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—>  R B Bate of the Poultry: 1782-1847: The Life and Times of a Scientific Instrument Maker
—>  r. Gregory's Elements Of Catoptrics And Dioptrics. Translated from the Latin Original, With a large Supplement, By William Browne, M. D. To which is added, An Appendix, By J. T. Desaguliers, LL.D. F.R.S. Containing, An Account of the Reflecting Telescopes
—>  R.S. Components Ltd: August 1978/ January 1979
—>  R34: Twice Across the Atlantic
—>  RA: The Royal Academy Magazine [& other variants of title!]
—>  Raccolta di scritti editi e inediti
—>  "Racconto istorico della vita di Galileo Galilei"
—>  Radar Development to 1945 : 2 entries
—>  "Radar for marine navigation"
—>  Radar: A Report on Science at War
—>  Radax Lamps, Lufax Lamps
—>  Radiesthesia and Some Associated Phenomena
—>  Radio astronomy : 2 entries
—>  Radio Centennial Story: From Marconi to Portable Telephone
—>  Radio communication : history and development
—>  Radio designer's handbook
—>  Radio engineering : a complete guide for all concerned with radio maintenance, production and development
—>  Radio reference handbook
—>  Radio Stars: study of their nature and identification
—>  Radio Time: The Radio-Controlled Clock and Watch Newsletter
—>  Radio: da Marconi alla Musica delle Stelle = Radio: from Marconi to the Music of the Universe
—>  "Radioactive Products of Short Life"
—>  "Radiocarbon Comes of Age at Oxford"
—>  Radiocarbon Dating
—>  Radio-Elements as Indicators and Other Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
—>  "Radioisotope in der Heilskunde"
—>  "Radiology Medieval and Modern. Presidential Address"
—>  "Radio's First Home: The Royal Needles Hotel Wireless Station"
—>  Radium, and all about it
—>  Raffaele Piria: Appunti sull' Industria Chimica: Dai viaggi in Inghilterra del 1851 e del 1862
—>  "Raffronto tra l'astrario e il planetario del Dondi"
—>  "Rahn's Algebraic Symbols"
—>  "Railway Bearing Metals: Their Control and Recovery"
—>  Railway Plans & Other Railway Items
—>  Raleigh & Roanoke: The First English Colony In America, 1584-1590
—>  "Ralph Alger Bagnold 3 April 1896-28 May 1990 ..."
—>  "Ralph Treswell's Surveys of London Houses c1612"
—>  Rambling Recollections [extract]
—>  Ramon Llull y el numero primitivo de las dignidades en el "Arte General"
—>  Ramon Llull y la "De Divisione Naturae"
—>  "Ramon Llull y las tres potencias del alma"
—>  Ramon Lull and John Scotus Erigena
—>  Range and Vision: The First Hundred Years of Barr and Stroud
—>  Rapid calculations
—>  Rapport
—>  "Rapport au XVIIe Congres International, Washington 1952"
—>  "Rapport Fait a la Classe des Sciences physiques et mathematiques de l'Institut, sur un Memoire de M. d'Artigues, relatif a la fabrication du Flint-Glass, et sur de grandes lunettes astronomiques presentees par M. Cauchois"
—>  Rapport fait a l'Academie des Sciences sur les Appareils Telegraphiques de M. Siemens (de Berlin)
—>  "Rapport sur les Observations des Marees faites en 1835, en Differens Points des Cotes de Belgique"
—>  Rapport sur les Travaux de la Commission Hydrometrique en 1844, presente a Monsieur le Maire de Lyon, par Monsieur Lortet, president
—>  Rapport Sur un Memoire de M. Payen, intitule: Complement d'un Memoire sur la compositions chimique du tissu propre des vegetaux, et sur les differents etas d'agregations de ce tissu
—>  "Rapports sur le Memoire de M. Mahmoud"
—>  Rapports sur les Instrumens inventes ou construits par Charles Chevalier
—>  Rara Astronomica in Estonia
—>  "Rara Astronomica in the Library of the Tartu Astronomical Observatory"
—>  "Rara Astronomica in the Library of the Tartu University: Books Printed before 1600. Addenda & Corrigenda"
—>  "Rara Astronomica in the Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences: A Preliminary Report"
—>  "Rara Astronomica in the Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences: A Supplement"
—>  Rara Avis in Terris: or the Compleat Miner; in Two Books. The First containing, the Liberties, Laws and Customs of the Lead-Mines, within the Wapentake of Wirksworth in Derbyshire; in fifty-nine Articles, being all that ever was made. The Second teacheth
—>  Rara Cosmographica in Estonia
—>  Rara Mathematica; or, a Collection of Treatises on the Mathematics and subjects connected with them, From ancient inedited Manuscripts
—>  Rara Scientifica et Medica. A selection of valuable scientific and medical books from the 15th to the 20th century.
—>  Rare Books and Special Collections in the Smithsonian Institution Libraries
—>  Rare Books in the Medical Sciences
—>  Rariora: Being notes of some of the Printed Books, Manuscripts, Historical Documents, Medals, Engravings, Pottery. etc. etc., collected (1858-1900)
—>  Rasa'il Abi Nasr Mansur b. Iraq ila al-Biruni
—>  Rasa-Jala-Nidhi or Ocean of Indian Chemistry, Medicine, and Alchemy
—>  "Rathborne's Surveyor (1616/1625): the first Russian Translation from English?"
—>  "Rational Fluid Mechanics 1687-1765"
—>  Rationality and Ritual: The Windscale Inquiry and Nuclear Decisions in Britain
—>  Rats, Lice, and History
—>  Ratujmy od zniszezenia dokumenty naukowe
—>  "Ray Lankester, 1847-1929: Zoologist and Biologist"
—>  "Ray's Journey through Lincolnshire, 1661"
—>  Razvitiye atomisticheskikh predstavlenii do nachala XIX veka
—>  Razzi Incidenti e Razzi Refressi. III.- Lettura Vinciana
—>  "Reactions of, and Absorption by, Lymphatics, with Special Reference to those of the Diaphragm"
—>  Reactions-Schema fur die qualitative Analyse zum Gebrauche im chemischen Laboratorium.zu Berlin
—>  Readers' Guide to the Oriental Institute Library | Eastern Art Library and Nissan Institute Library
—>  "Reading the Messages in the Genes"
—>  Readings in Glass History
—>  Readings in Science; being explanations of some of the most interesting Appearances and Principles in Natural Philosophy, expressed in simple language, and illustrated by familiar examples : 2 entries
—>  Reagent Labels (Contents 360)
—>  Real Colour Photography: A pamphlet giving full details of the new process of colour photography, which is now within the reach of all amateur photographers
—>  Real Orthochromatism
—>  "Reappearance of the first Leitz Polarized Light Microscope of 1885"
—>  Rearranging formulae : unwrapping books : O3 Gallery, 20 March-25 April 2010
—>  Reason and Chance in Scientific Discovery
—>  "'Reason's Dim Telescope': A Poetic Tirade Against Joseph Priestley, F.R.S."
—>  Reaumur
—>  "Reaumur und die Erfindung des Tempergusses"
—>  Recalculated Elements of Delambres New Tables for Calculating the Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites
—>  Recensionen
—>  Recent Advances in Conservation
—>  Recent Advances in Microscopy: Biological Applications
—>  Recent Advances in Pharmacology
—>  Recent British Books on the History of Science and Technology: An exhibition selected in association with the Royal Society on the occasion of the XI International Congress on the History of Science, Warsaw, August 1965
—>  "Recent Discoveries in Early Scottish Photography"
—>  Recent Experimental Researches in Electro-Magnetism and Galvanism
—>  "Recent progress in biology"

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