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—>  "Advanced Materials: The Engines for Technological Change"
—>  "Advances in Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics in the 19th Century"
—>  "Advances in Microscopy: 1 - the Reflecting Microscope"
—>  "Advancing Navigation in eighteenth-century France: Teaching and Instrument-making in the Port of Rochefort"
—>  "Advantages of Mr. Gover's new-improved Gun-carriages"
—>  Advertisement for Optical Measuring Instruments, Their Construction, Theory and Use
—>  Aedes Hartwellianae, or Notices of the Manor and Mansion of Hartwell
—>  "Aegidius of Lessines on Comets"
—>  AEI Electron Microscope News
—>  Aepinus's Essay on the Theory of Electricity and Magnetism
—>  Aequanimitas and other addresses
—>  Aerarium Philosophiae Mathematicae
—>  Aerial Locomotion
—>  Aeronautica: Objets d'Art, Prints, Air Mail
—>  "Aeronautics In Ancient China" [parts 1 and 2]
—>  Aeronautics: An Abridgment of Aeronautical Specifications Filed at the Patent Office from A.D. 1815 to A.D. 1891
—>  "Aesculapius and the Medical Emblem"
—>  "Aesthetic Aspects of the Photomechanical Print"
—>  Aetii medici Graeci Contractae ex veteribus medicinae tetrabiblos, hoc est quaternio, id est libri universales quatuor, singuli quatuor sermones complectentes, ut sint in summa quatuor sermonum quaterniones, id est sermones xvi. / per Ianum Cornarium medi
—>  "Aetites or the Eagle-stone"
—>  Affinity and Matter: Elements of Chemical Philosophy 1800-1865
—>  Afleiding eener formule, waardoor de schaduw-1 lijnen van een Zonnewijzer geconstrueerd kunnen sorden
—>  Africani, De Totivs Africae descriptione, Libri IX
—>  Against Art and Artists
—>  "Age and other Factors in motor recovery from pre-central lesions in monkeys"
—>  Aggiunta alla Relazione delle Osservazioni fatte in Spagna durante l'Ecclisse Totale del 18 Luglio 1860
—>  Aggregation and Flow of Solids. Being the Records of an Experimental Study of the Micro-Structure and Physical Properties of Solids in Various States of Aggregation 1900-21
—>  "Agrippa, Fontana and Pigafetta. The erection of the Vatican obelisk in 1586"
—>  Aids to Research in the History of Science
—>  Aids to Theatre Technique
—>  Ainda em torno da conquista de Ceuta
—>  "Air, saltpetre and candlelight"
—>  Akademia Medyczna we Wroclawiu, 1950-1960 = Medical Academy in Wroclaw [Vol.] 1
—>  Akademiya Nauk S.S.S.R. Institut Istorii Estestvoznaniya i Tekhiki, Muzei M.V. Lomonosova v Leningrade
—>  "Aktuelle Grabungsergebnisse aus der Altglashutte Barnau in Ostbayern"
—>  "Al Razi (Rhases) als Chemiker"
—>  "Alaca Hoyuk: Ein Hervorragender Kupferzeitlicher Siedlungs- und Bestattungsplatz unfern von Boghazkoy"
—>  Alae Telluris Fractae; cum Physica Demonstratione, quod opinio Copernicana de Telluris motu sit falsa: Et novo conceptu de Oceani fluxu atque reflexu
—>  "Alain Brieux (1922-1985)"
—>  "Alan Turing: Mathematician and Computer Builder"
—>  Alarms for the Effectual Prevention of Burglaries
—>  Albert & Isabelle 1598-1621
—>  "Albert Einstein 1879-1955"
—>  Albert Einstein und Johannes Stark: Briefwechsel und Verhaltnis der beiden Nobelpreistrager
—>  Albert Einstein: A Bibliography of his Scientific Papers 1901-1954
—>  Albert Einstein: Chief Engineer of the Universe; Einstein's Life and Work in Context
—>  Albertus Durerus Nurembergensis pictor hujus aetatis celeberrimus, versus e' Germanica lingua in Latinam, Pictoribus, Fabris aerariis ae lignariis, Lapicidis, Statuariis, & universis denium qui circint, gnomone, libella, aut alioqui certa mensura opera su
—>  "Albertus Magnus on Alchemy"
—>  Albertus van Beek 1787-1856
—>  Alberuni's India
—>  "Al-Biruni als Quelle fur das Leben und die Schriften al-Razi's"
—>  "Al-Biruni and the Theory of the Solar Apogee"
—>  Al-Biruni Commemoration Volume A.H.362-A.H. 1362
—>  Al-Biruni on Transits
—>  Albrecht von Haller (1708-1777) - a memoir
—>  Albrici philosophi de Deorum imaginibus Liber
—>  Album des Poids de France
—>  Album Lewis Carroll
—>  Album of Science: Antiquity and the Middle Ages
—>  "Alchemical Equipment in the Eleventh Century, A.D."
—>  "Alchemical Illustrations" : 2 entries
—>  "Alchemical Papers of Dr Robert Plot"
—>  "Alchemie des Mittelalters"
—>  Alchemie und Kabbala: Ein Kapitel aus der Geschichte der Mystik
—>  Alchemistische und Chemische Zeichen
—>  Alchemistisches Gold, Parcelsistische Pharmaka: Laboratoriumstechnik im 16. Jahrhundert: Chemiegeschichtliche und archaometrische Untersuchungen am Inventar des Laboratoriums von Oberstockstall/Kirchberg am Wagram
—>  "Alchemists in Art and Literature - a Lecture"
—>  Alchemy - Child of Greek Philosophy
—>  "Alchemy and Alchemists"
—>  "Alchemy and Art"
—>  Alchemy and Chemistry in the Seventeenth Century
—>  "Alchemy and Colour"
—>  "Alchemy and Early Chemistry"
—>  "Alchemy and English Literature"
—>  "Alchemy and its connection with Astrology, Pharmacy, Magic and Metallurgy"
—>  "Alchemy and its Three Theories of the Origin of Metals"
—>  "Alchemy and Literature"
—>  "Alchemy and Medicine" : 2 entries
—>  Alchemy and Other Chemical Achievements of the Ancient Orient: The Civilization of Japan and China in Early Times as Seen from the Chemical Point of View
—>  "Alchemy and the World of Science: An Intellectual Biography of Frank Sherwood Taylor"
—>  "Alchemy During the First Half of the Sixteenth Century"
—>  "Alchemy in China"
—>  "Alchemy in Scotland"
—>  "Alchemy in the Light of its names in Arabic, Sanskrit and Greek"
—>  "Alchemy in the light of Jung's Psychology and of Dualism"
—>  "Alchemy, a child of Chinese Dualism as illustrated by its Symbolism"
—>  Alchemy: A Bibliography of English-Language Writings
—>  Alchemy: Ancient and Modern: Being a brief account of the Alchemistic Doctrines, and their relations, to mysticism on the one hand, and to recent discoveries in Physical Science on the other hand; together with some particulars regarding the lives and tea
—>  "Alchemy: Jung and the Historians of Science"
—>  Alchemy: The Great Work
—>  Alchemy: The Secret Art
—>  Alchemy: The story of the fascination of gold and the attempts of chemists, mystics, and charlatans to find the Philosophers' Stone
—>  Alchimie
—>  "'Alchimie' - Passage 44, Brussels, 19 December 1984 - 18 March 1985"
—>  Alcohol and the Human Body. An Introduction to the Study of the Subject
—>  Alcohol tables : giving for all specific gravities, from 1.0000 to 0.7938, the percentages of absolute alcohol, by weight and volume, and of proof spirit
—>  Alcune Royale Pratiche per traceriare gli Orologi solari
—>  "Alcune Versioni Latine Indirette degli "Elementi" di Euclide"
—>  Alcuni Strumenti del Liceo Machiavelli di Lucca
—>  Aldis Anastigmats

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