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—>  Against Art and Artists
—>  "Age and other Factors in motor recovery from pre-central lesions in monkeys"
—>  Aggiunta alla Relazione delle Osservazioni fatte in Spagna durante l'Ecclisse Totale del 18 Luglio 1860
—>  Aggregation and Flow of Solids. Being the Records of an Experimental Study of the Micro-Structure and Physical Properties of Solids in Various States of Aggregation 1900-21
—>  "Agrippa, Fontana and Pigafetta. The erection of the Vatican obelisk in 1586"
—>  Aids to Research in the History of Science
—>  Aids to Theatre Technique
—>  Ainda em torno da conquista de Ceuta
—>  "Air, saltpetre and candlelight"
—>  Akademia Medyczna we Wroclawiu, 1950-1960 = Medical Academy in Wroclaw [Vol.] 1
—>  Akademiya Nauk S.S.S.R. Institut Istorii Estestvoznaniya i Tekhiki, Muzei M.V. Lomonosova v Leningrade
—>  "Aktuelle Grabungsergebnisse aus der Altglashutte Barnau in Ostbayern"
—>  "Al Razi (Rhases) als Chemiker"
—>  "Alaca Hoyuk: Ein Hervorragender Kupferzeitlicher Siedlungs- und Bestattungsplatz unfern von Boghazkoy"
—>  Alae Telluris Fractae; cum Physica Demonstratione, quod opinio Copernicana de Telluris motu sit falsa: Et novo conceptu de Oceani fluxu atque reflexu
—>  "Alain Brieux (1922-1985)"
—>  "Alan Turing: Mathematician and Computer Builder"
—>  Alarms for the Effectual Prevention of Burglaries
—>  Albert & Isabelle 1598-1621
—>  "Albert Einstein 1879-1955"
—>  Albert Einstein und Johannes Stark: Briefwechsel und Verhaltnis der beiden Nobelpreistrager
—>  Albert Einstein: A Bibliography of his Scientific Papers 1901-1954
—>  Albert Einstein: Chief Engineer of the Universe; Einstein's Life and Work in Context
—>  Albertus Durerus Nurembergensis pictor hujus aetatis celeberrimus, versus e' Germanica lingua in Latinam, Pictoribus, Fabris aerariis ae lignariis, Lapicidis, Statuariis, & universis denium qui circint, gnomone, libella, aut alioqui certa mensura opera su
—>  "Albertus Magnus on Alchemy"
—>  Albertus van Beek 1787-1856
—>  Alberuni's India
—>  "Al-Biruni als Quelle fur das Leben und die Schriften al-Razi's"
—>  "Al-Biruni and the Theory of the Solar Apogee"
—>  Al-Biruni Commemoration Volume A.H.362-A.H. 1362
—>  Al-Biruni on Transits
—>  Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777) - a memoir
—>  Albrici philosophi de Deorum imaginibus Liber
—>  Album des Poids de France
—>  Album Lewis Carroll
—>  Album of Science: Antiquity and the Middle Ages
—>  "Alchemical Equipment in the Eleventh Century, A.D."
—>  "Alchemical Illustrations" : 2 entries
—>  "Alchemical Papers of Dr Robert Plot"
—>  "Alchemie des Mittelalters"
—>  Alchemie und Kabbala: Ein Kapitel aus der Geschichte der Mystik
—>  Alchemistische und Chemische Zeichen
—>  Alchemistisches Gold, Parcelsistische Pharmaka: Laboratoriumstechnik im 16. Jahrhundert: Chemiegeschichtliche und archaometrische Untersuchungen am Inventar des Laboratoriums von Oberstockstall/Kirchberg am Wagram
—>  "Alchemists in Art and Literature - a Lecture"
—>  Alchemy - Child of Greek Philosophy
—>  "Alchemy and Alchemists"
—>  "Alchemy and Art"
—>  Alchemy and Chemistry in the Seventeenth Century
—>  "Alchemy and Colour"
—>  "Alchemy and Early Chemistry"
—>  "Alchemy and English Literature"
—>  "Alchemy and its connection with Astrology, Pharmacy, Magic and Metallurgy"
—>  "Alchemy and its Three Theories of the Origin of Metals"
—>  "Alchemy and Literature"
—>  "Alchemy and Medicine" : 2 entries
—>  Alchemy and Other Chemical Achievements of the Ancient Orient: The Civilization of Japan and China in Early Times as Seen from the Chemical Point of View
—>  "Alchemy and the World of Science: An Intellectual Biography of Frank Sherwood Taylor"
—>  "Alchemy During the First Half of the Sixteenth Century"
—>  "Alchemy in China"
—>  "Alchemy in Scotland"
—>  "Alchemy in the Light of its names in Arabic, Sanskrit and Greek"
—>  "Alchemy in the light of Jung's Psychology and of Dualism"
—>  "Alchemy, a child of Chinese Dualism as illustrated by its Symbolism"
—>  Alchemy: A Bibliography of English-Language Writings
—>  Alchemy: Ancient and Modern: Being a brief account of the Alchemistic Doctrines, and their relations, to mysticism on the one hand, and to recent discoveries in Physical Science on the other hand; together with some particulars regarding the lives and tea
—>  "Alchemy: Jung and the Historians of Science"
—>  Alchemy: The Great Work
—>  Alchemy: The Secret Art
—>  Alchemy: The story of the fascination of gold and the attempts of chemists, mystics, and charlatans to find the Philosophers' Stone
—>  Alchimie
—>  "'Alchimie' - Passage 44, Brussels, 19 December 1984 - 18 March 1985"
—>  Alcohol and the Human Body. An Introduction to the Study of the Subject
—>  Alcohol tables : giving for all specific gravities, from 1.0000 to 0.7938, the percentages of absolute alcohol, by weight and volume, and of proof spirit
—>  Alcune Royale Pratiche per traceriare gli Orologi solari
—>  "Alcune Versioni Latine Indirette degli "Elementi" di Euclide"
—>  Alcuni Strumenti del Liceo Machiavelli di Lucca
—>  Aldis Anastigmats
—>  "Aldre Vetenskapliga Instrument pa Skokloster"
—>  Aleph: Historical Studies in Science & Judaism
—>  Alessandro Volta and the electric battery
—>  "Alex Volta - to mark the centenary of his death"
—>  Alexander Bain's Short History of the Electric Clock
—>  "Alexander Csoma"
—>  Alexander Herschel: The "Meteor Man": 1836-1907
—>  Alexander Lindsay: A Rutter of the Scottish Seas Circa 1540
—>  Alexander Lindsay's Rutter of the Scottish Seas, circa 1540
—>  "Alexander Thom"
—>  "Alexander Tilloch"
—>  "Alexander von Humboldt und die Einheit der Wissenschaft"
—>  Alexander von Humboldt und Frankfurt am Main
—>  Alexander von Humboldt, Erschliesser einer neuen Welt
—>  Alexikepus seu auxiliaris et medicus hortus, rerum variarum, et secretorum remediorum accessione locupletatus
—>  "Alexius Sylvius Polonus (1593-ca.1653), a little-known Maker of Astronomical Instruments"
—>  Alfred - The first continental flagship 1775-1778
—>  "Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)"
—>  Algebraical Problems, producing Simple and Quadratic Equations, with Their solutions. Designed as an Introduction to the Higher Branches of Analytics
—>  Algebre et logique d'apres les textes originaux de G. Boole et W.S. Jevons aved les plans de la machine logique
—>  Algemain verstandliche Anleitung zur Anfertigung aller Arten von Sonnenuhren
—>  Algemeene Manier Tot de Practijck-Oeffeningh der Sonne-Wijsers; Uytd' onfeylbare Gronden derselve Wetenschafs, kort en klaerlijck voorgestelt, etc.
—>  Algemeene Manier Tot het maaken van Zonnewysers Op allerley effen Vlakken. etc.

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