland and his Circle
—>  "Sir Henry Wellcome's Museum for the Science of History"
—>  Sir Henry Wentworth Acland, Bart. K.C.B., F.R.S. Regius Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford: a Memoir
—>  Sir Isaac Newton : 2 entries
—>  Sir Isaac Newton - A Biographical Sketch
—>  "Sir Isaac Newton on Gravitation"
—>  Sir Isaac Newton, Scientist and Mathematician, 1642-1727
—>  Sir Isaac Newton's Corollaries from his Philosophy and Chronology, In His Own Words. Published in English
—>  "Sir Isaac Newton's Early Study of the Apocalypse"
—>  Sir Isaac Newton's Library and Chinnor Rectory
—>  Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematick Philosophy more easily Demonstrated: with Dr Halley's Account of Comets Illustrated. Being Forty Lectures Read in the Publick Schools at Cambridge. ... For the use of Young Students there
—>  Sir Isaac Newton's Principia
—>  'Sir Isaac Newton's Reputation'
—>  Sir Isaac Newton's Tables For Renewing and Purchasing the Leases of Cathedral-Churches and Colleges, According to the Several Rates of Interest: With their Construction and Use explained. Also Tables for renewing and Purchasing the Leases of Land or House
—>  "Sir J. J. Thomson, O. M., F.R.S."
—>  Sir James Jeans: A Biography
—>  "Sir John Cockcroft"
—>  "Sir John Cockcroft, O. M., F. R. S."
—>  "Sir John Floyer (1649-1734)"
—>  Sir John Herschel and the Invention of Photography
—>  "Sir John Herschel's 1839 Royal Society Paper on Photography" : 2 entries
—>  "Sir John Russell, F.R.S."
—>  Sir Jonas Moore : practical mathematics and Restoration science
—>  "Sir Joseph Banks, Bart.: President of the Royal Society from 1778 until 1820"
—>  Sir Joseph Banks: 18th Century Explorer, Botanist and Entrepreneur
—>  Sir Joseph Whitworth: A Pioneer of Mechanical Engineering
—>  Sir Joseph Wilson Swan F.R.S.: Inventor and Scientist
—>  "Sir Norman Lockyer's Contributions to Science"
—>  "Sir Ray Lankester, K.C.B." : 2 entries
—>  "Sir Richard Southwell: Engineering at Oxford"
—>  'Sir Robert Moray FRS: First President of the Royal Society of London 1660'
—>  "Sir Robert Robinson, a pioneer in organic chemistry"
—>  "Sir Robert Sibbald - The Founder of the College"
—>  Sir Samuel Morland, Diplomat and Inventor
—>  "Sir Samuel Morland's Account of the Balance Barometer, 1678"
—>  "Sir Samuel Morland's Barometers"
—>  "Sir Thomas Little Heath"
—>  "Sir W. T. Thiselton-Dyer, K.C.M.G."
—>  "Sir Walter Ralegh and Thomas Harriot"
—>  "Sir William Bragg's Manuscripts and Papers and Some Memories of the Royal Institution in his Time"
—>  Sir William Chambers: Architect to George III
—>  Sir William Congreve and his Compound-Plate Printing
—>  Sir William Crookes
—>  Sir William Dugdale, 1605-1686: A List of his Printed Works and of his Portraits with notes on his life and the Manuscript Sources
—>  Sir William Henry Flower K.C.B., F.R.S., Ll.D., D.C.L. Late Director of the Natural History Museum, and President of the Royal Zoological Society. A Personal Memoir
—>  "Sir William Henry Flower, K. C. B., Etc."
—>  Sir William Herschel And Distinguished Men of Science
—>  Sir William Huggins and Spectroscopic Astronomy : 2 entries
—>  "Sir William Monson Consults the Stars"
—>  'Sir William Petty and Some Aspects of Seventeenth Century Natural Philosophy'
—>  "Sir William Petty"
—>  Sir William Preece, F.R.S.: Victorian Engineer Extraordinary
—>  "Sir William Rowan Hamilton, 1805-1865"
—>  Sir William Siemens: A Man of Vision
—>  Siris: a chain of philosophical reflexions and inquiries concerning the virtues of tar water, : and divers other subjects connected together and arising one from another
—>  "Sirius Enigmas"
—>  "Sirop de Quinquina dose. Application de la methode du dosage de la quinine de mm. Glenard et Guilliermond aux preparations pharmaceutiques de quinquina"
—>  Situating the History of Science: Dialogues with Joseph Needham
—>  Six Discourses, delivered by Sir John Pringle, Bart. when President of the Royal Society; on the occasion of Six Annual Assignments of the Sir Godfrey Copley's Medal
—>  Six Great Inventors
—>  Six Lectures on Astronomy delivered at the meetings of the friends of the Ipswich Museum
—>  'Six Weeks in Oxford 1663'
—>  Six Wings: Men of Science in the Renaissance
—>  "Sixteenth-Century Metalworking Technology used in the Manufacture of two German Astrolabes"
—>  Sixth International Congress for the History of Science. Twelfth Congress of the Societe Internationale D'Histoire de la Medecine
—>  Sixth International Congress for the History of Science Twelfth Congress of the Societe Internationale d'Histoire de la Medicine
—>  Sixty Centuries of Health and Physick: The progress of ideas from primitive magic to modern medicine
—>  Skatte fra kejserens Kina: Den Forbudte By og Det Danske Kongehus = Treasures from Imperial China: The Forbidden City and the Royal Danish Court = Zhongguo zhi meng
—>  Skeleton Clocks
—>  Sketch of a Course of Chemical Philosophy. (1858)
—>  Sketch of the Geology of North America
—>  Sketch of the Geology of North America, Being the Substance of a Memoir read before the Ashmolean Society, November 26, 1838
—>  Sketch of the Geology of North America, being the Substance of a Memoir Read before the Ashmolean Society Nov. 26, 1838
—>  Sketch of the History of Medicine, from its origin to the commencement of the Nineteenth Century
—>  Sketch of the life of Walter de Merton, Lord High Chancellor of England, and Bishop of Rochester, founder of Merton College
—>  Sketch of the Rise and Progress of The Royal Society Club
—>  "Sketches in the History of English Medicine"
—>  "Sketches of the Roads in Scotland, 1785": The Manuscript Roadbook of George Taylor
—>  Skiagraphic Atlas showing the Development of the Bones of the Wrist and Hand For the use of students and others
—>  Slide rule '05 Cambridge, England: Proceedings 11th International Meeting of Slide Rule Collectors, Quy Mill Hotel and Country Inn, Cambridge, England 21st-22nd October 2005
—>  'Slide Rule and Sector: A Study in Science, Technology and Society'
—>  "Slide Rule and Sector: A Study in Science, Technology and Society"
—>  Slide Rule Gazette: A Publication of the UKSRC
—>  Slide Rules: Their History, Models, and Makers
—>  Slnecne hodiny su aj pamiatkou casu
—>  Slovenske Technicke Muzeum: Vyber zo zbierok
—>  Slunecni Hodiny ze sbirek UPM v Praze
—>  "Small is Beautiful in Oxford: 'A Glass of Water in the Desert' Discovered in Oxford"
—>  "Small Monocular Hand Telescopes from the Optical Museum of the Carl Zeiss Foundation in Jena"
—>  Smith and Nephew 1856: 1956
—>  Smithsonian Physical Tables
—>  Snow Crystals ... Observed 8 February to 10 March 1855
—>  Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire : a property of the National Trust
—>  So Short a Cate-chisme, that whosoever cannot, nor will not learne, are not in any wise to be admitted to the Lords Supper
—>  Soap through the Ages
—>  Soap-Bubbles, their Colours and the Forces which Mould them
—>  Sobre a observacao de estrelas na nautica dos descobrimentos
—>  Sobre as prioridades de Pedro Nunes
—>  "Sochinenie A. K. Nartova "Teatrum Makhinarum" (K istorii peterburgskoi "Tokarii Petra I")"
—>  Social Aspects of the History of Science
—>  Social change and scientific organization : the Royal Institution, 1799-1844
—>  "Social Darwinism and the Businessman"
—>  Societe francaise de microscopie electronique: Informations generales et Liste des Membres
—>  Solar and Planetary Longitudes for years -2500 to +2000 by 10-day intervals,
—>  "Solar Parallax Papers No. 9. The General Solution from the Micrometric Right Ascensions of Eros, at the Opposition of 1900"
—>  "Solar Parallax Papers. No. 4. The Magnitude Equation in Right Ascension of the Etoiles de Repere"
—>  "Solar Parallax Papers. No. 5. Examination of the Photographic Places of Sars published in the Paris Eros Circulars"
—>  "Solar Parallax Papers. No. 6. Construction of a Standard Catalogue of Photographic Star Places"
—>  "Solar Parallax Papers. No. 7. The General Solution from the Photographic Right Ascensions of Eros, at the Opposition of 1900"
—>  "Solar Parallax Papers. No. 8. The Mass of the Moon, Derived from the Photographic Observations of Eros Made in 1900-01"
—>  "Sold at Sotheby's: Sir John Findlay's cabinet and the Scottish antiquarian tradition"
—>  "Solipsism and Related Matters"
—>  Solis et artis Adulteria ...
—>  "Solnechnye Chasy na Rusi"
—>  "Solnechnye chasy u narodov Sovetskogo Soyuza"
—>  Solomon's House in Oxford: New finds from the First Museum
—>  Solstenen: Primitiv Navigation i Norden for Kompasset
—>  Solutions of Simple and Quadratic Equations
—>  "Somatic and Autonomic Motor Functions of the Cerebal Cortex in Ape and Man"
—>  Some Account of Halley's Astronomiae Cometicae Synopsis, which contains his investigation of the Orbits of Comets
—>  Some Account of the Art of Photogenic Drawing, or the Process by which Natural Objects May be made to Delineate Themselves without the Aid of the Artist's Pencil
—>  Some Account of the Discovery, made by the late Mr. John Dollond, F.R.S. which led to the grand improvement of Refracting Telescopes, in order to correct some misrepresentations, in foreign publications, of that discovery: with An Attempt to account for t
—>  Some account of the Worshipful Company of Grocers of the City of London
—>  "Some applications of modern microscopy"
—>  "Some Archaeomagnetic Evidence Concerning the Secular Variation in Britain"
—>  Some Aspects of Nuclear Chemistry
—>  "Some Aspects of Positional Astronomy from Bradley to Bessel"
—>  "Some Aspects of Post-Renaissance Astronomy"
—>  'Some Aspects of the Economics of Shipowning in the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries'
—>  Some Aspects of the Socio-economic and Cultural History of Muslim Spain 711-1492
—>  "Some Astronomical Instruments"
—>  "Some bibliographical notes on the first publication on the Roentgen Rays"
—>  "Some Biological Properties of Highly Purified Penicillin"
—>  "Some Chemical Apparatus Blown by Hand in the Late 18th to Early 19th Century"
—>  'Some Chemical Aspects of the Colours and Tones of Nineteenth Century Photographs'
—>  "Some Chemists of Islam. Wonderful Achievements of the Early Savants"
—>  "Some Classical and Medieval Ideas in Renaissance Cosmography"
—>  "Some Clocks and Jacks, with notes on the History of Horology"
—>  "Some Comments by Caroline Herschel on the Use of the 40 ft. telescope"
—>  Some Considerations touching the Usefulnesse of Experimental Naturall Philosophy, Propos'd in Familiar Discourses to a Friend, by way of Invitation to the Study of it
—>  "'Some Curious Old Instruments': The Assembly of the Royal Microscopical Society's Collection of Microscopes"
—>  "Some Dateless Computed Lists of Longitudes of Characteristic Planetary Phenomena from the Late-Babylonian Period"
—>  "Some Details of Peter the Great's Stay in England in 1698: Neglected English Material"
—>  "Some Doubts on Faraday's Authorship of "On Argument""
—>  Some Dutch Contributions to the Development of Physiology
—>  "Some Early Brickmakers of Philadelphia"
—>  "Some Early Contributions to the History of Geomagnetism - VII"
—>  "Some early English instrument makers"
—>  "Some Early European Observatories"
—>  "Some Early Mathematical Schools in Whitehaven"
—>  "Some Early Philadelphia Instrument Makers"
—>  Some Early Scientific Instruments at Harvard University: A Catalogue
—>  "Some Early Spring-driven Clocks - Famous Makers of Bracket or Portable Timepieces"
—>  "Some Early Tidal Diagrams"
—>  Some Early Tools of American Science: An Account of the Early Scientific Instruments and Mineralogical and Biological Collections in Harvard University
—>  "Some Eighteenth-Century Trading Accounts"
—>  "Some Episodes in the Life of Charles Darwin"
—>  "Some European and Oriental Astrolabes" : 3 entries
—>  "Some experiments on the action of wood on photographic plates"
—>  "Some Extinct Birds ... 4. The White Dodo"
—>  "Some Geological Correspondence of James Hutton"
—>  Some Geometrical Porisms with Examples of their Application to the Solution of Problems
—>  Some Historic Coats of Arms
—>  Some Historical Assumptions of the History of Science
—>  "Some Huguenot Craftsmen from Dieppe in London"
—>  "Some Incidents in the Life of Edward Lhuyd"
—>  "Some Irish Contemporaries of Faraday and Henry"
—>  "Some Letters of Dr Charles Goodall (1642-1712) to Locke, Sloane, and Sir Thomas Millington"
—>  "Some Local Scholars who Counselled the Proprietors of Pennsylvania and their Commissioners during the Boundary Surveys of the 1760's"
—>  "Some lunar auxiliary tables and related texts from the late Babylonian period"
—>  "Some material for a pedigree of Dr Edmond Halley"
—>  Some memoirs of the life of Dr. Nathan Alcock, lately deceased
—>  "Some Memories of Professor James Clerk Maxwell"
—>  'Some Metallurgical Processes of the Early Sixteenth Century (1530)'
—>  Some Methods of Measuring Temperature
—>  "Some Morphological Lessons taught by Human Variations"
—>  "Some Nonexistent Chemists of the Seventeenth Century: Remarks on the Use of the Dialogue in Scientific Writing"
—>  Some Notable Surveyors & Map-makers of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, & Eighteenth Centuries and their Work: A Study in the History of Cartography
—>  "Some notes on Newton's Chemical Philosophy written upon the occasion of the tercentenary of his birth"
—>  "Some notes on the chemicals used in the restoration and repair of books and documents"
—>  "Some Notes on the Drop-Weight Method for the Measurement of Surface Tension"
—>  "Some Notes on the History of Spectacles"
—>  Some Notes on the Natural History of British Fresh-Water Leeches: with Records of their Occurrence in Essex
—>  Some notes upon the life and work of certain Netherlands Artificers of microscopic preparations at the end of the XVIIIth century and the beginning of the XIXth
—>  "Some Observations Concerning the Baroscope and Thermoscope, made and communicated by Doctor I. Wallis at Oxford, and Dr. I Beale at Yeovil in Somerset, deliver'd here according to the several dates, when they were imparted"
—>  Some Observations made upon the Root Cassummuniar, called otherwise Rysagone, imported from the East Indies, shewing its Nature and Virtues, and its Usefulness above others as yet written of ...
—>  "Some observations on the history of the astrolabe and of two Russian words: astroljabija and matka"
—>  "Some Observations on the Human Spermatozoon"
—>  "Some Observations on the Structure and Functions of Lymphatics: Their Behaviour in Local Oedema"
—>  Some of its Contents
—>  Some Outstanding Clocks over Seven Hundred Years 1250-1950
—>  "Some Particulars of the Life of John Field, the Proto-Copernican of England"
—>  Some Particulars relative to the Discovery of the Longitude; mentioning several Foreign Premiums, and exactly narrating the Particulars of the British Acts of Parliament, respecting that Affair. With a list of the present Commissioners, etc.
—>  Some Particulars respecting the principal Instruments at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, in the time of Dr. Halley.
—>  "Some Particulars respecting the principal Instruments at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, in the Time of Dr Halley"
—>  Some People and Places in Irish Science and Technology
—>  "Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Strong Nitric Acid" : 2 entries
—>  "Some Physical Properties of Nitric Acid Solutions" : 2 entries
—>  "Some Physiological Aspects of Hypnotism"
—>  "Some Principles Involved in the Construction of Weighing Machines"
—>  "Some recent developments in the Chemistry of Free Radicals"
—>  "Some Reflections on Research in the History of Astronomy"
—>  'Some Reflections on the Contribution of Islam to European Science'
—>  Some Reflections on the Uncertainty of many Astronomical and Geographical Positions, with regard to the Figure and Magnitude of the Earth, The finding the Longitude at Sea by Watches, and other Assertions of the Most eminent Astronomers. With some Hints t
—>  Some Relations of Early Chemistry in America to Medicine
—>  "Some remarks on the development of the compound microscopes in the 19th century"
—>  "Some Remarks upon the Equation of Time and the true Manner of Computing it"
—>  "Some Roman and Byzantine portable sundials and the London sundial-calendar"
—>  "Some Russian Contributions to the History of the Microscope"
—>  "Some Scientific Instrument Makers of the Eighteenth Century"
—>  Some Scientists in the life of Christ Church, Oxford.
—>  "Some Seventeenth Century Collectors and Curators" : 2 entries
—>  "Some spectrophotometric investigations on iron-containing soda-lime-silica glasses. Part II. The effect of arsenic and antimony oxides"
—>  "Some Sundials and their Story" : 2 entries
—>  "Some Sundials in the Collection of the National Maritime Museum"
—>  "Some symbols used by the alchemists"
—>  "Some textual changes in successive editions of Richard Lower's "Tractatus de corde item de motu & colore sanguinis et chyli in eum transitu""
—>  "Some Thoughts on Some Aspects of Bio-Engineering"
—>  "Some Unedited Accounts of Edward Gibbon"
—>  "Some Units and Definitions"
—>  "Some Unpublished Astrological Illustrations from Central and Eastern Europe"
—>  "Some Vesalian Problems"
—>  "Some Wartime Influences on Health and Welfare Institutions in the United States"
—>  "Some Working Models for Glass History"
—>  Somerset Clockmakers
—>  "Sommerfeld und die Technik"
—>  "Sonar Research and Naval Warfare 1914-1954: A Case Study of a Twentieth-Century Establishment Science" : 2 entries
—>  Sonen Uhren zuryssen nach mancherley art, sy seyend Ligend, Auffrecht, Schreg, wie sy wollind, mit allen iren stunden, ohn alle muysalige theilung dess Equinoctials …
—>  "Songs of the Birds"
—>  Sonnawern allerhandt Kunstlich zumachen. An die maurn unnd wende. Auff ein ebne und gleichen platz. An die seitten eins viereckentenn und wurffelechten klotz, Truncus genant. Compass zu der Sonnen gerecht zubereytten.
—>  Sonnawern allerhandt Kunstlich zumachen. Ann die maurn unnd wende. Auff ein ebne und gleichen platz. An die seitten eins viereckentenn und wurffelechten klotz, Truncus genant. Compass zu der Sonnen gerecht zubereytten.
—>  Sonne, Zeit und Ewigkeit: Alte Sonnenuhren
—>  Sonnen Uhren ausz zal-tafflen zumachen
—>  Sonnen Wand, oder Kurtzer Unterricht Allerhand Sonnen Uhren zu reissen auf Mauren, Dillen und Metall …
—>  "Sonnenborgh": De Utrechtse Sterrewacht en haar Geschiedenis: 1642-1853-1977
—>  Sonnenfinsternisse von 600 bis 1800 N.CHR.
—>  'Sonnenuhren | ein [?...] Sonnenuhren oder | Messe-Uhren'
—>  "Sonnenuhren"
—>  Sonnenuhren: Eine Anleitung fur Handwerk und Liebhaber: 1. Gestaltung, Konstruktion, Ausfuhrung
—>  Sonnenuhren: Eine Anleitung fur Handwerk und Liebhaber: 2. Tabellen und Diagramme zur Berechnung
—>  Sonnenuhren: Eine Anleitung fur Handwerk und Liebhaber: 3. 303 Beispiele aus 12 Landern
—>  Sopra Tre Scritti Inediti di Leonardo Pisano pubblicati da Baldassarre Boncompagni. Note Analitiche
—>  "Sopra un' antica piastra di bronzo, Che si suppone un' Orologio da Sole"
—>  Soroban no. 1 : calculation by the soroban
—>  Sound : 2 entries
—>  Sound-Curve Tracings, or Compound-Vibration Figures
—>  "Sounder, Skrivemaskin, Bonus, Phillips-kode og "Vibroplex"" [incomplete]
—>  Sound-Production by Synchronisation
—>  "Sources for the History of Astronomy in the Scientific Archives of the U.S.S.R."
—>  Sources for the History of Science in Oxford
—>  Sources for the history of science, 1660-1914
—>  Sources for the History of the Science of Steel
—>  Sources in Recreational Mathematics: An Annotated Bibliography
—>  Southerns Tool Catalogue 1990-93
—>  Souvenir Catalogue
—>  Souvenir Catalogue and Guide
—>  Souvenir Cinchona Tercentenary Celebration and Exhibition
—>  Souvenirs d'Oxford et de Cambridge
—>  Souvenirs d'un Medecin sur la plus grande Guerre
—>  Sovereign Balances: 1 - Standard Rockers
—>  Sovereign Balances: 1-Standard Rockers
—>  Sovremennye kalendari stran Blizhnego i Srednego Vostoka
—>  "Space : ye final frontier"
—>  Space and Spirit: Theories of the Universe and the Arguments for the Existence of God
—>  Space data
—>  Space, Time and Gravitation. An outline of the General Theory of Relativity Theory
—>  "Spark Gaps"
—>  Spark Spectra of the Metals
—>  Special Catalogue of the Joint Exhibition of German Mechanicians and Opticians
—>  Special Historical Chemistry Collections and Archives in the UK: A short annotated list
—>  Special Issue: The Camera
—>  Special List for Ironmongers : 3 entries
—>  Special Report of Proceedings in the Observatory Relative to the New Planet
—>  "Special Review: Recent Russian Work on Community Ecology"
—>  "Species and chromosomes"
—>  "Species Before Darwin"
—>  "Specific Heat of a Liquid at Different Temperatures"
—>  Specification for Components of Microscopes
—>  Specimen Beccherianum, sistens Fundamenta, Documenta, Experimenta, quibus Principia Mixtionis Subterraneae & Instrumenta Naturalia atque Artificialia demonstrantur
—>  Specimen Experimentorum Naturalium quae Singulis Annis in illustri Pisana Academia exhibere solet
—>  Specimen Historiae Anatomicae Partium corporis Humani ad Recentiorum mentem accommodatae Novisque Observationibus illustratae
—>  Specimen Observationum Bononiensium ... Videlicet Observatio Aequinoctii Verni, Anni MDCLVI
—>  Specimen Preparation for Electron Metallography
—>  Specimens in Eccentric Circular Turning, with practical instructions for producing corresponding pieces in the art : 3 entries
—>  "Specimens of Ornamental Surface Turning"
—>  Specimens of the Art of Ornamental Turning, in eccentric and concentric patterns; intended chiefly for the use of beginners
—>  Specimina Philosophiae. Seu Dissertatio de Methodo Recte regendae rationis, & veritatis in scientiis investigandae: Dioptrice Et Meteora
—>  Spectacle de la Nature: or Nature Display'd. Being Discourses on such Particulars of Natural History As were thought most proper to Excite the Curiosity and Form the Minds of Youth
—>  "Spectacle Makers Trade Cards no. 2: Thomas Ribright c1710-1780"
—>  "Spectacle Makers Trade Cards. Edward Scarlett - Master 1720-1721"
—>  "Spectacle Makers Trade Cards. no. 3 | Robert Brettell Bate, Master 1828-1829"
—>  "Spectacle Makers Trade Cards: John Yarwell"
—>  Spectacles and Eyeglasses: Their Forms, Mounting and Proper Adjustment
—>  Spectacles, Lorgnettes and Monocles
—>  Spectra
—>  Spectra of Southern Stars
—>  Spectra of Stars
—>  Spectropia; or, surprising spectral illusions. Showing Ghosts Everywhere, and of any colour
—>  Spectroscopes, prisms & gratings [The Whipple Museum of the History of Science catalogue 5] : 2 entries
—>  Spectrum Analysis. Six lectures, delivered in 1868, before the Society of Apothecaries of London
—>  Spectrum Analysis: Six lectures, delivered in 1868, before the Society of Apothecaries of London
—>  Speculations and Conjectures on the Qualities of the Nerves
—>  "Speculations on Stonehenge"
—>  "Speculum Britanniae": Regional Study, Antiquarianism, and Science in Britain to 1700
—>  Speculum Mundi: Or, An Exact Account Of the Great and Formidable Eclipse of the Sun; Which will be Visible, Total and Central, in England, May 11, 1724
—>  Speculum Nauticum a Looking-Glass for Sea-men
—>  Speculum Solis: das ist Sonnen-Spiegal
—>  Speculum solis: das ist Sonnen-Spiegel : 2 entries
—>  Speculum Topographicum: Or, The Topographicall Glasse. Containing: The Use of the Topographicall Glasse, Theodolites, Plaine Table, and Circumferentor, with many rules of Geometry, Astronomy, Topography, Perspective, and Hydrography. Newly set forth
—>  Speech delivered at the Public meeting of the Faculty of Medicine, Paris
—>  Speech in the House of Lords, on 26th April 1853, on Lieut. Maury's Plan for improving Navigation. With some remarks upon the Advantages arising from the Pursuit of Abstract Science
—>  Speech in the House of Peers ... at the ... Reading of the Bill for Regulating the Commencement of the Year, etc.
—>  "Speedivac" Abridged General Catalogue
—>  Spencer Baird of the Smithsonian
—>  Spermatogenesis of Caloptenus femur-rubrum and Cicada tibicen
—>  Spezialfabrikation von Wagen fur Physikalische, Analytische und Technische Zwecke. Gewichte aller Art
—>  Sphaera Mundi, seu cosmographia ...
—>  Sphaera Mundi: Astronomy Books in the Whipple Museum 1478-1600
—>  Sphaera: The Newsletter of the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford : 2 entries
—>  Sphaerae atque astrorum coelestium ratio, natura, & motur: ad totius mundi fabricationis cognitione fundamenta
—>  Sphaerae atque Astrorum coelestium ratio, natura, & motus: ad totius mundi fabricationis cognitione fundementa
—>  Sphaerae materialis sive globi coelestis dv.i. Des hymels lauff grundtliche auszlegung
—>  Sphaerica
—>  Spheres, globes & orreries [The Whipple Museum of the History of Science catalogue 4] : 2 entries
—>  Spheres: The Art of the Celestial Mechanic
—>  Spherical Analytic Geometry being an appendix to The Methods of Modern Navigation
—>  "Sphyranura Osleri: A Contribution to American Helminthology"
—>  Spiegazioni, e Tavole relative all' orologio d'Oltremonte detto volgarmente alla francese, ed all' uso del medesimo nelle irrigazioni
—>  Spinning Tops
—>  Spiral Slide Rule. equivalent to a straight slide rule 83 feet 4 inches long. or, a circular rule 13 feet 3 inches in diameter
—>  "Spirits to the Telescope" - Notes on some early Laboratory Technicians"
—>  Splendor Solis - Alchemical Treatises of Solomon Trismosin, adept and teacher of Paracelsus
—>  Spons' mechanics' own book : a manual for handicraftsmen and amateurs
—>  "Spread of the Knowledge of Galileo's Work in England in the first half of the Seventeenth Century"
—>  Sprievodca po zbierrkach hutnickeho oddelenia Technickeho Muzea v Kosiciach
—>  Spring Balances and Weighing Machines
—>  "Spring Grove, the country house of Sir Joseph Banks Bart., P. R. S."
—>  Springs of Water and How to Discover them by the Divining-Rod
—>  St Albert: Patron of Scientists
—>  "St Margaret's Well at Binsey near Oxford: The Treacle Well of Alice in Wonderland"
—>  "St. Albert the Great"
—>  St. Gregory's Minster, Kirkdale
—>  St. Nicholas, Islip
—>  Staatlich Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon : Forschungsstelle
—>  Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon: Ein Astrolabium von Thomas Pregel aus dem Jahre 1629
—>  Staatlicher Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon : Forschungsstelle
—>  "Stablilec" Hot Air Oven Temperature Range 6--200ºC: Instructions for Use
—>  Stadt im Wandel: Kunst und Kultur des Burgertums in Norddeutschland 1150-1650
—>  Staff Calendar 1964
—>  "Stages in the Development of the Concept of Stress"
—>  Stagnant Museums: Reforms suggested by Sir H. Miers
—>  "Stained Glass Sundials"
—>  Staining Animal Tissues: Practical and Theoretical
—>  "Staining of Thick Sections" : 2 entries
—>  "Stains and Dyes in Microtechnique: Some notes on their History, Chemistry and Manufacture"
—>  "Stand by for Bad Winters"
—>  "Stand und Entwicklung der Naturwissenschaften im Zeitalter der Aufklarung"
—>  Standard Catalogues of Scientific Apparatus
—>  Standard Meteorological Instruments, manufactured by L. Casella
—>  Standard Selenium Rectifiers
—>  Standards in the Museum Care of Photographic Collections
—>  "Standards of Measurement: Their History and Development"
—>  Standing on shifting ground
—>  Stands the Church Clock
—>  Star Atlas
—>  Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning
—>  Star Performance
—>  Stare Mjere
—>  "Starinn'ie Solnecn'ie Casy v Latvii"
—>  Stars and Numbers: Astronomy and Mathematics in the Medieval Arab and Western Worlds
—>  Stars, Minds and Fate: Essays in Ancient and Medieval Cosmology
—>  Statement and Comments upon the Result of a Proffered Gift to the University of Oxford
—>  Statement in Answer to an Assertion made by Sir William Hamilton, Bart
—>  Statement of a plan for making a minute survey of the Heavens and for the formation and publication of some New Celestial Charts under the Superintendence and direction of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berling
—>  Statement of the Nature of Race and Race differences
—>  Statements submitted to the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society of London
—>  Statical essays: containing haemastaticks; or, An account of some hydraulick and hydrostatical experiments made on the blood and blood-vessels of animals. : Also an account of some experiments on stones in the kidneys and bladder; with an enquiry into the : 2 entries
—>  Statical essays: containing vegetable staticks; : or, an account of some statical experiments on the sap in vegetables. Being an essay towards a natural history of vegetation: of use to those who are curious in the culture and improvement of gardening, &c
—>  "Statistical Structure of Ice and of Ammonium Fluoride"
—>  Statutes, Decrees and Regulations of the University of Oxford 1972
—>  Steel and Brass Supadriv Machine Screws ... [&] Steel and Brass Slotted Machine Screws ...
—>  Steel at Brierley Hill. The Story of Round Oak Steel Works 1857-1957
—>  Stellar Astronomy: Historical Studies
—>  Stellar Evolution and its Relations to Geological Time
—>  Stellar Parallaxes. Determined from Photographs made with the 181/2-inch Refractor of the Dearborn Observatory
—>  Stellarum duplicium et multiplicium mensurae micrometricae per magnum Fraunhoferi tubum annis a 1824 ad 1837 in specula Dorpatensi Institutae: adjecta est synopsis observationum de stellis compositis Dorpati annis 1814 ad 1824 per minora instrumenta perfe
—>  Stenoniana Catholica
—>  "Stephen Hales' Work in Chemistry; A Newtonian Influence on 18th Century Chemistry"
—>  Stephen Hales, D.D., F.R.S. : an eighteenth century biography
—>  "Stephen Hales, D.D., F.R.S., Physiologist and Botanist, 1677-1761"
—>  Stephen Hales: Scientist and Philanthropist
—>  Stephen Peter Rigaud, M.A., F.R.S., formerly Savilian Professor of Astronomy and Radcliffe Observer, Oxford: A Memoir
—>  "Steps towards the Idea of Function: A Comparison between Eastern and Western Science in the Middle Ages"
—>  Stereo Microscope II
—>  Stereology 3
—>  Stereometriche-trigonometrische nebungen aus der Gnomonik vom ordentlichen Lehrer Dr Hartmann
—>  "Stereometrische Paradoxa"
—>  Stereometry Or, the Art of Gauging Made easie, by the Help of a Sliding Rule: ...
—>  Stereoscopic Microscopes.
—>  Stereoscopic Photography: Its Application to Science, Industry and Education
—>  Sterne und Sternbilder im Glauben des Altertums und der Neuzeit
—>  Sternglaube und Sterndeutung
—>  Sterrenburcht
—>  Stichting het Nederlandsch Historisch Natuurwetenschappelijk Museum te Leiden. Gids voor Bezoekers
—>  Stock / Price List of Kodak Papers
—>  Stoeffler's Elucidatio : the construction and use of the astrolabe = "Elucidatio fabricae ususque astrolabii"
—>  "Stonehenge - A Neolithic "Observatory""
—>  "Stonehenge / More notes made by R. M. Twist / On his return from his 1996 visit to Oxford"
—>  "Stonehenge -an Eclipse Predictor"
—>  Stonehenge Decoded
—>  "Stonehenge"
—>  "Stonehenge: A Neolithic Computer"
—>  'Stonehenge: A Romano-Celtiberian Monument with Maghreb Connections?'
—>  Stonehenge: Neolithic Man and the Cosmos
—>  Stonehenge: Today & Yesterday
—>  "Stoomfonteinen"
—>  "Stop Borrowing!"
—>  Storia dei Musulmani di Sicilia
—>  Storia del Pensiero Scientifico
—>  Storia della Radio
—>  Storia delle Scienze: Gli Strumenti
—>  Stow's survey of London
—>  Strahlenoptik
—>  "Stranezze di certi codici 'leonardeschi'"
—>  "Strange Friendships - III. Galileo and Maria Celeste"
—>  "Strategia commerciale e tecnica di produzione: La maona Genovese del ferro e la siderurgia ligure di antico regime"
—>  "Stratification des Langues et des Peuples dans le Proche-Orient Prehistorique"
—>  Stratigraphical System of Organized Fossils, with reference to the specimens of the Original Geological Collection in the British Museum: explaining their state of preservation and their use in identifying the British Strata
—>  Street mapping: An A-Z of Urban Cartography
—>  Strenae Loco, Pietate, Virtute, Multoque rerum usu Viro admodum conspicuo
—>  Strike a Light: John Walker 1781-1859
—>  Striking and Chiming Clocks: Their Working and Repair
—>  String Figures
—>  String Figures and Other Monographs
—>  "Strings and Stringing: Contemporary Documents"
—>  Stroenie i Svoistva Metallov i Splavov pri Vysokikh Temperaturakh
—>  Structural Botany
—>  Strumentaria: Alla Scoperta dell' Antico Laboratorio di Fisica del Liceo Ariosto (1860-1924)
—>  Strumenti Medici dei Secoli XVIII-XIX
—>  "Strumenti Scientifici del Museo di Storia della Scienza di Firenze"
—>  Strumenti scientifici del Rinascimento italiano = Italian Renaissance Scientific Instruments
—>  Student and Laboratory Microscopes and Accessories.
—>  "Student Catches Newton in an Error"
—>  "Student Participation in Science Teaching: the early years of the Oxford University Junior Scientific Club"
—>  "Students of Physic and Astrology: A Survey of Astrological Medicine in the Age of Science"
—>  Studi & Notizie
—>  Studi e ricerche sui microscopi galileiani del Museo di Storia della Scienza: Fasicolo 1
—>  "Studi ed uso razionale della Natura nei Benedettini italiani dell' evo moderno"
—>  Studi sulla chirurgia bizantina - Paolo de Egina

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