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—>  "P. H. Maille, a Forgotten Pioneer in Meteorology"
—>  "Pacific Exploration before Cook"
—>  Pacific Rockets: Journal of the Pacific Rocket Society
—>  Pacing the Void: T'ang Approaches to the Stars
—>  "Pactolus - River of Gold"
—>  Pages immortelles: Copernic; Galilee; Kepler
—>  Paget Colour Photography: Duplicating Method : 2 entries
—>  Painting and Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy: A Primer in the Social History of Pictorial Style
—>  Painting of the first observed transit of Venus
—>  Palaeontology and the Evolution of Man
—>  Palaeontology or a Systematic Summary of Extinct Animals and Their Geological Relations
—>  Palaeosurgery in Moravia
—>  Palaephati de fabulosis narrationibus, Liber I
—>  "Paleophotographic studies: Was photography born in the 18th century?"
—>  Palladii Rutilii Taurii Aemiliani, viri illustris, De re rustica
—>  Palladius On husbondrie
—>  Palladius On Husbondrie: Edited from the unique MS. of about 1420 A.D. in Colchester Castle by the Rev. Barton Lodge: Part I
—>  Pallas Armata. Military Essayes of the Ancient Grecian, Roman, and Modern Art of War
—>  Pamjatniki Russkoj Kul'tury: Pervoj Cetverti XVIII Veka: v Sobranii Gosudarstvennogo Ordena Lenina Ermitaza
—>  Pamphlets from the Library of Louis Dutens
—>  Pamphlets Scientific and Controversial
—>  Panaugia or Universal Light: Being Part Two of his Consultation on the Reform of Human Affairs wherein he considers enlightening men's minds with a Universal Light in which all men see all things thoroughly
—>  Panorama des Collections
—>  [Panorama of Procession]
—>  Panoramania! The Art and Entertainment of the 'All-Embracing' View
—>  Panorganon: or, A Universal Instrument, Performing all such conclusions Geometrical & Astronomical as are usually wrought by the Globes, Spheres, Sectors, etc.
—>  Pantographice, sev ars Delineandi res Quaslibet per Parallelogrammum Lineare sev Cavum, Mechanicum, Mobile; Libellis duobus explicata, & Demonstrationibus Geometricis illustrata: quorum Prior Epipedographicen, sive Planorum, Posterior Stereographicen, sev
—>  Pantologia
—>  Pantometria
—>  Pantometrum Kircherianum, Hoc est Instrumentum Geometrium novum ... etc.
—>  "Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli y su importancia en el mundo cientifico del siglo XV"
—>  "Paolo del Buono on the Elasticity of Air"
—>  "Paper, Print, and Mathematics: Philippe Danfrie and the Making of Mathematical Instruments in Late 16th Century Paris"
—>  Papers from the Ad Hoc Commission on History of Surveying
—>  Papers on Etherification and on the Constitution of Salts
—>  Papers on Mechanical Subjects
—>  "Papers on Precession and Solar Motion 1910-1912"
—>  Papers Read at the Banks Celebration on Thursday, 17th June, 1920, in commemoration of the centenary of the death of the Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, Bt., P.C., K.B., P.R.S., on the 19th June, 1820
—>  "Papyrology and Sources in Astronomical History"
—>  "Paracelsian Doctrine in English Medicine"
—>  Paracelsica
—>  "Paracelsus' atherahnliche Substanzen und ihre pharmakologische Auswertung an Huhnern"
—>  Paradisi Batavi Prodromus, In quo Plantae rariores omnes, in Batavorum Hortis hactenus cultae, & plurimam partem a nemine antea descriptae recensentur
—>  Paradoxes of nature and science
—>  Paragone dei Due Orologi Oltramontano, ed Italiano Risposta di D. G. B. Z. ad un suo Amico
—>  Paragone dei Due Orologi Oltramontano, ed Italiano: Riposta di D. G. B. Z. ad suo Amico
—>  Paraphrase de l'astrolabe
—>  "Parigi degli ospedali"
—>  Parker's ephemeris for the year of our Lord 1771
—>  Parker's Projection of the Longitude at Sea: Whereby the Mariners may be enabled to correct their Accounts thereof, as often as they shall have the Benefit of a Clear Sky and Calm Sea, at the Time of the Moon's visible Southing. Communicated to and approv
—>  Parsons Journal
—>  "Part II Archaeologica Geomagnetica"
—>  [Part of] "De l'Examen de l'Oeil au mayen de l'Ophthalmoscope"
—>  Particulars of the Grand Suspension Bridge erected over the Straits of Menai, by order of the Government, Designed by Thomas Telford, Civil Engineer, Began in May 1819 and opened Jan. 30th. 1826
—>  Particulars of the Institution and of the privileges and conditions of membership
—>  Particulars of the Mounting of a Three-Foot Reflector
—>  "Pascal as a Man"
—>  Passage to a Ringed World: The Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan
—>  Passages from the Life of a Philosopher
—>  Passiones Animae
—>  "Patent agents, legal advisers and Gugliolmo Marconi's breakthrough in wireless telegraphy"
—>  Patent Breach for Guns
—>  Patent Microscopes Etc. Specifications 1852-1885
—>  "Patent Pantoscopic Spectacles"
—>  Patent place
—>  "Patent Place"
—>  Patent specification : improved container for rat poison bait
—>  Patent Specification 566,691. Provisional Specification: Apparatus for Utilizing Energy Exerted by a Mass of Water Subject to Variations of Level
—>  Patent specifications relating to microscopes, 1946-1953.
—>  Patents for Inventions in the Netherlands during the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries: with notes on the historical development of technics
—>  Patents for Inventions. Abridgements of Specifications. Class 139, Watches, Clocks, and Other Timekeepers
—>  Patents of Invention: Origin and Growth of the Patent System in Britain
—>  Pathologiae Cerebri, et Nervosi Generis Specimen. In quo agitur De Morbis Convulsivis, et de Scorbuto
—>  "Patra and the Paper Industry"
—>  "Patronage and Privilege in Education: A Devon Boy goes to School, 1798"
—>  "Patronage and Publishing: Journals of Microscopy 1839-1989"
—>  Patrons, Artisans and Instruments of Science, 1600-1750
—>  "Paul Crespin, Goldsmith"
—>  "Paul Rudolph's Carl Zeiss Photographic Lenses"
—>  "Paul Tannery"
—>  Paul Ten Bruggencate
—>  Paulo Orosio, presbitero Bracarense, criador do estudo geografia e da historia na Idade Media
—>  [Paulou Aiginetou iatrou aristou, biblia hepta. En arche hekastou ton biblion deiknytai ta en ekeino periechomena]. = Pauli Aeginetae medici optimi, libri septem. In principio singulorum librorum omnia indicantur, quae in eo continentur libro. / Omnia hae
—>  Pausanias and other Greek Sketches : 2 entries
—>  Pausanias' Description of Greece
—>  Pausanias's Description of Greece
—>  Pausilypon, the imperial villa near Naples: with a description of the submerged foreshore and with observations on the tomb of Virgil and on other Roman antiquities on Posilipo
—>  "Pearson's Jupiter Clock"
—>  Pedanii Dioscoridis Anazarbei, de medicinali materia libri sex
—>  "Peder Nattergal og hans astronomiske regneinstrument"
—>  Pegasus Story: A History of a Vintage British Computer
—>  Pehr Wilhelm Wargentin: Kungl. vetenskapsakademiens Sekreterare och Astronom 1749-1783
—>  "Pendelversuche und Fallversuche in Bologna"
—>  Pendulum to Atom
—>  "Pendulum to Atom Clock"
—>  Penicilin and Luck
—>  Penicillin
—>  "Penicillin as a Chemotherapeutic Agent" : 2 entries
—>  "Penicillin in Perspective"
—>  "Penicillin"

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