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—>  Alchemy and Chemistry in the Seventeenth Century
—>  "Alchemy and Colour"
—>  "Alchemy and Early Chemistry"
—>  "Alchemy and English Literature"
—>  "Alchemy and its connection with Astrology, Pharmacy, Magic and Metallurgy"
—>  "Alchemy and its Three Theories of the Origin of Metals"
—>  "Alchemy and Literature"
—>  "Alchemy and Medicine" : 2 entries
—>  Alchemy and Other Chemical Achievements of the Ancient Orient: The Civilization of Japan and China in Early Times as Seen from the Chemical Point of View
—>  "Alchemy and the World of Science: An Intellectual Biography of Frank Sherwood Taylor"
—>  "Alchemy During the First Half of the Sixteenth Century"
—>  "Alchemy in China"
—>  "Alchemy in Scotland"
—>  "Alchemy in the Light of its names in Arabic, Sanskrit and Greek"
—>  "Alchemy in the light of Jung's Psychology and of Dualism"
—>  "Alchemy, a child of Chinese Dualism as illustrated by its Symbolism"
—>  Alchemy: A Bibliography of English-Language Writings
—>  Alchemy: Ancient and Modern: Being a brief account of the Alchemistic Doctrines, and their relations, to mysticism on the one hand, and to recent discoveries in Physical Science on the other hand; together with some particulars regarding the lives and tea
—>  "Alchemy: Jung and the Historians of Science"
—>  Alchemy: The Great Work
—>  Alchemy: The Secret Art
—>  Alchemy: The story of the fascination of gold and the attempts of chemists, mystics, and charlatans to find the Philosophers' Stone
—>  Alchimie
—>  "'Alchimie' - Passage 44, Brussels, 19 December 1984 - 18 March 1985"
—>  Alcohol and the Human Body. An Introduction to the Study of the Subject
—>  Alcohol tables : giving for all specific gravities, from 1.0000 to 0.7938, the percentages of absolute alcohol, by weight and volume, and of proof spirit
—>  Alcune Royale Pratiche per traceriare gli Orologi solari
—>  "Alcune Versioni Latine Indirette degli "Elementi" di Euclide"
—>  Alcuni Strumenti del Liceo Machiavelli di Lucca
—>  Aldis Anastigmats
—>  "Aldre Vetenskapliga Instrument pa Skokloster"
—>  Aleph: Historical Studies in Science & Judaism
—>  Alessandro Volta and the electric battery
—>  "Alex Volta - to mark the centenary of his death"
—>  Alexander Bain's Short History of the Electric Clock
—>  "Alexander Csoma"
—>  Alexander Herschel: The "Meteor Man": 1836-1907
—>  Alexander Lindsay: A Rutter of the Scottish Seas Circa 1540
—>  Alexander Lindsay's Rutter of the Scottish Seas, circa 1540
—>  "Alexander Thom"
—>  "Alexander Tilloch"
—>  "Alexander von Humboldt und die Einheit der Wissenschaft"
—>  Alexander von Humboldt und Frankfurt am Main
—>  Alexander von Humboldt, Erschliesser einer neuen Welt
—>  Alexikepus seu auxiliaris et medicus hortus, rerum variarum, et secretorum remediorum accessione locupletatus
—>  "Alexius Sylvius Polonus (1593-ca.1653), a little-known Maker of Astronomical Instruments"
—>  Alfred - The first continental flagship 1775-1778
—>  "Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)"
—>  Algebraical Problems, producing Simple and Quadratic Equations, with Their solutions. Designed as an Introduction to the Higher Branches of Analytics
—>  Algebre et logique d'apres les textes originaux de G. Boole et W.S. Jevons aved les plans de la machine logique
—>  Algemain verstandliche Anleitung zur Anfertigung aller Arten von Sonnenuhren
—>  Algemeene Manier Tot de Practijck-Oeffeningh der Sonne-Wijsers; Uytd' onfeylbare Gronden derselve Wetenschafs, kort en klaerlijck voorgestelt, etc.
—>  Algemeene Manier Tot het maaken van Zonnewysers Op allerley effen Vlakken. etc.
—>  Algumas observacao sobre o planisferio "Cantino" (1502)
—>  "Algumas observacoes sobre o problema das latitudes na marinharia dos descobrimentos"
—>  Alguns aspectos da colonizacao e do comercio maritimo dos Portugueses na Africa Ocidental nos seculos XV e XVI
—>  "'Ali ibn'Isa Das Astrolab und sein Gebrauch"
—>  "Alice in Cameraland"
—>  "Alice in Wonderland: Grandmother of all the Page Three Girls?"
—>  Alice's Adventures in Oxford
—>  Al-Jami' Bain al-'ilm Wal--'amal al-Nafi' fi Sina'at Al-Hiyal: A Compendium on the Theory and Practice of the Mechanical Arts
—>  "Al-Jazari's Combination Lock: Two Contemporary Examples"
—>  "Al-Kashi's Impractical Method of Determining the Solar Altitude"
—>  "Alkymisten pa Rosenholm"
—>  All about "Nernst" Filaments and their use in Electric Lamps for Projection and Enlarging, etc.
—>  All About Engines
—>  All Graduates and Gentlemen: Marsh's Library
—>  All Sorts of Wheel-Carriage, Improved. Wherein it is plainly made to appear, that a much less than usual Draught of Horses, etc. will be requir'd, in Waggons, Carts, Coaches, and all other Wheel Vehicles, as likewise all Water-Mills, Wind-Mills and Horse-
—>  All Souls Library 1438-2008 : buildings, collections, donors : a brief illustrated guide
—>  All the Astrolabes
—>  "All the Astrolabes"
—>  Allgemeines Reichs-Commersbuch fur Deutsche Studenten
—>  Almae Academiae Albertinae Tria Secunda per gravissimas Fortunae Vicissitudines Felicissime Transacta, beneficia in Patriam Litterasque Collata Maxima Humanitatemque per Orbem Terrarum Latissime Dispersam Summa qua par est Pietate gratulatur eidemque Faus
—>  Almanac for the year 1386
—>  Almanacco Perpetuo di Rutilio Benincasa
—>  "Al-Nahr"; "Zenit"; [and] "Zaman"
—>  Aloisii Trissini vincentini medici, Problematu medicinalium, ex Galeni sentenia, Libri sex. Opus vere aureum, & ad naturalis philosophiae cognitionem perquam necessarium.
—>  Alphabetical Index of Patentees of Inventions
—>  Al-Qanunu'l-Mas'udi (Canon Masudicus)
—>  "Alraune"
—>  Al-Razi's Buch Geheimnis Der Geheimnisse mit Einleitung und Erlauterungen in Deutscher Ubersetzung
—>  Alt und Neuer SchreibCalender, etc.
—>  Alt-Augsburger Kompassmacher
—>  Alte Barometer
—>  Alte Japanische Uhren
—>  Alte Masse an Kirchen und Rathausern
—>  Alte Medizin
—>  Alte Quecksilber Barometer: Ihre Schonheit und Funktion
—>  Alte Sonnenuhren an Europaischen Gebauden
—>  "Alte Sonnenuhren an Gebauden sind bedroht"
—>  "Alte Tiroler Bergbauinstrumente"
—>  Alte Uhren : 2 entries
—>  Alte Uhren [catalogues]
—>  "Alte Uhren" : 2 entries
—>  Alter Bauernkalendar fur der Gemeinjahr 1962
—>  Alter Bauernkalender fur das Gemeinjahr 1955
—>  Alter Bauernkalender fur das Gemeinjahr 1961
—>  Alter Bauernkalender fur das Gemeinjahr 1962
—>  Alter Bauernkalender fur das Gemeinjahr 1964
—>  Alter Bauernkalender fur das Gemeinjahr 1965
—>  Alter Bauernkalender fur das Gemeinjahr 1966
—>  Alter Bauernkalender fur das Gemeinjahr 1967
—>  Alternating Current Measurements at Audio and Radio Frequencies
—>  "Al-Tibb al-Islami"
—>  "Altitude Sundials for Seasonal and Equal Hours"
—>  Al-'ulum wa'l-'umran fi'l-a'sur al-wusta khususan fuma yata-'allaqu bi'l-ta'lif al-'rabiyga* [Arabic]
—>  "Alva Mason, the Franklin Institute, and the Origins of Philosophical and Chemical Instrument Manufacture in the United States"
—>  Alvan Clark and Sons, Artists in Optics
—>  Am Anfang war der Balken: Zur Kulturgeschichte der Steinbrucke
—>  "Am Anfang war die konstruktive Idee: Eine philosophische Hypothese bewirkt den Start in die elektrotechnische Welt"
—>  "Amasa Holcomb - Autobiographical Sketch"
—>  Amateur Photography: A Practical Handbook for the Amateur
—>  Amateur Photomicrography with Simple Apparatus
—>  Ambix
—>  "American Contributions to Mathematical Symbolism"
—>  "American microscope makers and Introduction to the collection"
—>  "American Section London Tour, May 15th-21st, 1991: Part One" [part]
—>  America's Foremost Automobile Collection at the Henry Ford Museum
—>  Amida's Mirror
—>  "Amida's Mirror"
—>  "Ammonities: Ammon's horns into cephalopods"
—>  Amoenitates Academicae sev dissertationes variae Physicae, Medicae Botanicae antohac seorsim editae nunc collectae et auctae cum tabulis aeneis
—>  Ampere's Electrodynamic Molecular Model
—>  Amphitheatrum Zootomicum. Tabulis Aeneis Quamplurimis exhibens Historiam Animalium Anatomicam, e Miscellaneis S.R.I. Academiae Naturae Curiosorum, Diariis Societatum Regiarum, Parisiensis, Anglicae & Prussicae, Actis Hafniensibus & Lipsiensibus, Zootomiis
—>  AMSSEE Seminar on Moving Pictures
—>  Amsterdam Pharmacopoeia
—>  Amtlicher fuhrer durch die Sammlungen
—>  Amulets
—>  Amulett und Talisman: Erscheinungsform und Geschichte
—>  Amulettes, talismans & Pantacles dans les traditions Orientales et Occidentales
—>  'An 18th-Century Alchemical Society'
—>  "An 8th-century Meridian Line: I Hsing's Chain of Gnomons and the Prehistory of the Metric System"
—>  An ABC of Radar
—>  An Abridgement of the Official Papers relating to Operations Performed by Order of the Directors of the Royal Hospital for Seamen, Greenwich, on several of the Pensioners belonging thereto, for the Purpose of ascertaining the general efficacy of the New M
—>  An Abridgment of the Two first Lessons of the First Week
—>  An Abstract or Brief Declaration of the present state of his Majesties Revenew ...
—>  "An Account for Repairs to the Westminster Palace Clock"
—>  "An Account of a Book, intitl'd, De Luminis Affectionibus Specimen Physico-Mathematicum, dedicated to Cardinal Polignac, and printed at Trevise and Venice, 1727, by Signior Rizzetti"
—>  "An Account of a Reflecting Telescope, made by Mr. J. Hadley. V.P. No 376. p. 303"
—>  An Account of a Surprizing Meteor, seen in the Air March 19. 1718/19. at Night. Containing, I. A Description of this Meteor, from the Original Letters of those who saw it in different Places. II. Some Historical Accounts of the like Meteors before. III. A : 2 entries
—>  An Account of a Surprizing Meteor, Seen in the Air, March the 6th, 1715/16. at Night. Containing, I. A Description of this Meteor, from the Author's own Observations. II. Some Historical Accounts of the like Meteors before; with Extracts from such Letters
—>  An Account of a Tract, entitled, The laws of the Moon's Motion according to Gravity. By John Machin, Astr. Prof. Gresh. and R. S. Secr. Annex'd to the English Translation of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia
—>  An Account of Architects and Architecture, in an Historical, and Etymological Explanation of certain Tearms particularly affected by Architects
—>  "An Account of Donati's Comet of 1858"
—>  An Account of Experiments made at the Pantheon, On the Nature and Use of Conductors: To which are added, Some New Experiments with the Leyden Phial. Read at the Meetings of the Royal Society
—>  "An Account of Experiments on the Reflecting Telescope"
—>  An Account of Experiments to determine the Specific Gravities of Fluids, thereby to obtain The Strength of Spiritous Liquors. Together with Some Remarks on a Paper entitled, 'The Best Method of Proportioning the Excise upon Spiritous Liquors' lately print
—>  An Account of Inventions and Improvements in Surgical Instruments, made by John Weiss, 62, Strand; with a selection of cases wherein they have been successfully employed, and testimonials of their utility from eminent surgeons
—>  An Account of Lord Bacon's Novum Organon Scientiarum. or, New Method of Studying the Sciences
—>  "An Account of Meteorological Observations in Four Balloon Ascents, made under the direction of the Kew Observatory Committee of the British Association for the Advancement of Science"
—>  "An Account of Mr. Leeuwenhoek's Microscopes, by Mr. Folkes, V.P. No 380. p. 446"
—>  An account of Sir Charles Bell's discoveries in the nervous system
—>  An account of Sir Isaac Newton's philosophical discoveries : in four books
—>  An Account of Some Experiments on Mercury, Silver and Gold, made at Guilford in May, 1782. In the laboratory of Ja,es Price, M.D., F.R.S. To which is prefixed an abridgment of Boyle's account of a Degradation of Gold
—>  An Account of some Experiments on Mercury, Silver and Gold, made at Guildford in May, 1782. In the Laboratory of James Price, M. D., F.R.S. To which is prefixed an Abridgment of Boyle's Account of a Degradation of Gold
—>  An Account of some New Microscopical Discoveries. Founded on an Examination of the Calamary, and its wonderful Milt-Vessels, (each of which tho' they exceed not an Horse-Hair in Diameter, contains a minute Apparatus analogous to that of a Pump, with a fin : 3 entries
—>  "An Account of some Observations lately made at Nurenburg by Mr. P. Wurtzelbaur, shewing that the latitude of that Place has continued without sensible alteration for 200 Years last past; as likewise the Obliquity of the Ecliptick; by comparing them with
—>  An Account of some Remarkable Discoveries in the Production of Artificial Cold; with Experiments on the Congelation of Quicksilver in England: likewise, Observations on the Best Methods of Producing Artificial Cold; and their Application to Useful Purpose
—>  "An Account of the arrival and erection of Fraunhofer's large Refracting Telescope at the Observatory of the Imperial University of Dorpat. Communicated in a Letter from Professor Struve to Francis Baily, Esq."
—>  An Account of the Automaton, constructed by Orffyreus: in Two Letters; the one, from Professor's Gravesande to Sir Isaac Newton; the other from Baron Fischer to Dr Desaguliers. To which is annexed the Testimonial of the Prince of Hesse Cassel, in Favour o
—>  An Account of the Cause and Cure of the Tremors particularly affecting Reflecting Telescopes more than Refracting Ones
—>  "An Account of the Construction and Adjustment of the New Standards of Weights and Measures of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland"
—>  An Account of the Discoveries concerning Comets, with the Way to find their Orbits, And some Improvements in constructing and calculating their Places. For which Reason are here added New Tables, fitted to those Purposes; Particularly with regard to That
—>  An account of the eidouranion; or, transparent orrery : invented by A. Walker
—>  An Account of the Experiments made by Some Gentlemen of the Royal Society, in order to discover whether the Electrical Power would be sensible at great Distances. With An Experimental Inquiry concerning the respective Velocities of Electricity and Sound.
—>  "An account of the first instruments for measuring time, introduced into Rome. From M. D'Arnay's private life of the Romans"
—>  An Account of the Going of Hardy's Chronometer, No. 278, in the Year 1814, at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford
—>  An Account of the going of Mr Manton's Chronometer I, in a Vacuum, at the Royal Observatory
—>  An Account of the Herbaria of the Department of Botany in the University of Oxford
—>  An Account of the Invention and Use of Fire-Plates, for the Security of buildings and ships against fire
—>  An Account of the late Total Eclipse of the Sun, on July 28, 1851; as observed at Lilla Edet in Sweden
—>  "An Account of the Life and Writings of the Late William Hunter, M.D."
—>  An Account of the Methods used to describe Lines on Dr Halley's Chart of the Terraqueous Globe; shewing the Variation of the Magnetic Needle about the Year 1756, in all the known Seas; their Application and Use in correcting the Longitude at Sea; with som
—>  "An Account of the Observations on the Great Nebula in Orion, made at Birr Castle, with the 3-feet and 6-feet Telescopes, between 1848 and 1867. With a drawing of the Nebula"
—>  An Account of the Origin of Steam-Boats, in Spain, Great Britain, and America; and of their Introduction and Employment upon the River Thames, between London and Gravesend, to the present Time : 2 entries
—>  An Account of the Proceedings, in order to the Discovery of the Longitude: in a Letter to the Right Honourable ******, Member of Parliament : 2 entries
—>  An Account of the Revd. John Flamsteed
—>  An Account of The Royal Society's Newton Telescope
—>  "An Account of the Self-Registering Anemometer and Rain Gauge erected at the Liverpool Observatory in the Autumn of 1851, with a summary of the Records for the Years 1852, 1853, 1854, and 1855"
—>  "An Account of the Trigonometrical Operation, whereby the Distance between the Meridians of the Royal Observatories of Greenwich and Paris has been determined"
—>  An Account of the Voyages undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty. For making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere. And successively performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the Swallow, an
—>  "An Account of Two Meteoric Fireballs, observed in the United States, August 2, and August 6, 1860. With Computation of their Paths"
—>  "An Account, how Adits & Mines are wrought at Liege without Air-shafts" [and] "A way to break easily and speedily the hardest Rocks"
—>  An Act for the Preservation of White and other Pine Trees in Her Majesties Colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusets-Bay ... for the Masting of Her Majesties Navy (1710)
—>  "An additional factor in the history of the centigrade thermometer"
—>  An Address delivered at a special meeting of the Astronomical Society of London, on presenting the Gold medals to J. F. W. Herschel, J. South, and Prof. Struve, on April 14th, 1826 by the President of the Society
—>  An Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Zoological Club of the Linnean Society, held at the Society's House, in Soho-Square, November 29, 1826
—>  An Address of Welcome
—>  "An Address on John Locke as a Physician"
—>  An Address to the Gentlemen of the County of Cornwall, on The Present State of Mining In that County: with Some Observations on the Tin and Copper Trades
—>  An Adventure with Photo-Micrography. A Detailed Description of how to make a good Photograph showing extremely fine Periodic Structure
—>  An Age of Cameras
—>  "An Age of Plastics?"
—>  An Age of Science and Revolutions, 1600-1800
—>  "An Album of Seascapes by Gustave Le Gray"
—>  "An Alchemical Compilation of the Thirteenth Century A.D."
—>  An Alchemical Correspondence in Germany under the Nazi Regime
—>  "An Alchemical Manuscript by Arnaldus de Bruxella"
—>  "An Alchemical Tract Attributed to Albertus Magnus"
—>  "An Alchemical Work of Sir Isaac Newton"
—>  An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1949
—>  An Analysis of the Subscribers to George Adams Junior's Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy (1794)
—>  An Analytical Calculation of the Solar Eclipse for the Seventh of September 1820
—>  An Analytick Treatise of Conick Sections, And their Use for Resolving of Equations in Determinate and Indeterminate Problems. Made English by E. Stone
—>  "An Ancient Chinese Alchemical Classic: Ko Hung on the Gold Medicine and on the Yellow and the White: The Fourth and Sixteenth Chapters of Pao-p'u-tzu"
—>  "An Ancient Chinese Treatise on Alchemy"
—>  "An Ancient Greek Computer"
—>  'An Annotated Bibliography of Benjamin Martin (1704/5-1782) Scientific Instrument Maker and Lecturer'
—>  "An Annotated Bibliography of Benjamin Martin (1704/5-1782) ... [Abstract]"
—>  "An annotated bibliography of evaporation"
—>  An Annotated Bibliography of the Adams Family of Fleet Street: George Senior (1709-1772), George Junior (1750-1795), Dudley (1762-1830)
—>  An Answer to a Charge against the English Universities contained in the Supplement to the Edinburgh Encyclopaedia
—>  An Answer to a Pamphlet entitled "A Narrative of Facts," lately published By Mr Thomas Mudge, Junior, Relating to some Time-Keepers Constructed by his Father Mr Thomas Mudge; wherein is given An Account of the Trial of his First Time-Keeper, and of The Th
—>  An Answer to Mr Ferguson's Essay upon the Moon's turning round its own Axis, subjoined to his Dissertation upon the Harvest Moon, etc.
—>  An Answer to the Late Exceptions made by Mr. Erasmus Warren against the Theory of the Earth
—>  An Anthology of Clocks and Watches
—>  An Anthropological Analysis of Chinese Geomancy
—>  "An Antibacterial Substance Produced by Penicillium Claviforme"
—>  "An Apothecaries' Chemistry Cabinet - Illustrated"
—>  An Apparatus of Instruments: The Role of the Scientific Instrument Commission
—>  "An apparatus to measure contact angles"
—>  An Appeal to the Rebublic of Letters, in behalf of an Injured Science, from the Opinions and Proceedings of some Modern Authors of Elements of Geometry
—>  An Appendix on Reflected Dyalling
—>  An Appendix to the Description and Use of the Globes
—>  An Appendix to the English Translation of Commandine's Euclid
—>  An Appendix to the New Art of Surveying; containing A New Construction of a Pantagraph. Which renders it of universal Use in reducing or enlarging Plans, Drawings, Pictures, Portraits, etc. in Copies bearing any required Proportion to the Original
—>  An Appreciation of Professor Frederick Soddy (1877-1956) ...
—>  "An Arabic Hermetic Manuscript"
—>  "An Ark for the History of Science"
—>  "An Ashmole Relic"
—>  "An Astrolabe attributed to Gerard Mercator, c.1570"
—>  "An Astrolabe Belonging to Galileo?"
—>  "An astrolabe by 'Abd al-A'imma"
—>  An Astronomical Compass and Time Indicator
—>  An astronomical computing instrument from the fifteenth century
—>  "An Astronomical Re-Appraisal of the Star of Bethlehem - A Nova in 5 BC"
—>  An Attempt for the Explanation of the Phenomena
—>  An Attempt for the Explication of the Phaenomena, Observable in an Experiment Published by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq; in the XXXV. Experiment of his Epistolical Discourse touching the Aire. Confirmation of a former Conjecture made by R. H.
—>  An Attempt to demonstrate that all the Phaenomena of Nature may be explained by Two Simple Active Principles, Attraction and Repulsion: Wherein the Attractions of Cohesion, Gravity and Magnetism, are shewn to be one and the same; and the Phaenomena of the
—>  An attempt to establish the first principles of chemistry by experiment
—>  An Attempt to prove the Motion of the Earth from Observations made by Robert Hooke F.R.S.
—>  An Attempt towards a Natural History of the Fossils of England; in a Catalogue of the English Fossils in the Collection of John Woodward, M.D. Containing a Description and Historical Account of each; with Observations and Experiments, made in order to dis : 2 entries
—>  An Attempt towards obtaining Invariable Measures of Length, Capacity, and Weight, form the Mensuration of Time, idenpendent of the Mechanical Operations requisite to ascertain the Center of Oscillation or the true Length of Pendulums
—>  "An Automatic Feeder for Coloured Flames"
—>  "An Early Al-Sufi Manuscript in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. A Study in Islamic Constellation Images"
—>  "An Early Anadidymus of the Chick"
—>  "An Early Anchor Escapement in a Turret Clock" : 2 entries
—>  "An Early Attempt to Oxidise Gold: Van Marum's large electrostatic generator and the swan song of phlogiston"
—>  "An early bill for fossils from Joshua Platt, of Oxford, 1772"
—>  "An early erroneous forecast"
—>  "An Early Italian Globe"
—>  "An Early Mediaeval "Book of Fate": the Sortes XII Patriarcharum. With a note on Books of Fate"
—>  "An Early Mediaeval Chinese Alchemical Text on Aqueous Solutions" : 2 entries
—>  "An Early Medieval Water-clock"
—>  "An early method of successive approximations"
—>  "An early optical lens-grinding lathe"
—>  "An Early Orrery by Thomas Tompion and George Graham recently acquired by the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford"
—>  "An Early Orrery by Thomas Tompion and George Graham"
—>  "An Early Renaissance Stone Polyhedral Sundial Found at Iron Acton Court, near Bristol"
—>  "An Early Satirical Poem on the Royal Society" : 2 entries
—>  "An Early SLR: Reflex Korelle"
—>  "An Easie Demonstration of the Analogy of the Logarithmick Tangents to the Meridian Line or sum of Secants: with various Methods for computing the same to the utmost Exactness"
—>  An easy and pleasant introduction to Sir Isaac Newton's philosophy
—>  An easy introduction to astronomy for young gentlemen and ladies
—>  An easy introduction to astronomy, for young gentlemen and ladies : 5 entries
—>  An Easy Method of Assaying and Classing Mineral Substances
—>  An Easy Method of Finding the Longitude and Time at Sea from the Observations made for determining the Longitude by the Lunar Method; or (When the Time at Greenwich is given) from the Observed Altitudes of the Moon and Sun, or of the Moon and a Star; toge
—>  "An Edinburgh intrigue : Brewster's Society of Arts and the pantograph dispute"
—>  "An Eighteenth Century Rainfall Record at Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire"
—>  "An Eighteenth-Century Orrery by Thomas Heath, and some earlier Orreries"
—>  An eighth/fourteenth-century quadrant of the astrolabist al-Mizzi
—>  "An Electrical Logic Machine"
—>  "An electron microscopical examination of Nobert's finest test-plate of twenty bands"
—>  "An electron microscopical examination of Nobert's ten-band test-plate"
—>  An Elementary Treatise on Conic Sections
—>  An Elementary Treatise on Electricity
—>  An Elementary Treatise on Heat
—>  An Elementary Treatise on Optics : 3 entries
—>  An elementary treatise on the calculus : with illustrations from geometry, mechanics and physics
—>  An Elementary Treatise on the Computation of Eclipses and Occultations
—>  An Elementary Treatise on the Dynamics of a System of Rigid Bodies. With numerous Examples
—>  An Elementary Treatise on the Lunar Theory, with a brief sketch of the history of the problem before Newton
—>  An elementary Treatise on the Planetary Theory, with a Collection of Problems
—>  An Elementary Treatment of the Theory of Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic Motion
—>  "An Elizabethan Chemist: A Transcript of the earliest known Reference to a Chemist in Business"
—>  An Elizabethan Gilded Pocket Sundial by Augustine Ryther, dated 1585
—>  "An Elizabethan Quadrant-dial in Silver by Humphrey Cole"
—>  "An Elizabethan Surveyor and his Cartographic Progeny"
—>  "An Emblematic Watch By Gribelin"
—>  An enquiry into the life and legend of Michael Scot
—>  An entertainment for angels : electricity in the Enlightenment
—>  "An Enzyme from Bacteria able to Destroy Penicillin"
—>  An epitome of chemistry : wherein the principles of the science are illustrated in one hundred entertaining and instructive experiments, capable of being performed without the aid of any apparatus, except a few wine glasses, an oil flask, and a crucible ;
—>  An epitome of experimental chemistry, in three parts. : Part I. Intended to facilitate the acquisition of chemical knowledge, by minute instructions for the performance of experiments. Part II. Directions for the analysis of mineral waters; of earths and
—>  "An Equidistant and a Trapezoidal Projection of the early Fifteenth Century"
—>  "An Equinoctial Ring Dial by Ralph Greatorex"
—>  "An Error in Star Catalogues Concerning B.D.+35o, 1508"
—>  An Essay concerning the Effects of Air on Human Bodies
—>  An Essay Concerning the Multiplication of Mankind: Together with another Essay in Political Arithmetick, Concerning the Growth of the City of London: with the Measures, Periods, Causes, and Consequences thereof. 1682
—>  An essay for introducing a portable laboratory: : by means whereof all the chemical operations are commodiously perform'd, for the purposes of philosophy, medicine, metallurgy, and a family. With sculptures : 2 entries
—>  An Essay for Introducing a Portable Laboratory: by means whereof all the Chemical Operations are Commodiously Perform'd for the Purposes of Philosophy, Medicine, Metallurgy, and a Family
—>  An Essay of the True Nature and Due Method of Treating the Gout, Written for the Use of Richard Tennison, Esq; together with an Account of the Nature and Quality of Bath-Waters, the Manner of using them, and the Diseases in which they are proper: as also
—>  An Essay on a New Construction, of the Reflecting Telescope, which by means of a Scale of Magnifying Powers, is made an Universal Perspective. Performing the Office of I. Of a common Reflecting Telescope. II. Engyscope, for shewing all near Objects. III.
—>  An essay on chemical analysis: : chiefly translated from the fourth volume of the last edition of the Traite de chimie elementaire, of L.J. Thenard, with additions, comprehending the latest discoveries and improvements in this branch of the science. With
—>  An essay on chemical statics; : with copious explanatory notes, and an appendix on vegetable and animal substances
—>  An Essay on Church Clocks: With Reference to the Clock from the Hospital Santa Cruz
—>  An Essay on Electricity ... with an Essay on Magnetism
—>  An Essay on Electricity, containing A Series of Experiments Introductory to the Study of that Science; In which are included Some of the latest Discoveries; intended chiefly With a View of facilitating its Application, and extending its Utility In Medical
—>  An Essay on Electricity: being an Enquiry into the Nature, Cause, and Properties thereof, on the principles of Sir Isaac Newton's Theory of Vibrating Motion, Light and Fire. With 42 Capital experiments "That may be made of this wonderful power of nature"
—>  An Essay on Electricity: being an Enquiry into the Nature, Cause, and Properties thereof, on the Principles of Sir Isaac Newton's Theory of Vibrating Motion, Light and Fire; and the Various Phaenomena of Forty-two Capital Experiments; with some Observatio
—>  An Essay on Electricity: Being and Enquiry into the Nature, Cause and Properties thereof, On the Principles of Sir Isaac Newton's Theory of Vibrating Motion, Light, and Fire; And the various Phaenomena of Forty-two Capital Experiments; With some Observati
—>  An Essay on Gold Coin. In which is shewn The General Use of Currency, and the Present State of our Gold Coin; with Arguments to prove the Necessity of a New Coinage; pointing out the distinct Value and Weight that each Piece of Gold ought to be of. Also,
—>  An Essay on Magnetism: Or an Endeavour to explain the various Properties and Effects of the Loadstone: together with the Causes of the same
—>  An Essay on Newton's "Principia"
—>  An Essay on Phlogiston, and the Constitution of Acids
—>  An Essay on Pyrometry and Areometry, and on Physical Measures in General
—>  An Essay on the Art of Decyphering
—>  An Essay on the Cause of Rain and its Allied Phenomena
—>  An Essay on the Determination of the Elements of the Orbits of Comets and Planets
—>  An Essay on the first principles of Natural Philosophy: wherein the Use of Natural Means, or Second Causes, in the OEconomy of the material World, is demonstrated from Reason, Experiments of various kinds, and the Testimony of Antiquity
—>  An Essay on the First Principles of Natural Philosophy: Wherein the Use of Natural Means, or Second Causes, in the OEconomy of the material World, is demonstrated from Reason, Experiments of various Kinds, and the Testimony of Antiquity
—>  "An Essay on the History of the Linkage of Paris and Greenwich Observatories"
—>  An Essay on the Means Hitherto Employed for Lighting Streets and the Interior of Houses; on those which may be substituted with advantage in their stead; intended as an attempt towards the improvement of this branch of domestic economy, by Increasing the
—>  "An Essay on the Method of Determining the Difference of Longitude between Places at Land, from the Observed Transit of the Moon over their Meridians: with a Demonstration and Example"
—>  An Essay on the Nature and Application of Steam, with an Historical Notice of the Rise and Progressive Improvement of the Steam-Engine
—>  An Essay on the Nature and Superior Use of Globes, In conveying the First Principles of Geography and Astronomy To the Minds of Youth; also, A Candid Examination of the Construction and Use of Planispheres, wherein The Erroneous Nature, and many bad Conse
—>  An Essay on the Nature and Superior Use of Globes. In conveying the First Principles of Geography and Astronomy To the Minds of Youth; Also A Candid Examination of the Construction and Use of Planispheres, wherein The Erroneous Nature, and many bad Conseq
—>  An Essay on the Principles of Human Knowledge
—>  An Essay on the Principles of Mechanics
—>  An Essay on the Question, whether there be two Electrical Fluids, according to Du Faye, or one, according to Franklin
—>  An Essay on the Relation of the Several Parts of a Mathematical Science to the Fundamental Idea therein Contained
—>  An Essay on the relation of the several parts of Mathematical Science to the Fundamental Idea therein contained
—>  An Essay on the Strength and Stress of Timber, founded upon Experiments performed at the Royal Military Academy, on specimens selected from the Royal Arsenal, and His Majesty's Dock-Yard, Woolwich: preceded by an historical review of former theories and e
—>  An essay on the theory of the combination of observations
—>  An essay on the use of chlorurets of oxide of sodium and of lime, as powerful disinfecting agents, and of the chloruret of oxide of sodium more especially as a remedy of considerable efficacy, in the treatment of hospital gangrene, phagedenic, syphilitic
—>  An Essay on the Variation of the Compass, shewing how far it is influenced by a change in the direction of the ship's head, with an exposition of the dangers arising to navigators from not allowing for this change of variation. Interspersed with Practical
—>  An Essay on Vision, briefly explaining the Fabric of the Eye, and the Nature of Vision: Intended for the service of those whose Eyes are Weak or Impaired: Enabling them to form and accurate idea of the true state of their sight, the means of preserving it
—>  An Essay on Visual Glasses, (Vulgarly called Spectacles) Wherein it is shewn From the Principles of Optics, and the Nature of the Eye, that the common Structure of those Glasses is contrary to the Rules of Art, to the Nature of Things, &c. and very prejud
—>  An Essay on Visual Glasses, (Vulgarly called Spectacles) wherein it is shewn, from the Principles of Optics, and the Nature of the Eye, that the common Structure of those Glasses is contrary to the Rules of Art, to the Nature of Things, etc. and very prej
—>  An essay review: Musings on antique astronomy
—>  An Essay touching the Gravitation, or Non-gravitation of Fluid Bodies, and the Reasons thereof
—>  An Essay toward a Natural History of the Earth: and Terrestrial Bodies, especially Minerals: as also of the Sea, Rivers, and Springs. With an Account of the Universal Deluge: and of the Effects that it had upon the Earth : 2 entries
—>  An Essay Toward a Unified Theory of Special Functions Based upon the Functional Equation ?/?z F(z, a) = F(z, a+1)
—>  An Essay towards a History of the Principal Comets that have appeared since the year 1742. Including a particular Detail of the Return of the famous Comet of 1682 in 1759, according to the calculation and prediction of Dr Halley
—>  An Essay towards a Natural History of the Corallines, and other Marine Productions of the like Kind, Commonly found On the Coasts of Great Britain and Ireland. To which is added The Description of a large Marine Polype taken near the North Pole, by the Wh
—>  An Essay towards a New Theory of Vision
—>  An Essay towards a Real Character, and a Philosophical Language
—>  An Essay towards an Explication of the Phaenomena of Electricity, Deduced from the Aether of Sir Isaac Newton, contained in Three Papers which were read before the Royal Society
—>  An Essay upon Distinct and Indistinct Vision
—>  An essay upon poetry, newly reprinted: : upon an occasion of the preface to Valentinian, a play. Wherein the ingenious author is so unjustly reflected upon, that nothing but his great quality, could have hindered him from baffling the satyrist, by publish
—>  An Essay, or attempt, towards establishing a New Universal System of Arithmetic; division of the Year, Circle, and Hour; System of Standard Measures, Weights, and Money; Division of the Mariner's Compass, and Scale of the Barometer, and Thermometer; Intro
—>  "An Estimate of Michael Faraday"
—>  An Estimate of the Quantity of Vapour raised out of the Sea by the warmth of the Sun; derived from an Experiment shown before the Royal Society, at one of their late Meetings"
—>  "An Evaluation of the Classical Candle-Mouse Experiment"
—>  An Evaluation of the Hand Keratoscope as a Diagnostic Instrument for Corneal Astigmatism
—>  An Examination of Dr Burnet's Theory of the Earth. Together with some Remarks on Mr. Whiston's New Theory of the Earth
—>  An Examination of Dr Burnet's Theory of the Earth: with some Remarks on Mr. Whiston's New Theory of the Earth. Also an Examination of the Reflections on the Theory of the Earth; and a Defence of the Remarks on Mr. Whiston's New Theory
—>  An Examination Of Dr Burnet's Theory of the Earth: With Some Remarks On Mr. Whiston's New Theory of the Earth. Also An Examination of the Reflections on the Theory of the Earth; And A Defence of the Remarks on Mr. Whiston's New Theory. To the whole is ann
—>  An Examination of Dr Price's Essay on the Population of England and Wales; and the Doctrine of an Increased Population in this Kingdom, established by Facts
—>  An Examination of M. La Place's Theory of Capillary Action : 2 entries
—>  "An Examination of Monthly and Seasonal Extremes Using Historical Weather Maps from 1781: October 1781"
—>  'An Examination of the Engraved Lettering on English Mathematical Instruments 1550-1800'
—>  An Examination of the Reflections on The Theory of the Earth. Together with a Defence of the Remarks on Mr. Whiston's New Theory
—>  "An example of Eighteenth-century Swiss printer's copy: Euler on the Calculus of Variations"
—>  An excellent discourse of the admirable force and efficacie of Art and Nature, written by the famous Frier Roger Bacon, sometime fellow of Merton Colledge, and afterward of Brasen-nose in Oxford. Printed at London by Thomas Creede for Richard Olive. 1597.
—>  An Exhibition of Early Typewriters to Commemorate the Centenary of the First Manufactured Typewriter
—>  An Exhibition of English Pocket Chronometers from the 18th to the 20th Century
—>  An Exhibition to Commemorate the Bicentenary of the Lunar Society of Birmingham
—>  "An Experimental Inquiry on the Action of Electricity on Gases - I On the Action of Electricity on Oxygen"
—>  "An Experimental Investigation of the Circumstances under which a Change of the Velocity in the Propagation of the Ignition of an Explosive Gaseous Mixture takes place in closed and open Vessels. Part I. Chronographic Measurements"
—>  "An Experimental Study of the Anticlastic Bending of Rectangular Bars of Different Cross-Sections"
—>  "An Experimental Study of the Variations in the Production of Visual Disturbance by Certain New Cinchona Derivatives"
—>  An Explanation of a new Construction and Improvement of the Sea Octant and Sextant, containing a most easy, expeditious and accurate Method of Adjusting and Rectifying those Instruments for Use both at Sea and Land. Also the best Disposition of the Glasse
—>  An Explanation of Mr Gunters Quadrant, As it is enlarged with an Analemma
—>  An Explanation of the Construction and Method of Working the Magnetic Needle Telegraph
—>  An Explanation of the Mechanism and Uses of a general portable Microscope, first invented and made in the Year 1728; and Publish'd by His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent, February 17, 1742
—>  An Explanation of the Nature of the Equation of Time, and Use of the Equation Table for Adjusting Watches and Clocks to the Motion of the Sun. Also, The Description of a Time-Keeper for Astronomical and Other Uses
—>  An Explanation of the Observed Irregularities in the Motion of Uranus, on the Hypothesis of Disturbances caused by a more Distant Planet; with a Determination of the Mass, Orbit, and Position of the Disturbing Body
—>  An explanatory dictionary of the apparatus and instruments employed in the various operations of philosophical and experimental chemistry : 2 entries
—>  An Explication of the Diall sett up in the King's Garden at London, in 1669. In which very many sorts of Dyalls are conteined: by which, besides the Houres of all kinds, etc. Shines
—>  An Exposition of some of the Laws and Phenomena of Magnetic Induction, with original Illustrative Experiments
—>  An Extension of the Double Altitude Problem to finding the Longitude as well as the Latitude at Sea
—>  An Extract from a Letter of the Rev. Mr John Hellins, formerly Assistant to Mr (now Dr) Maskelyne, the Astronomer Royal at Greenwich Observatory, to Francis Maseres, Esq.
—>  An Extract from a Letter of the Rev. Mr. John Hellins, formerly Assistant to Mr. (now Dr.) Maskelyne, the Astronomer-Royal at Greenwich Observatory, to Francis Maseres, Esq.
—>  "An Extract of an account given by Mr. Flamstead of his own and Mr. Edmund Halleys Observations concerning the Spots in the Sun, appearing in July and August 1676"
—>  An Extract of some Physico-Mathematical Discourses contained in Mr. Cotes's Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Lectures: printed for the use of those that go the Course of Experiments
—>  "An Extract of the Journal des Scavans. of April 22 st. N. 1686. Giving an account of the two new Satellites of Saturn, discovered lately by Mr. Cassini at the Royal Observatory in Paris."
—>  "An Historical Account of the Trade Winds, and Monsoons, observable in the Seas between and near the Tropicks, with an attempt to assign the Phisical cause of the said Winds"
—>  An Historical and Descriptive Account of the various processes of the Daguerreotype and the Diorama,
—>  An Historical and Philosophical Account of the Barometer, or Weather-Glass. ... Are Assigned and Explained ...
—>  An Historical and Philosophical Account of the Barometer, or Weather-Glass. Wherein the Reason and Use of that Instrument, the Theory of the Atmosphere, and the Causes of its different Gravitation, are Assign'd and Explain'd. And a Modest Attempt from the
—>  An Historical and Philosophical Account of the Barometer, or Weather-Glass. Wherein the reason and use of that Instrument, the Theory of the Atmosphere, the Causes of its different Gravitation are assign'd and explain'd: and A Modest Attempt from thence m
—>  An Historical Review of the Nature and Results of Vaccination, as unfolded in Dr Baron's Life of Jenner
—>  An Historical Survey of the Astronomy of the Ancients
—>  An Humble Address to the Right Honourable the Lords. And the rest of the Honourable Commissioners, Appointed by Act of Parliament to judge of all Performances Relating to the Longitude; Wherein it is demonstrated from Mr Flamsteed's Observations, that by
—>  An Hypothetical Notion of the Plague; And some Out-of-the-Way Thoughts about it. Shewing, I. What the Pestilential Matter Originally is, and whence. II. What the Infective Particles, and their Quality is. III. The Nature of Infection and Contagion. IV. Me
—>  "An Iconographic Study of Sandglasses Suggesting a Possible Use as Cheap Domestic Timekeepers"
—>  "An Iconographic Study of Sandglasses"
—>  An idea of a phytological history propounded. : Together with a continuation of the anatomy of vegetables, particularly prosecuted upon roots. And an account of the vegetation of roots grounded chiefly thereupon
—>  An Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of Philosophical, Meteorological, Mathematical, Surveying, Optical and Photographic Instruments, manufactured by L. P. Casella, Scientific & Meteorological Instrument Maker to the Admiralty, ... 23, Hatton Garden,
—>  An Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of Surveying, Philosophical, Mathematical, Optical, Photographic and Standard Meteorological Instruments manufactured by L. Casella
—>  An Illustrated Catalogue of Microscopes Objectives and Accessory Apparatus
—>  An Illustrated Catalogue of Scientific Instruments
—>  An Illustrated Catalogue of Scientific Instruments manufactured and sold by R. & J. Beck, to whom the following medals have been awarded: ...
—>  An Illustrated Catalogue of Scientific Instruments Owned by the Most Honourable the Marquess of Bath
—>  [An Illustrated Catalogue of Scientific Instruments ...]
—>  An Illustrated Dictionary of Scientific Terms
—>  An Illustrated History of Science
—>  An Inaugural Lecture on the Study of Botany, read in the Library of the Botanic Garden, Oxford, May 1, 1834
—>  An Inaugural Lecture on the Study of Botany, read in the Library of the Botanic Garden, Oxford, May I, MDCCCXXXIV
—>  An Independent Scientist's Views on the Economic & Political Possibilities of Atomic Energy for the Future
—>  An Index of British Mathematicians. Part 2. 1701-1760
—>  An Index of British Mathematicians: A Check-List
—>  An Index to Biographical Fragments in Unspecialized Scientific Journals
—>  An Index to the Genera and Species of the Diatomaceae and their Synonyms
—>  An Index to The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England 1714-1840
—>  An Index to The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England 1714-1840 by E. G. R. Taylor
—>  "An Infirmity of Purpose"
—>  "An Inquiry concerning the Weight ascribed to Heat"
—>  "An Inquiry into the Geometrical Character of the Hour-lines upon the Antique Sundials"
—>  "An Inquiry into the Geometrical Character of the Hour-Lines upon the Antique Sun-Dials"
—>  An Inquiry into the Original State and Formation of the Earth; deduced from facts and the laws of Nature. To which is added an Appendix, containing some general observations on the strata in Derbyshire. With sections of them, representing their arrangment
—>  An Instance of Mechanic Movement, in which the known Axiom does not take place, namely, that 'in using any Mechanic Power, what you gain in power, you lose in time'
—>  "An Instrument for the Rapid and Accurate Determination of the Specific Gravity of Solid Bodies"
—>  "An Interferometer after Mach and Zehnder"
—>  "An International Catalogue of Scientific Instruments made before A.D. 1500. A Preliminary Report"
—>  "An International Checklist of Astrolabes"
—>  An Interpretation of the no. 666. Wherein, not onely the Manner, how this Number ought to be Interpreted, is clearely proved and Demonstrated: but it is also showed, yt this Number is an exquisite and perfect Character, truly, exactly, and essentially des
—>  "An Intimate View of Seventeenth Century Science"
—>  An Introduction and Notes, on Mr. Bird's method of Dividing Astronomical Instruments. To which is added, a Vocabulary of English and French Technical Terms
—>  An Introduction to a General System of Hydrostaticks and Hydraulicks, Philosophical and Practical. Wherein the most reasonable and advantageous Methods of raising and conducting Water, ... Containing in General a Physico-mechanical Enquiry into the Origin
—>  An Introduction to Astronomy. In a series of letters, from a Preceptor to his Pupil. In which the most useful and interesting Parts of the Science are clearly and familiarly explained
—>  An Introduction to Astronomy. In a series of letters, from a Preceptor to his Pupil. In which the most useful and interesting Parts of the Science are clearly and familiarly explained.
—>  An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students
—>  An Introduction to Brass
—>  An introduction to Celestial Mechanics
—>  An introduction to chemical science
—>  An Introduction to Chronology: Containing an Account of Time; also of the most remarkable Cycles, Epochs, Eras, Periods and Moveable Feasts. To which is added, a Brief Account of the several Methods proposed for the Alteration of the Style, the reforming
—>  An Introduction to Designated Collections
—>  An Introduction to Electricity
—>  An introduction to electricity : in six sections : 2 entries
—>  An Introduction to Electricity. In six sections. I. Of Electricity in general. II. A Description of the Electrical Machine. III. A Description of the Apparatus (belonging to the Machine) for making Electrical Experiments. IV. How to know if the Machine be
—>  An Introduction to Experimental Psychology
—>  An Introduction to Geography, Astronomy, and Dialling Containing the most Useful Elements of the said Sciences ...
—>  An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines
—>  An introduction to machine drawing and design
—>  An Introduction to Medieval Ivory Carvings
—>  An Introduction to Metallic Corrosion
—>  An Introduction to Metallurgical Laboratory Techniques
—>  An Introduction to Mineralogy: or An Accurate Classification of Fossils and Minerals, viz. Earths, Stones, Salts, Inflammables and Metallic Substances
—>  An Introduction to Natural Philosophy
—>  An Introduction to Natural Philosophy: or Philosophical Lectures read in the University of Oxford anno Dom. 1700
—>  An Introduction to Natural Philosophy: or, Philosophical Lectures read in the University of Oxford, Anno Dom. 1700 : 2 entries
—>  An Introduction to Organic Chemistry
—>  An Introduction to Pharmacology and Therapeutics
—>  An introduction to physiological and systematical botany
—>  An Introduction to Practical Astronomy: Containing tables recently computed for facilitating the reduction of celestial observations
—>  An Introduction to Practical Astronomy; or, The Use of the Quadrant and Equatorial
—>  An introduction to the atomic theory
—>  An Introduction to the Chart of the Elements
—>  An Introduction to the Geometrical Analysis of the Ancients
—>  An Introduction to the History and Study of Chess: with copious descriptions, etymological & practical; together with a system of elementary rules for playing; to which is added, The analysis of chess, of Andre Danican Philidor; the whole simplifyed and a
—>  An Introduction to the History of Astrology
—>  An Introduction to the History of Medicine : 2 entries
—>  An Introduction to the Life of the Rev. Thomas Birch D.D., F.R.S. 1705-1766 Leading Editor of the General Dictionary ... 1741 Secretary of the Royal Society and Trustee of the British Museum
—>  An Introduction to the Literature of Vertebrate Zoology based chiefly on the titles in the Blacker Library of Zoology, the Emma Shearer Wood Library of Ornithology, the Bibliotheca Osleriana and other libraries of McGill University, Montreal : 2 entries
—>  An Introduction to the M. C. C. Periodic Chart of the Elements
—>  An introduction to the mechanical part of clock and watch work : 1773
—>  An Introduction to the Mechanical Part of Clock and Watch Work. In two parts: containing all the Arithmetic and Geometry necessary, with their Particular Application in the said Branches. A work very useful for the Working Mechanic, or Gentlemen Mechanica
—>  An Introduction to the Optical Microscope
—>  An introduction to the osteology of the Mammalia : being the substance of the course of lectures delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1870
—>  An Introduction to the Study of Cryptogamous Plants in Letters
—>  An Introduction to the Study of the Diatomaceae
—>  An Introduction to the Technique of Section-Cutting from the Notes of the late Mr. Peter Jamieson
—>  An Introduction to the Theory and Use of the Microscope
—>  An Introduction to the Theory of Optics
—>  An Introduction to the Theory of Relativity
—>  An Introduction to the True Astronomy: or, Astronomical Lectures, read in the Astronomical School of the University of Oxford : 5 entries
—>  An introduction to the use of the globes, and the orrery : with the application of astronomy to chronology
—>  "An Introductory Guide to the Literature of Medicine in Newcastle"
—>  An Introductory Lecture to a Course in Comparative Anatomy, illustrative of Paley's Natural Theology
—>  An Introductory Lecture to a Course of Chemistry: Read at the Laboratory in Oxford, on February 7, 1797
—>  An Inventory of Published Letters to and from Physicists, 1900-1950
—>  An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford
—>  An Inventory of the Navigation and Astronomy Collections in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
—>  "An Investigation into Rainfall Recording at Oxford"
—>  An Investigation of Liquid and Solid Bituminous Materials as Extenders for Rubber
—>  "An Investigation of the Immediate Effects of X-Rays on Living Animal Tissues"
—>  "An Investigation on the Chemical Nature of Wax. III. On Myricin"
—>  "An Occupation for an Independent Gentleman: Astronomy in the Life of John Herschel" : 2 entries
—>  "An occurrence of nephrite jade in West Pakistan"
—>  "An old catalogue and what it tells us of the scientific instruments and curios collected by Queen Charlotte and King George III"
—>  An Old Colonial Manuscript Volume Relating to Alchemy
—>  "An old Scottish yard and ell measure"
—>  "An Old Timer"
—>  An Operation 2,000 Years Ago
—>  An Organ for the Sultan
—>  An Outline of Polymer Chemistry
—>  "An Outline of the History of Medicine in India"
—>  An Outline of the History of Metal Cutting Machines to the Middle of the 19th Century
—>  An Outline of the History of the Botanical Department of University College, London
—>  An Outline of the Sciences of Heat and Electricity
—>  "An Oxford Brasiers' Dispute of the 1390s: Evidence for Brass-Making in Medieval England"
—>  "An Oxford Centenary"
—>  "An Oxford Medical Quartet: Sydenham, Willis, Locke, and Lower"
—>  An universal military dictionary, : or, A copious explanation of the technical terms &c. used in the equipment, machinery, movements, and military operations of an army
—>  "An unknown chapter in the life of John Dee"
—>  An unnoticed Key to the Campaign of 1813 and foreign Miscellany
—>  "An Unpublished Copy of Edward Lhuyd's Catalogue of British Fossils"
—>  "An Unpublished Letter by Davy on the Safety-Lamp"
—>  "An Unpublished Letter of Anders Celsius"
—>  "An Unpublished Letter of Justus Liebig"
—>  "An Unpublished MS on Arab Astronomical Instruments Attributed to Sawai Jai Singh II - A Preliminary Report"
—>  "An Unrecorded Medieval Astrolabe Quadrant from c.1300"
—>  "An unusual Elizabethan silver globe by Charles Whitwell"
—>  "An Unusual Plan of the Universe"
—>  "AnalaR" Standards for Laboratory Chemicals. Incorporating improved standards for the Analytical Reagents originally designated as 'A.R.'
—>  Analogies of organized beings
—>  "Analogy in the History of Science"
—>  "Analyse des hypotheses anciennes et modernes qui ont ete emises sur les Tonnerres sans eclairs, par un ciel parfaitement serein ou dans le sein des nuages; accompagnee d'une description des tonnerres sans eclairs observes sous diverses latitudes, et en p
—>  "Analyse des Hypotheses Anciennes et Modernes qui ont ete emises sur les Eclairs sans Tonnerre par un ciel parfaitement serein ou dans le sein des nuages, accompagnee d'une description des eclairs sans tonnerre observes sous diverses latitudes et en parti
—>  Analyse des memoires publies par M. V. Regnault
—>  "Analyse des traversales appliquee a la recherche des proprietes projectives des lignes et surfaces geometriques"
—>  Analyse succincte des travaux de M. Becquerel
—>  Analyses of ancient glasses, 1790-1957
—>  Analysis of a course of lectures on mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, and astronomy
—>  Analysis of a course of lectures on natural and experimental philosophy
—>  Analysis of a course of lectures, on mechanics, pneumatics, hydrostatics, and astronomy
—>  Analysis of Mr. Arden's Course of Lectures On Natural and Experimental Philosophy. Viz. Natural Philosophy in General, Chemistry, Electricity, Mechanics, Geography, Astronomy, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Optics, &c.
—>  Analysis of Mr. Arden's Course of Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy; viz. Natural Philosophy in General, Chemistry, Electricity, Mechanics, Geography, Astronomy, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Optics, &c.
—>  Analytical Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy: A Historical Review
—>  Analytical Microscopy: Its Aims and Methods
—>  Analytical Standards for M & B Brand Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents 1956
—>  Anamorfosen. Spel Met Perspectief
—>  Anamorphoses: ou, magie artificielle des effets merveilleux
—>  "Anandavardhana's Dhvanyaloka"
—>  "Anastigmatic Lenses"
—>  Anatome Animalium, Terrestrium variorum, Volatilium, Aquatilium, Serpentum, Insectorum, Ovorumque, structuram naturalem
—>  Anatome corporis humani: plurimis novis inventis instructa, variisque observationibus, & paradoxis, cum medicis, tum physiologicis adornata.
—>  "Anatomia del Medioevo"
—>  Anatomia italica sive Dissertatio de antomia italica de corde
—>  Anatomia Seu interiora Rerum, Cum Animatarum tum Inanimarum, Ope & nebeficio exquisitissimorum Microscopiorum Detecta, variisque experimentis demonstrata, Una cum Discursu & ulteriore dilucidatione Epistolis quibusdam ad Celeberrimum
—>  Anatomia, ex Caspari Bartholini Parentis Institutionibus, Omnimque Recentiorum & propriis Observationibus Tertium ad sanguinis Circulationem Reformata, cum Iconibus novis accuratissimis. Additur & huic postremae editioni Th. Bartholini appendix de lacteis
—>  Anatomical and Pathological Observations : 2 entries
—>  Anatomical Eponyms
—>  Anatomie des plantes : qui contient une description exacte de leurs parties & de leurs usages, & qui fait voir comment elles se forment, & comment elles croissent
—>  Anatomy of a Merger: a History of G.E.C., A.E.I. and English Electric
—>  Anciennes Industries Scientifiques et Artistiques Dieppoises
—>  "Ancient and Modern Aspects of Pythagoreanism" : 2 entries
—>  "Ancient Arab Chemistry: The Belief In Transmutation"
—>  Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice: Matheseos Libri VIII
—>  "Ancient Astronomy and Chronology"
—>  "Ancient Chinese Astronomy" : 2 entries
—>  "Ancient Chinese Glass with Astronomical Intent"
—>  "Ancient clepsydrae"
—>  Ancient Cosmologies
—>  Ancient Deeds and other Writs in the Mackenzie-Wharncliffe Charter-Chest
—>  Ancient Egyptian Materials and Industries
—>  Ancient Eugenics
—>  Ancient Greek Gadgets and Machines
—>  'Ancient Mathematical Instruments'
—>  "Ancient Methods of Metal Fabrication"
—>  "Ancient Mining Processes as illustrated by a Japanese Scroll"
—>  Ancient Science and Modern Civilization
—>  "Ancient Scientific Instruments: The Evans Collection in Oxford" : 3 entries
—>  "Ancient Sundials of Scotland"
—>  "Ancient surgical instruments found in Herculaneum and Pompeii"
—>  Ancient Surveying Instruments
—>  "Ancient tribes read star signs"
—>  Ancilla to The Pre-Socratic Philosophers
—>  'And Knowledge Shall be Increased": Scientific Books between Boyle and Kelvin: An Exhibition of Books from the College Library
—>  Andeutungen uber den Einfluss der Umdrehung der Erde auf die Bildung und Veranderung ihrer Oberflache
—>  "Andreas Osiander: Lover of Science or Appeaser of its Enemies"
—>  "Andreas Vesalius Bruxellensis: The Bloodletting Letter of 1539"
—>  Andrew Crosse: Scientific Squire of Broomfield
—>  "Andrew Ellicott and the Governors"
—>  "Andrew Paschall's Tables of Plants for the Universal Language, 1678"
—>  Anecdota Atheniensia et Alia
—>  Anecdota Sydenhamiana: medical notes and observations
—>  Anemometre propose aux Amateurs de Methereologie [sic]
—>  "Anesthesiology"
—>  Anfeitung zur genauen Bestimmung des Gauges und Standes der Uhren
—>  Angewandte Chemie
—>  Anglo-Norman Lapidaries
—>  Anglo-Saxon Leechcraft. An Historical Sketch of Early English Medicine
—>  "Angus Armitage"
—>  Animadversions on Dr Stewart's computation of the Sun's distance from the Earth
—>  Animadversions on the first part of the Machina Coelestis of the Honourable, Learned, and deservedly Famous Astronomer Johannes Hevelius Consul of Dantzick; together with an Explication of some Instruments made by ..., Professor of Geometry in Gresham Col
—>  "Animadversions on the Origins of the Microscope"
—>  Animal and vegetable physiology considered with reference to natural theology : 2 entries
—>  Animal Biology
—>  Animal chemistry, or Organic chemistry in its applications to physiology and pathology : 2 entries
—>  Animal Magnetism
—>  "Animal Numbers and Adaptation"
—>  Animal Parasites and Messmates
—>  "Animal Substances in Materia Medica: A Study in the Persistence of the Primitive"
—>  Animalcula Infusoria, Fluviatilia et Marina, quae Detexit, Systematice Descripsit et ad Vivum Delineari Curavit
—>  Anleitung zu optischen Untersuchungen mit dem Polarisationsmikroskop
—>  Anleitung zu Polarisations-mikroskopischen Untersuchungen fur Biologen
—>  Anleitung zu wissenschaftlichen Beobachtungen auf Reisen in Einzel-Abhandlungen verfaBt von ...
—>  Anleitung zum Gebrauch des Polarisationsmikroskops
—>  Anleitung zur Ausfuhrung und Visitation der Blitzableiter
—>  Anleitung zur Construction von Sonnenuhren
—>  Anleitung zur grafischen Darstellung von Sonnenuhren
—>  Anleitung zur Mikrochemischen Analyse
—>  Anmerkungen zu Daniel Bernoulli's Hydrodynamica
—>  "Anmerkungen zur Geschichte des Energiebegriffes und des Energiesatzes"
—>  "Anna Atkins' Cyanotypes: An Experiment in Photographic Publishing"
—>  Annales de Micrographie
—>  Annali dell' Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza di Firenze ... Indici 1976-1985
—>  Annals of Medical History
—>  Annals of Our School Life: Addressed to the 'Old Boys' of the Clapham Grammar School
—>  Annals of the Philosophical Club of the Royal Society written from its minute books
—>  Annals of the Royal Society Club. The record of a London Dining-club in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
—>  "Anne Home Hunter and her friends" : 2 entries
—>  Anniverary Meetings, Oxford 28-31 March 1966
—>  "Anniversary address of the President"
—>  Annotated Glossary to the Ar-Rawzatu' z-Zakiyyah: The Text-Book for the H.S. Examination in Arabic
—>  Annotationes in Galeni Interpretes: quibus varii loci, in quos hactenus impegerunt lectores, & explicantur, & summa fide restituuntur: Andrea Lacuna Secobiensi, Doctore Medico, Milite Sancti Petri, autore
—>  Annuaire pour l'an 1841, presente au Roi, par ...
—>  Annual 1996
—>  "Annual Lecture for 1935: John Harrison and his Timekeepers"
—>  Annual Report : 2 entries
—>  Annual Report 2002/3
—>  Annual Report and Transactions of the Plymouth Institution and Devon & Cornwall Natural History Society
—>  Annual Report of the Curators of the Botanic Garden
—>  Annual Report of the National Maritime Museum, 1969
—>  Annual Report of the New York Meteorological Observatory for 1878
—>  Annual Report on the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England by the Conservator
—>  Annual Report on the Progress of Chemistry, and the Allied Sciences, Physics, Mineralogy, and Geology; including the applications of Chemistry to Pharmacy, Medicine, Agriculture, the Arts and Manufactures
—>  Annual Special Issue, June 26, 1937
—>  Annual Special Issue, June 26, 1954
—>  Annuli Astronomici
—>  Annuli Astronomici instrumenti cum certissimi tum commodissimi usus
—>  Annulorum trium diversi generis instrumentorum Astronomicorum componendi ratio atq; usus, cum quibus dam aliis lectu jucun dissimis, quorum catalo gu mox versa pagella indicabit
—>  Annulus Platonis: (Aurea Catena Homeri) oder physikalisch-chymische Erklarung der Natur nach ihrer Entstehung, Erhaltung und Zerstorung
—>  Annus VII. Ephemeridum Motum Coelestium ad Annum Aerae Christianae 1687. Cum Ortu & Occasu diurno Planetarum ut et eorum Occultationibus etc. Ex Tabulis Rudolphinis, ad Meridianum Uranoburgicum, in Freto Cimbrico Supputatus, Cum Appendice Observationum No
—>  Ansamblul urban medieval Botosani
—>  Ansichten und Ergebnisse uber Magnetismus, Elektricitat und Chemismus. Ein Bericht an das grossere naturwissenschaftliche Publicum
—>  Ansichten und Muthmassungen dass die Lufthulle welche den Erdball umgiebt ausser der kugel-hogenformigen Strahlenbrechung, die ihre zunehmende Dichtigkeit veranlasst, noch eine unbekannte eigenthumliche Lichstrahlbrechung gleich einer Hohlkugel haben muss
—>  "Antarctic Rotifera"
—>  Antecedentes da Travessia de Africa
—>  Antennae: An Introduction to their Theory
—>  Anthracite in the Lehigh Region of Pennsylvania, 1820-45
—>  Anthropoid Apes
—>  Anthropologia Nova: or, a New System of Anatomy Describing the Animal Oeconomy, and a Short Rationale of many Distempers incident to Human Bodies
—>  "Anthropological Perspectives on the History of Science and Medicine"
—>  Anthropometria, sive de mutua membrorum corporis humani proportione, & Naevorum harmonia Libellus
—>  Anthropometric Laboratory ...
—>  "Antibacterial Substances Produced by Bacteria and Fungi"
—>  "Antibiotics from Stereum Hirsutum"
—>  Antide Janvier: Mecanicien-astronome Horloger ordinaire du Roi
—>  Antides Janvier
—>  Antidotaria; or, a Collection of Antidotes against the Plague, and other Malignant Diseases. Together, with some Decent and Useful Remarks, on the late Pharmacopeia Londinensis, in a Letter to the President and College of Physicians; shewing the Necessity
—>  Antient Cymric Medicine
—>  Antike Astronomie
—>  Antike Himmelsbilder mit Forschungen zu Hipparchos, Aratos und seinen Fortsetzern und Beitragen zur Kunstgeschichte des Sternhimmels
—>  "Antike Stundenzahlung"
—>  Antike Technik
—>  Antike Uhren
—>  "Antimalarial Value of Cinchona Alkaloids other than Quinine"
—>  Antiquarian Book Monthly Review
—>  Antiquarian Horology (Journal)
—>  Antiquarum Monimentorum Sylloge collegit, partim interpretatus est atque edidit Georgius Henricus Martini
—>  Antique Barometers: An Illustrated Survey
—>  "Antique British Silver of Medical Interest"
—>  Antique Cameras
—>  Antique Dental Instruments
—>  Antique hearing devices
—>  Antique Maltese Clocks
—>  Antique Medical Instruments
—>  Antique Medicine Chests: or Glyster, Blister & Purge
—>  Antique Scientific Instruments : 2 entries
—>  Antique Sun Dial on Pedestal
—>  "Antiques of Medical Interest: Nipple Shields"
—>  Antiques of the Pharmacy
—>  Antiques: Professional Secrets for the Amateur
—>  Antiquissimae et Nobilissimae Medicinae natalitia, sectae earumque placita: tum eius Catacrypses ac instauratores: & ad haec nostra usque tempora propagatores cum historiis corum, vitis ac scriptis. Addita est ejusdem de Medicina Hermetica & Paracelsica l
—>  Antiquites - Objects d'Art
—>  Antiquites & Objets d'art: Les Montres
—>  Antoine d'Abbadie
—>  "Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, F. R. S. 1743-1794"
—>  Antoine Lavoisier - the Father of Modern Chemistry
—>  Antoine Lavoisier : scientist and citizen
—>  Anton[i]i Neri Florentini, De arte vitraria, libri septem, : & in eosdem Christophori Merretti Med. D. & Societ. Regie Socii. observationes & notae. In quibus omne gemmarum artificialium, encaustorum & laccarum artificium explicatur
—>  Antoni van Leeuwenhoek 1632-1723
—>  Antoni van Leeuwenhoek 1632-1723 Studies on the life and work of the Delft scientist commemorating the 350th anniversary of his birthday
—>  Antoni van Leeuwenhoek zijn ontdekkingenen het denken van zijn tijd
—>  "Antoni van Leeuwenhoeks microscopen"
—>  Antonii Goueani pro Aristotele resposio, aduersus Petri Rami calunias, ad Iacobum Spifamium Gymnasij Parisien. Cancellarium
—>  Antonio Favaro: Bio-bibliografia
—>  Antony van Leeuwenhoek and his "Little Animals": Being some account of the father of protozoology and bacteriology and his multifarious discoveries in these disciplines collected, translated, and edited, from his printed works, unpublished manuscripts, an
—>  Antrum Magico-medicum. In quo Arcanorum Magico-Physicorum, Sigillorum, Signaturarum & Imaginum Magicarum, ... Thesaurus Locupletissimus, novus, reconditus. Cui Medicamenta Etiam Varia Chymica ex Mineralibus & Vegetabilibus conficiendi modus: ... Accessit
—>  Ants, Bees, and Wasps: A Record of Observations on the Habits of the Social Hymenoptera
—>  Anzeige der nothwendigsten Verhaltungsregeln bei nahen GEwittern und der zwekmasigsten Mittel, sich selbst gegen die schadlichen Wirkungen des Blizes zu sichern
—>  Anzeige von einer auf der Koniglichen Universitats-Sternwarte zu Bonn unternommenen Durchmusterung des nordlichen Himmels als Grundlage neuer Himmelscharten
—>  Anzeige von einer auf der Koniglichen Universitats-Sterwarte zu Bonn unternommenen Durchmusterung des nordlichen Himmels als Grundlage neuer Himmelscharten
—>  Apercu sur la "Periode Arabe" de l'Histoire de la Medecine
—>  "Apercu sur l'affaire de Galilee"
—>  "Apercus nouveaux sur les instruments astronomiques au bas moyen age"
—>  "Apian and Pacioli's Polyhedra"
—>  "Apian's Astronomicum"
—>  "Apianus's Astronomicum Caesareum and its Leipzig Facsimile"
—>  "Apollo and Terpsichore: Music and the Healing Art"
—>  Apollonii Conica: Methodo nova Illustrata, & Succincti Demonstrata
—>  Apollonii Conica; Archimede's Opera; Theodosii Sphaerica
—>  Apollonii Pergaei Conicorum libri octo, : et Sereni Antissensis De sectione cylindri & coni libri duo.
—>  Apollonios von Perge, Nr. 112. Apollonios der Mechaniker, Nr. 113
—>  Apollonius Cattus Oder, Kern der gantzen Geometriae
—>  Apologia Alchymiae - A Re-statement of Alchemy
—>  Apontamentos para a biografia de Andre de Avelar, professor de matematica na Universidade
—>  Apothecaries Weights: An Outline Catalogue
—>  Apothecary Jars. Pharmaceutical Pottery and Porcelain in Europe and the East, 1150-1850
—>  "Apparatus and Exhibits of Educational Interest"
—>  "Apparatus and Ideas in Mid-nineteenth-century Cosmology"
—>  "Apparatus for Showing the Causes of the Seasons" / "Improvement in Ferguson's Apparatus for Representing the Parallelism of the Earth's Axis"
—>  Apparatus from the Cavendish Museum
—>  Apparatus of Joseph Priestley, the discoverer of oxygen : preserved in the collections of Dickinson College
—>  "Apparatus of Science in the Eighteenth Century"
—>  "Appended Note: On the Calendar Reform in Bohemia and Moravia"
—>  Appendice della Nuova Prattica Astrologica, nella quale riepilogandosi la dottrina di quella, si aggiungono altri nuoui modi. Formandosi come un 'Esempaie di fare le Direttioni, secondo la Via Rationale
—>  Appendix ad Astronomiae Physicae et Geometricae Elementa Davidis Gregorii continuens Cometo Graphiam Halleinam etc. II, Brevein Horologorum Scioterico-rum Tractatus ab editore Conscriptum
—>  Appendix ad priora duo Elementa Geometriae
—>  Appendix de Linearum Geometricarum Proprietatibus Generalisus Tractatus
—>  Appendix to Cronstedt's Mineralogy; containing Additions and Notes
—>  Appendix to Mr. Adams's Geometrical and Graphical Essays: Containing A Table of the Quantity of Northing, Southing, Easting, and Westing, Made on any Course, to every Degree and Fifteenth Minute of the Quadrant, at any Distance from 1 to 100
—>  Appendix to the Third Edition of the Requisite Tables; being New Tables of Natural Sines, Natural Versed Sines, and Logarithms of Numbers : 2 entries
—>  Appendix to the Third Edition of the Requisite Tables; ... of Natural Sines, Natural Versed Sines, and Logarithms of Numbers
—>  Appendix to vol. III of the Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge; containing an Ephemeris of the Planet Neptune for the Year 1852
—>  Appendix, Variorum tam veterum, quam recenter inventorum Instrumentorum ad Armamentarium Chirurgicum Joannis Sculteti, Una cum quatuor & centum Observationibus Chirurgicis, Ab expertis huius faeculi & patriae Practis annotatis, & collectis Opera & Studio
—>  Appendix. On the Errors of Chronometers, and Explanation of a New Construction of the Compensation-Balance : 2 entries
—>  'Appendix: Men of Science in the National Portrait Gallery'
—>  "Appendix: On Ptolemy's Determination of the Apsidal Line for Venus"
—>  "Apple of his Eye"
—>  Apples to Atoms: Portraits of Scientists from Newton to Rutherford
—>  "Appliance of science"
—>  Application du Calcul des Probabilites a la Mesure de la Precision d'un Grand Nivellement Trigonometrique
—>  "Application of High speed computers to the History of Astronomy"
—>  "Application of the Automatic Camera for Astrogeodesy in the ISAGEX-Programme"
—>  "Applications of Electron Microscopy in Materials Science and Technology (Microscopy in the Modern World)"
—>  "Applications of High-speed Computers to the History of Astronomy"
—>  Applications of Interferometry
—>  Applicazioni della geometria proiettiva Gnomonica Grafica
—>  Applied Electron Microscopy
—>  Applied Optics and Optical Design
—>  Applied Optics and Optical Engineering
—>  "Appreciation of, and Catalogue of the Collection of, Courtenay Adrian Ilbert (1888-1956)"
—>  Apuntes para una biblioteca cientifica espanola del siglo XVI
—>  Arab Nautical Sciences. Navigational Texts and their Analysis
—>  Arab Nautical Sciences. Navigational texts and their Analysis Sulayman Al-Mahri's Works
—>  Arab Navigation in the Indian Ocean before the Coming of the Portuguese
—>  Arab Seafaring in the Indian Ocean in Ancient and Early Medieval Times
—>  Arabes, Indiens, Chinois, ces Peuples qui ont tout Invente
—>  Arabian Medicine and its Influence on the Middle Ages
—>  Arabic Astronomical and Astrological Sciences in Latin Translation: A Critical Bibliography
—>  Arabic Grammar of the Written Language (Method Gaspey-Otto-Sauer)
—>  Arabic Grammar: Paradigms, Literature, Exercises and Glossary
—>  "Arabic Medicine in England"
—>  Arabic Science in the West
—>  "Arabic Scientific Literature"
—>  Arabische Alchemisten
—>  "Arabische magische Quadrate mit 25 Zellen"
—>  Arabische Sternnamen in Europa
—>  Araby i more
—>  Arati phaInomenon fragmentum, Germanico Caesare interprete. Eiusdem Phaenomena graece, cum interpretatione latina [two works]
—>  Arbeitsvorschrift fur die Agfa-Farbenplatte fur Aufnahmen in naturlichen Farben
—>  Arboretum Mathematicum Darinnen zu befinden: HimmelsFiguren und GeburtsStunden, Hoher Haupter, Auch aussgerechnete Finsternusse, SonnenMond und SternenUhren, ...
—>  Arcana naturae detecta
—>  Arcana Naturae Detecta. Editio Novissima, Auctior & Correctior : 2 entries
—>  Arcana Naturae, Ope & beneficio exquisitissimorum Microscopiorum. Detecta, variisque experimis demonstrata, Una Cum Discursu & ulteriori dilucidatione; Epistolis suis ad Celeberrimum, quod Sermi: Magnae Britanniae Regis auspicio Londini floret, Philosopho
—>  Arcana Naturae. Detecta ab Antonio van Leeuwenhoek
—>  Arcangelo Piccolomini Ferrarese (1525-1586) e la sua importanza nell'anatomia postvesaliana
—>  Archaeoastronomy
—>  Archaeoastronomy in the Americas
—>  Archaeoastronomy in the New World
—>  Archaeoastronomy in the Old World
—>  "Archaeo-Astronomy of North America"
—>  Archaeoastronomy: The Bulletin of The Center for Archaeoastronomy
—>  Archaeology of the Cinema
—>  "Archaic Chinese Astronomical Jades"
—>  Archeologie et Histoire des Sciences
—>  Archibald Thorburn 1860-1935: 40 Original Watercolours for Lord Lilford's 'Birds of the British Islands'
—>  Archimedes
—>  Archimedes, Huygens, Lambert, Legendre. Vier Abhandlungen uber die Kreismessung
—>  Archimedes: Mathematical Genius of the Ancient World
—>  "Archimedes: Wissenschaft und Technik im Spannungsfeld der Politik"
—>  Archimedis De iis quae vehuntur in aqua libri duo. a Federico Commandino in pristinum nitorem restituti et commentariis illustrati.
—>  Archimedis Opera: Methodo Nova Illustrata, & Succincte Demonstrata
—>  "Architect, Painter and Landscape Gardener" [part]
—>  Architecture
—>  "Architecture and Mathematical Practice in England, 1550-1650"
—>  Architekt und Ingenieur: Baumeister in Krieg und Frieden
—>  Archival care of still photographs
—>  Archivalia Astronomica
—>  Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences
—>  Archives of the British Chemical Industry 1750-1914: A Handlist
—>  "Arcus"
—>  "Are Data-Structures Geometrical Objects? I: Invoking the Erlanger Program", "... II: Invariant Forms in APL and Beyond", "... Part III: Appendix A. Linear Differential Operators", and "... IV: Appendix B: Logic Invariants by Finite Truth-Tables"
—>  Are Scientific Societies really necessary?
—>  "Are the Heavens Full or Are They Void? / A History of Hypotheses"
—>  "Are you tired of Still Photography?"
—>  Aristae chemico pharmaceuticae indicendis solemnibus
—>  Aristarchi de Magnitudinibus, et distantiis solis, et lunae, liber cum Pappi Alexandrini explicationibus quibusdam. A Federico Commandino Vbinate in latinum conuersus, ac commentarijs illustratus.
—>  Aristarchi Samii de magnitudinibus & distantiis solis lunae liber, ed. cum F. Commandini versione Lat., notis(que) illius & editoris. Pappi Alexandrini secundi libri mathematicae collectionis fragmentum, ed., Lat. fecit, notisque illustr. J. Wallis.
—>  "Aristotelianism: Basis and Obstacle to Scientific Progress in the Middle Ages"
—>  Aristotelous peri Kosmou pros Alexandron. Aristotelis de Mundo Liber, ad Alexandrum
—>  Aristotle - the Physics
—>  Aristotle : On the parts of animals
—>  "Aristotle and Phyllis"
—>  "Aristotle in Old Russian Literature"
—>  "Aristotle on the Anatomy of the Brain"
—>  Aristotle, Galileo, and the Tower of Pisa
—>  "Aristotle, Newton, Einstein"
—>  Aristotle: a chapter from the History of Science, including analyses of Aristotle's Scientific writings
—>  Aristotle's Physics Books I and II
—>  Aristotle's Researches in Natural Science
—>  "Arithmetic and Chaucer"
—>  Arithmetic Considerations on Marquoi's Parallel Scales, and the Protractor. Method of computing the equivalents of scales
—>  Arithmetica
—>  Arithmetica Infinitorum, sive Nova Methodus Inquirendi in Curvilineorum Quadraturam, aliaq; difficiliora Matheseos Problemata
—>  Arithmetica Infinitorum, Sive Nova Methodus Inquirendi in Curvisineorum Quadraturam, aliaq; difficiliora Matheseos Problemata
—>  "Arithmetica"
—>  Arithmeticae et Geometriae practica
—>  Arithmeticae Theoria et Praxis
—>  Arithmeticae, et algebrae universae ... Gnomonice
—>  Arithmeticae, libri duo: et Geometriae. Libri VI
—>  Arithmetick: Vulgar, Decimal, Instrumental, Algebraical, In four Parts
—>  Arithmetique Made easie
—>  Aritmetische und Geometrische Progress
—>  Ark to Ashmolean: The story of the Tradescants, Ashmole and the Ashmolean Museum
—>  Armagh Observatory: A History, 1790-1967
—>  Armamentarium Chirurgicum renovatum & auctum Triginta novem tabulis, tam veteres quam recenter excogitatas machinas & operationes exhibentibus. Una cum Observationum Medico-Chirurgicarum centuria a praecipuis hujus patriae & saeculi Practicis annotata, &
—>  Armamentarium Chrurgicum renovatum & auctum Triginta novem tabulis, tam veteres quam recenter excogitatas machinas & operationes exhibentibus. Una cum Observationum Medico-Chirurgicarum centuria a praecipuis hujus patriae & saeculi Practicis annotata, & c
—>  Armonia Astronomica & Geometrica
—>  "Armories et emblemes d'ordres religieux sur les vases de pharmacies"
—>  Arms through the Ages
—>  Arrangements for the Systematic Observation and Record of the Rainfall of the British Isles : 2 entries
—>  "Ars Astronomica in Tartu: A Bust of J. South identified by G. L'E. Turner"
—>  Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae, In decem Libros digesta. : 2 entries
—>  Ars Quatuor Coronatorum
—>  "Art and Science in the Nasmyth Family"
—>  "Art Gnomonique"
—>  "Art in Scientific Instruments" : 2 entries
—>  "Art in the Service of Science"
—>  Art of Preserving the Sight unimpaired to extreme old age; and of re-establishing it when it becomes weak: With instructions how to proceed in accidental cases which do not require the assistance of professional men, and the mode of treatment proper for t
—>  Art of the Astrolabe
—>  Art Week: Oxfordshire Visual Arts Festival 20 May-4 June 1989
—>  Arte de construir toda especie de Relojes de sol
—>  Arthur Erich Haas - Eine Biographie
—>  "Arthur Erich Haas und der erste Quantenansatz fur das Atom"
—>  "Arthur Keith, 1866-1955"
—>  "Arthur Rudolf Hantzsch"
—>  Article I. On the Nature and Construction of the Sun and Fixed Stars
—>  "Article II. An Inquiry concerning the Source of Heat excited by Friction"
—>  "Article III. An Inquiry concerning the Weight Ascribed to Heat"
—>  "Article III. On the Force of Oscillating Bodies on their Centres of Suspension"
—>  "Article V. Glauber's Salt extracted from the Rubbish of an old Furnace"
—>  "Article VI. Observations on Iron and Steel"
—>  "Article VII. On Different Sorts of Lime used in Agriculture"
—>  [Articles on the Orrery and Planetarium]
—>  "Artificial Acceleration of Atomic Particles"
—>  "'Artificial' and 'Natural' Classifications of Celestial Bodies in the work of William Herschel"
—>  "Artificial Flight"
—>  Artificial Light: Its Influence on Civilization
—>  Artificial Parthenogenesis and Fertilization
—>  Artis Avriferae, Qvam Chemiam Vocant, Volumen Secundum. Qvod Continet Morieni Romani scripta de Re Metallica, atque de Occulta summaque antiquorum Medicina, cum alijs Authoribus, quos versa pagina indicat
—>  Artis Avriferae, Qvam Chemiam Vocant, Volumen Tertium. Qvod Continet Lullij, aliorumque scripta quaedam maiori ex parte hactenus non edita: Quae versa pagina indicantur
—>  Artis Avriferae, Qvam Chemiam Vocant, Volvmen Primvm: Qvod Continet Turbam Philosophorvm, aliosque antiquiss. Avtores : 2 entries
—>  Artis chemicae principes, Avicenna atque Geber, hoc volumine continentur. : Quorum alter nunquam hactenus in lucem prodijt: alter vero vetustis exemplaribus collatus, atq[ue] elegantioribus & pluribus figuris quam antehac illustratus, doctrinae huius prof
—>  "Artist on Another Planet"
—>  "Artistic Representation of Measurement Techniques: Surveying Instruments and Measurement Techniques in Graphic Arts"
—>  Arts, Technology, Manufactures
—>  Arvet fran Newton och Linne : vetenskapliga forbindelser mellan Sverige och England i gangna tider = The heritage from Newton and Linnaeus : scientific links between England and Sweden in bygone times
—>  As escalas do Atlantico no seculo XVI
—>  As Essay on Visual Glasses, (Vulgarly called Spectacles) wherein it is shewn from the Principles of Optics, and the Nature of the Eye, that the common Structure of those Glasses is contrary to the Rules of Art, to the Nature of Things, etc. and very preju
—>  As estrategicas Ilhas de Cabo Verde ou a "fresca Serra Leoa" : uma escolha para a politica de expansao portuguesa no Atlantico
—>  As modalidades de navegacao e de preparacao da viagem nas Navigazioni de Alvise da Ca' da Mosto
—>  As origens da Comissao de Cartografia e a accao determinante de Jose Julio Rodrigues, Luciano Cordeiro e Francisco Antonio de Brito Limpo : a historia politica das exploracoes africanas de Hermenegildo Capelo, Roberto Ivens e Serpa Pinto
—>  "As Primeiras Fases da Obra Cientifica do Prof. J. A. Serra"
—>  As tentativas de penetracao Amazonica por vias fluviais no seculo XVII
—>  As viagens de Diogo Cao : um problema ainda em aberto
—>  Asher Rare Books
—>  Asher Rare Books Catalogue 18 Rare and important books, drawings, charts and maps.
—>  "Ashmole and the Pursuit of Alchemy: The Illustrations to the Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, 1652"
—>  Asiatic Researches; or, Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal, for inquiring into the History and Antiquities; the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia
—>  Aspects of Death in Art and Epigram. Illustrated especially by medals, engraved gems, jewels, ivories, antique pottery, etc.
—>  Aspects of early natural philosophy : presentations of astronomy by Martin, Ferguson and Adams
—>  As-saba' kawakib as-sayara
—>  Assaig d'historia de les idees fisiques i mathematiques a la catalunya medieval
—>  Associations between Medicine and Literature
—>  As-Sufaliyya : "the poem of Sofala"
—>  Asteroid Supplement to New Tables for Determining the Values of b(i)s and Its Derivatives
—>  Astigmatisme en Cilindrische Glazen
—>  Astro-Archaeology
—>  "Astro-Archaeology"
—>  Astrolabe
—>  "Astrolabe of Robert Gordon of Straloch" : 2 entries
—>  "Astrolabe" : 3 entries
—>  Astrolabes and angels, epigrams and enigmas : from Regiomontanus' acrostic for Cardinal Bessarion to Piero della Francesca's Flagellation of Christ
—>  "Astrolabes and the Hour-Line Ritual"
—>  Astrolabes at Greenwich: A Catalogue of the Astrolabes in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
—>  'Astrolabes in Portugal'
—>  "Astrolabes in the State Library, Rampur"
—>  "Astrolabes" : 2 entries
—>  Astrolabes: A Critical Description of the Astrolabes, Noctilabes and Quadrants in the care of the Utrecht University Museum
—>  Astrolabien und Sonnenuhren : Katalog 1999 = Astrolabes and sun-dials : catalogue 1999
—>  Astrolabii declaratio, ...
—>  Astrolabii declaratio, eius demque usus mire iucundus, non modo Astrologis, Medicis, Geographis, caeterisque literarum cultorib, multum utilis ac necessarius: verum etiam Mechanicis quibusdam opificib. non pa rum commodus: a Iacobo Koebelio faciliorib. fo
—>  Astrolabii declaratio, ejus deq usus mire jucundus, non modo Astrologis, Medicis, Geographis, caetisque literarum cultoribum multum utilis ac necessarius: verum etiam Mechanicis quibusdam opificib. non parum commodus
—>  Astrolabii quo primi mobilis motus deprehenduntur Canones
—>  Astrolabii quo primimobilis motus deprehenduntur Canones
—>  Astrolabiorum Seu Utriusque Planisphaerii Universalis, et Particularis Usus
—>  Astrolabios Existentes em Portugal
—>  "Astrolabistes, geographes et graveurs belges du XVIe siecle"
—>  Astrolabium ...
—>  Astrolabium gampt einem kurtzen unterricht/Wie man folch instrument brauchen fol/nicht allein ben
—>  Astrolabium tribus libris explicatum
—>  Astrolabium Vranicum generale; a necessary and pleasaunt solace and recreation for nauigators in their long iorneying / containing the vse of an instrument or general astrolabe: newly for them deuised by the author ... called the (Vranicall astrolabe.) ..
—>  Astrolabium, Das ist: Grundliche Beschreibung und Uhterricht, wie sol ches herzliche und hochnutzliche Astronomische Instrument ... Durch M. Franciscus Ritter, Nurimberg. Auffs New wider auffgelegt etc. With a second part with title: De Usu Astrolabii pos
—>  Astrolabium: Dat is, Philippi Lansbergii Verklaringe van de Platte Sphaere ofte Globe van Ptolomaeus, anders Astrolabium genaernt, etc.
—>  "Astroliabiia Moskovskoho Muzeia Vostochnikh Kurbtur"
—>  Astrologia Gallica Principiis & Rationibus propriis stabilita, atque in XXVI. Libros distributa. Non solum Astrologiae Judiciariae studiosis, sed etiam Philosophis, Medicis, & Theologis omnibus pernecessaria: Quippe multa complectens eximia ad scientias i
—>  Astrologica, quorum titulos versa pagella indicabit. H. Eob. Hessi. Simemoratur Atlas caelum sudasse ferendo, si tulit Herculeus sidera fessa labor si flammas rapuit Jouis alta ex arce Prometheus, si Lunam superis abstulit Endymion: te quoque posteritas c
—>  Astrological Manuscripts in Italian Libraries (Other than Rome)
—>  Astrologie et Tables Astronomiques au XIIIe Siecle: Robert le Febvre et les Tables de Malines
—>  "Astrologie und Bild: Uber A. Warburgs Bildersammlung zur Geschichte von Sternglaube und Sternkunde im Hamburger Planetarium"
—>  Astrologisch-Magische Theorie und Praxis in der Heilkunde der fruhen Neuzeit
—>  Astrologumena: Die astrologische literatur in der antike und ihre geschichte
—>  "Astrology and Politics in the First Years of Elizabeth's Reign"
—>  "Astrology and the Astrolabe in Europe"
—>  Astrology and the Popular Press: English Almanacs 1500-1800
—>  Astrology in Medicine. ... with Addendum on Saints and Signs
—>  Astrology in the Renaissance: The Zodiac of Life
—>  "Astrology on Trial: The Case Against"
—>  "Astrology" : 2 entries
—>  Astrology: a history
—>  Astrology: As Illustrated in the Collections of the British Library and the British Museum
—>  Astrology: The Celestial Mirror
—>  Astrometeorologia y astrologia medievales
—>  "Astrometry at Greenwich and Herstmonceux"
—>  Astronautics in the sixties : a survey of current technology and future development
—>  "Astronom ..."
—>  Astronomen Sterne Gerate: Landgraf Wilhelm IV. und seine sich selbst bewegenden Globen
—>  "Astronomennachlasse und -teilnachlasse im Archiv der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin"
—>  Astronomers and Their Observations
—>  Astronomers at the Royal Observatory Cape of Good Hope: A History with Emphasis on the Nineteenth Century
—>  "Astronomia e cultura nella prima meta del Settecento"
—>  Astronomia Geometrica: ubi Methodus proponitur qua Primariorum Planetarum Astronomia sive Elliptica Circularis possit Geometrice absolvi. Opus, astronomis hactenus desideratum
—>  "Astronomia Practica: The Principal Instruments and their Uses at the Royal Observatory"
—>  Astronomia Teutsch. Himmels Lauff, Wirckung unnd Naturliche Influenz der Planeten unnd Gestirn, Auss... Mit sampt Astronomischer unnd Mathematischer Instrument als Astrolabien, Quadranten, etc.
—>  Astronomia W Kaliszu
—>  Astronomiae instauratae Mechanica
—>  Astronomiae Physicae & Geometricae elementa
—>  Astronomiae Physicae et Geometricae Elementa : 2 entries
—>  Astronomica
—>  Astronomical and geographical essays: containing ...
—>  Astronomical and Meteorological Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the year 1856: Vol. XVII.
—>  Astronomical and Meteorological Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the year 1856
—>  Astronomical and Meteorological Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the year 1854: Vol. XV
—>  Astronomical and Meteorological Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the Year 1854
—>  Astronomical atlases, maps & charts : an historical & general guide
—>  Astronomical- Atlases, Maps & Charts. An Historical & General Guide
—>  Astronomical Centers of the World
—>  Astronomical Clock in York Minster
—>  "Astronomical Dating of Works of Art"
—>  Astronomical dialogues between a gentleman and a lady
—>  Astronomical Dictionary in Six Languages
—>  Astronomical Dictionary: The Zodiac and the Constellations: Arabic Star-Names, their Meaning, Transliteration and Pronounciation [sic]
—>  Astronomical Instruments and Observatory Equipment
—>  Astronomical Instruments and Their Users: Tycho Brahe to William Lassell
—>  "Astronomical Instruments Between East and West"
—>  "Astronomical Instruments in Brahmagupta's Brahmasphutasiddhanta"
—>  "Astronomical Instruments in Delhi Museum"
—>  Astronomical Instruments in Medieval Spain: Their Influence in Europe / Instrumentos Astronomicos en la Espana Medieval: Su Influencia en Europa : 2 entries
—>  "Astronomical Instruments in Mughal Miniatures"
—>  Astronomical Instruments in the Rampur Raza Library
—>  Astronomical Instruments in the Salar Jung Museum
—>  "Astronomical Instruments Manufacture in the USSR"
—>  "Astronomical Jades"
—>  Astronomical Lectures, Read in the Publick Schools At Cambridge. By William Whiston, M.A. Mr. Lucas's Professor of the Mathematicks in that University. Whereunto is added a Collection Of Astronomical Tables; Being those of Mr. Flamsteed, Corrected; Dr Hal
—>  Astronomical Literature in the Ernst Zinner Collection, San Diego State College Library: A Checklist
—>  "Astronomical Museum in Eger/Hungary"
—>  Astronomical Myths, based on Flammarion's "History of the Heavens"
—>  Astronomical Observations made at Chislehurst, in Kent, in the Course of the Year 1773
—>  "Astronomical Observations made at Hudson Observatory, Latitude 41o14'42', 6, north, and Longitude 5h. 25m. 39s. 5, west. Third Series"
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the year 1850: Vol. XI (with an Engraving of the Heliometer.)
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory Oxford for the epoch 1900
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford for the epoch 1845
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford for the epoch 1860
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford for the epoch 1875
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford for the epoch 1890
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the year 1840 : 2 entries
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, in the year 1850
—>  Astronomical Observations Made at the University Observatory Oxford under the direction of C. Pritchard, M.A., F.R.S., F.G.S., F.R.A.S. Savilian Professor of Astronomy in Oxford
—>  Astronomical Observations made at the University Observatory Oxford under the direction of C. Pritchard, D.D., F.R.S., F.G.S., F.R.A.S. Savilian Professor of Astronomy in Oxford: No. II Uranometria Nova Oxoniensis a photometric determination of the magnit
—>  Astronomical Observations made in St. John's College, Cambridge, in the years 1767 and 1768: with an Account of Several Astronomical Instruments
—>  Astronomical Observations of Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites, Occultations of Stares by the Moon, and other Astronomical Phenomena
—>  Astronomical Observatories in Provence, the Southern Alps and the Cote d'Azur
—>  Astronomical Papers by A. A. Rambaut

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