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—>  Bucher und Schriften des edelen hochgelehrten und bewehrten Philosophi und Medici Philippi Theophrasti Bombast / von Hohenheim/ Paracelsi genandt
—>  Buchsenmeister-Discurs, eine neuerfundene Kugel-Tafel, Abtheilung der Stucke, Laveten und Visir-Stabe
—>  "Buchstabenrechnung und indische Ziffern in Byzanz"
—>  "Buffon and the Royal Society of London"
—>  Buildings & Power: Freedom and Control in the Origin of Modern Building Types
—>  Bulletin : 2 entries
—>  Bulletin d'histoire de l'electricite
—>  Bulletin de l'Association Nationale des Collectionneurs et Amateurs d'Horlogerie Ancienne : 2 entries
—>  Bulletin of Chiba Museum of Science and Industry
—>  Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information: Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, 1817-1911
—>  Bulletin of the Department of History of Medicine, Osmania Medical College
—>  Bulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group
—>  Bulletin of the National Academy of Sciences Republic of Korea
—>  Bulletin of the Society of Ornamental Turners
—>  BulletinKern
—>  Bullion and Reference Balances, Standard Beams and Weights, &c.
—>  Bullion Weights: An Outline Catalogue
—>  Burgiho Sextant ve Sbirkach Narodniho Technickeho Muzea v Praze
—>  Burndy Library
—>  Burntwood, Past and Present
—>  "Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy"
—>  "Burton's Horoscope and the Date of His Birth"
—>  Bushman Paintings
—>  Business Statistics and Statistical Method
—>  "Buying the Dark Lines of the Solar Spectrum: Joseph von Fraunhofer's Standard for the Manufacture of Optical Glass"
—>  "Bylicas Sternglobus und die ersten neuzeitlichen Himmelskarten"
—>  "Byrhtferd's Diagram"
—>  Bywyd a Gwaith Moses Williams (1685-1742)
—>  C. & E. Layton's Improved Arithmometer, formerly known as Tate's Arithmometer, or Tate's Improved Arithmometer
—>  C. D. Soar Collection of Pamphlets on Hydracarina
—>  "C. F. C. Beeson (1907) and St. John's College"
—>  C. Julii Hygini Augusti Liberti Fabularum Liber, ad omnium poetarum lectionem mire necessarius, & nunc denuo excusus. Eiusdem poeticon astronomicon Libri quatuor. Quibus accesserunt similis argumenti, ...
—>  C. Julii Solini Polyhistorem Emendationes
—>  C. P. and O. U. P.
—>  C. W. Kolbe
—>  Cabinets de Curiosites Collections Collectionneurs
—>  Cabinets for the Curious: Looking Back at Early English Musuems
—>  Cabo Frio : ponto de referencia para a navegacao no Atlantico Sul desde o seculo XVI
—>  "Cadran solaire portatif : trouve au Cret-Chatelard, Commune de Saint-Marcel de Felines (Loire)"
—>  Cadrans Solaires
—>  "Cadrans Solaires de Lorraine"
—>  Cadrans Solaires de Paris
—>  Caelestis Mathematicae pars prima, in qua leges antiquae, et novae temporum, ac planetarum digeruntur, et in tabulas ordinantur, Juxta observationes tum veteres celebriorum Caeli inspectorum
—>  "Caesars' Astronomy (Astronomicum Caesareum) by Peter Apian, Ingolstadt 1540"
—>  Caii Plinii Secundi Historiae Naturalis Libri XXXVII
—>  Calculating Machines and Computers
—>  Calculating Machines: Recent and Prospective Developments and their impact on Mathematical Physics: Inaugural Lecture
—>  Calculating Scale: A Substitute for the Slide Rule
—>  Calculi: Bilder des Rechnens einst und heute: Images of Computing in Olden and Modern Times
—>  Calculus for technical students
—>  Calendar Simplification
—>  Calendarium Romanum Magnum Caseare majestati dictatum
—>  "California No Es Ysla ..."
—>  Calke Abbey
—>  "Calotype Portraits of Elizabeth Rigby by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson"
—>  "'Calotype Views of St. Andrews' by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson"
—>  "Calvert Richard Jones of Swansea"
—>  "Calx Viva. Aus der Geschichte des gebrannten Kalks"
—>  Cambridge and the Royal Society
—>  Cambridge Problems : 2 entries
—>  Cambridge Readings in the Literature of Science
—>  Cambridge Sundials
—>  "Cambridge wins battle to take in the RGO"
—>  "Cambridgeshire Doctors in the Olden Time 1466-1827"
—>  "Camera Collecting: Tropical Cameras"
—>  Camera Obscuras. Photographic Cameras 1840-1940
—>  Camera Obscuras: A Short History
—>  Camera Portraits
—>  Cameras Photographs and Accessories
—>  Cameras: From Daguerreotypes to Instant Pictures
—>  Cameras: The Technology of Photographic Imaging : 2 entries
—>  Cameron, Fenton and Others: Victorian Photography at Colnaghi
—>  Caminho para as estrelas : reflexoes em um museu
—>  Campanus of Novara and Medieval Planetary Theory: Theorica Planetarum
—>  Campi Phlegraei: Observations on the Volcanos of the Two Sicilies As They have been Communicated to the Royal Society of London
—>  "Can a Nation be Saved by Budgets and Ever-Increasing Taxation?"
—>  Can Physical Science Obtain a Home in an English University? An Inquiry, suggested by some remarks contained in a late number of "The Quarterly Review"
—>  "Can Science Museums Take History Seriously?" : 3 entries
—>  "Cancer: A New Approach"
—>  Canon Epoca
—>  Canon Triangulorum: or, Tables of Artificiall Sines and Tangents
—>  Canones Astrolabii
—>  "Cantor Lectures on the Microscope"
—>  "Cantor Lectures on the Microscope" [and] "Cantor Lectures on the Modern Microscope"
—>  "Cantor Lectures on the Modern Microscope"
—>  Cantor Lectures on The Theory of the Microscope
—>  Canynge's House, Bristol
—>  "Canzius - Onderdewijngaart et le Museede l'Industrie a Bruxelles (1827-1887)"
—>  Caos e Complessita
—>  Capelo e Ivens : um fecho europeu para uma tradicao nacional
—>  "Capital in the London Publishing Trade: James Moxon's Stock Disposal of 1698, a 'Mathematical Lottery'"
—>  Capitulos de la Relojeria en Espana. Seguidos de algunas trabajos complementarios, de diferentes auctores
—>  "Captain Cook and the Founding of the British Power in the Pacific"
—>  "Captain Cook as an Astronomer"
—>  "Captain James Cook and the Sandwich Islands"
—>  Captain Toby, F.S.I, or, The Surveyor at War
—>  "Captured Universe"
—>  Carabodides
—>  Caraka Samhita (A Scientific Synopsis)
—>  Cardanus Formel, deren Verwandlung zur Berechnung der Wurzeln von Zahlengleichungen von der Gestalt: x3 - Px - Q = O und eine allgemeine aus jener abgeleitete Form der Wurzeln der letzeren. Losung des dreihundertjahrigen Problemes

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