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—>  Rhetorical and Religious Aspects of Greek Alchemy
—>  "Richard Beard: an Ingenious and Enterprising Patentee"
—>  Richard Corbould 1757-1831 Illustrator: A Glimpse of the Common Life of Georgian Society
—>  Richard Lower's Vindicatio: A Defence of the Experimental Method : 2 entries
—>  "Richard of Wallingford and his Rectangulus, 1326"
—>  "Richard of Wallingford, Abbot of St. Albans, 1326-1335"
—>  Richard of Wallingford: An edition of his writings with introductions, English translation and commentary
—>  Richard Owen Commemoration
—>  "Richard Taylor, 1781-1858"
—>  "Richard Watson (1737-1816)"
—>  "Richard Zsigmondy as Man and Teacher"
—>  Richardi Watson, A.M. Coll. Sacro-Sanctae Trin. Soc. et chemiae professoris in academia Cantabrigiensi, : institutionum chemicarum in praelectionibus academicis explicatarum, pars metallurgica
—>  Richtiger und vermehrter Feld-Messer wie auch Sonnen-Uhren-Macher, ohne Lehrmeister und ohne Instrument; etc. ... von einem dieser Kunsten Curieusen Liebhaber
—>  Rider's British Merlin : for the year of our Lord God 1783. Being the third after bissextile, or leap year
—>  "Rigas kalendarnuja"
—>  Rijks Universiteit Utrecht: 350 Jaar Verzamelaar
—>  "Rings and Menhirs: Geometry and Astronomy in the Neolithic Age"
—>  Rio d Brasil
—>  Rio de Janeiro : historia de sus denominaciones
—>  Risposta Di D. Giambattista de Girolami Parroco Di Faeo All' autore dell'articolo inserito nella Gazzetta Urbana 10 Luglio 1793 pag 435, sul proposito della suo scoperta ec. indicata nel libretto Modo ec.
—>  Rittenhouse: Journal of the American Scientific Instrument Enterprise
—>  Riyad al-Mukhtar. Mirat al-miqat wa-l-adwar ma'a majmu'at al-ashkal
—>  Robert Boyle and Seventeenth-Century Chemistry
—>  Robert Boyle e la Scienza Virtuosa
—>  Robert Boyle: Pioneer of Experimental Chemistry
—>  "Robert Child"
—>  Robert Dick
—>  Robert Dick: Baker, of Thurso Geologist and Botanist
—>  Robert Edmond Grant (1793-1874) and his Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy
—>  "Robert Erskine (1735-1780) of the Continental Army: Geographer and Surveyor-General"
—>  "Robert Fludd and the Circulation of the Blood"
—>  "Robert Fludd e la polemica con Gassendi"
—>  Robert Fludd: Hermetic Philosopher and Surveyor of Two Worlds
—>  "Robert Fludd: Le Rosicrucien"
—>  "Robert Fludd's Theory of Geomancy and his Experiences at Avignon in the Winter of 1601 to 1602"
—>  Robert Grosseteste and the Origins of Experimental Science 1100-1700
—>  Robert Hooke
—>  "Robert Hooke (1635-1703)" [Part I only]
—>  Robert Hooke : tercentennnial studies
—>  Robert Hooke and the English Renaissance
—>  "Robert Hooke and Thomas Tompion the Founders of English Horology"
—>  "Robert Hooke as Geologist and Evolutionist"
—>  "Robert Hooke Born July 18, 1635"
—>  "Robert Hooke, 1635-1703"
—>  Robert Hooke: Creative Genius, Scientist, Inventor
—>  Robert Hooke: New Studies
—>  Robert Hooke's Contributions to Mechanics. A Study in Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophy
—>  "Robert Hooke's Letter of December 9, 1679, to Isaac Newton"
—>  "Robert Jameson and the Royal Scottish Museum"
—>  Robert Koch, der Schopfer der modernen Bakteriologie
—>  "Robert Plot"
—>  Robert Ranulph Marett
—>  Robert Record, the First Mathematical Educator
—>  "Robert Recorde's Mathematical Teaching and the anti-Aristotelian Movement"
—>  "Robert Seeley… the Restless Frontiersman"
—>  Robert T. Gunther and the Old Ashmolean
—>  Robert T. Gunther: A Pioneer in the History of Science 1869-1940
—>  Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
—>  Rocenka Technickeho Muzea v Kosiciach, 1968
—>  Roentgen Rays and Phenomena of the Anode and Cathode
—>  "Roger Bacon and the Voynich Manuscript"
—>  "Roger Bacon"
—>  Roger Bacon: Essays Contributed by Various Writers on the Occasion of the Commemoration of the Seventh Centenary of his Birth
—>  "Roger Bacon's Gunpowder and His Secret Wisdom"
—>  'Roger Barlow: A New Chapter in Early Tudor Geography'
—>  Roger Fenton: The First Secretary of The Royal Photographic Society
—>  Roger Joseph Boscovich S. J., F.R.S., 1711-1787: Studies of his Life and Work on the 250th Anniversary of his Birth
—>  "Roger Sherman's Field Survey Book: Richard Norwood's Epitome"
—>  "Role of the Intellectual in Public Bureaucracy"
—>  Rolfe Family Records : 2 entries
—>  Roll of commissioned officers in the Medical service of the British army: who served on full pay within the period between the accession of George II and the formation of the Royal army medical corps, 20 June 1727 to 23 June 1898, with an introduction sho
—>  Roman and Islamic Water-Lifting Wheels
—>  Roman Science
—>  "Romer, Flamsteed, and the Search for a Stellar Parallax"
—>  Romische Sonnenuhren aus Aquileia
—>  "Romische Vermessungskunst: Ihre Instrumente und Verfahren"
—>  Rontgen Rays Centennial: Exhibition on the Occasion of the Discovery of X-Rays in Wurzburg on November 8, 1895
—>  Rontgenstrahlen: Zum funfzigjahrigen Jubilaum ihrer Entdeckung
—>  "Rosenholm"
—>  Rotary Specialities: Price List November, 1908
—>  Rotary Stripping Pigment Films for Three Colours
—>  Rotatoria of the United States, with especial reference to those of the Great Lakes
—>  "Rothamsted: 1843-1943"
—>  "Rotiferes"
—>  "Rouget Cells and their Function"
—>  Rowland's Double Sextant, and Circle
—>  Rowlandson's Oxford
—>  Royal Funding of the Parisian Academie Royale des Sciences During the 1690s
—>  "Royal Institution Lectures"
—>  "Royal Microscopical Society Standards"
—>  "Royal Microscopical Society"
—>  "Royal Sovereign Pencils"
—>  R's Method of Using Ordinary Set Squares in Drawing and Design
—>  Rudimenta Mathematica
—>  "Rudolph II in Prague"
—>  Ruhmkorff, Rontgen, Regensburg: Historische Instrumente zur Gasentladung
—>  Rule for measuring Heights by the Barometer, reduced to the English Measure of Length and adapted to Fahrenheit's Thermometer, and other Scales of Heat, and reduced to a more convenient Expression by the Astronomer Royal. Read at the Royal Society January
—>  Rules [&] List of Members
—>  Rules and Orders of the Society Instituted at London, for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce
—>  Rules and Orders of the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce

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