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—>  A History of Science Technology, and Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century
—>  A History of Science, Technology, and Philosophy in the 16th & 17th Centuries
—>  A History of Science: Ancient Science through the Golden Age of Greece
—>  A History of Science: Hellenistic Science and Culture in the last three centuries B.C.
—>  A History of Scientific and Technical Periodicals: the origins and development of the scientific and technical press 1665-1790
—>  A History of Seamanship
—>  "A History of Some Pharmaceutical Presentations"
—>  A History of Technology : 7 entries
—>  A History of Technology & Invention: Progress Through the Ages
—>  'A History of the College Laboratories in Oxford'
—>  A History of the Daubeny Laboratory, Magdalen College, Oxford
—>  "A History of the Development of the Telescope from about 1675 to 1830 based on Documents in the Court Collection"
—>  A History of the Fossil Insects in the Secondary Rocks of England. accompanied by a particular account of the strata in which they occur, and of the circumstances connected with their preservation
—>  A History of the Hope Entomological Collections in the University Museum Oxford with Lists of Archives and Collections
—>  A History of The Institution of Electrical Engineers 1871-1971
—>  A History of the Linnean Society of London
—>  A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule and Allied Instruments
—>  A History of the Marconi Company
—>  A History of the Mathematical Theories of Attraction. and the Figure of the Earth, from the time of Newton to that of Laplace
—>  A History of the Mathematical Theory of Probability from the Time of Pascal to that of Laplace
—>  A History of the Navigator's Sextant
—>  A history of the Ordnance Board
—>  A History of the Ordnance Survey
—>  "A History of the Periodic Table"
—>  A History of the Photographic Lens
—>  A History of the Royal Society with memoirs of the presidents compiled from authentic documents
—>  A History of the Royal Society, with Memoirs of the Presidents
—>  A History of the Sciences: Main Currents of Scientific Thought
—>  A History of the Society of Antiquaries
—>  A History of the Theories of Rain and other Forms of Precipitation
—>  A History of the Thermometer and its uses in Meteorology
—>  A History of the Three Cathedrals Dedicated to St. Paul in London with Reference Chiefly to their Structure and Architecture, and the Sources whence the Necessary Funds were Derived
—>  A History of the University of Oxford
—>  A history of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom
—>  A History of Two Societies 1965-1990
—>  A History of Western Astrology
—>  A History of Western Technology
—>  A History of Wonderful Inventions
—>  A Horizontal Sun-Dial on Handsome Pedestal
—>  A Hundred Alchemical Books : 2 entries
—>  A Hundred Years of Anthropology
—>  A Hundred Years of Medicine
—>  A Hundred Years of Physics
—>  "A Hunterian Museum Manuscript on Magic"
—>  "A Hymne of Paradise"
—>  "A John Mercer Centenary"
—>  A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts
—>  A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem; at Easter, A.D. 1697
—>  A Key to Helmont. Or, a short Introduction To the better understanding of the Theory and Method Of the most Profound Chymical Physicians
—>  A Key to the First Part of an Introduction to Practical Arithmetic
—>  "A Korean Astronomical Screen of the Mid-Eighteenth Century from the Royal Palace of the Yi Dynasty (Choson Kingdom, 1392-1910)"
—>  A la Conquete des Mers Marins et Marchands des Bas-Pays
—>  "A la recherche des collections perdues a Geneve"
—>  A la Rencontre de Galilee: Deux Voyages en Italie
—>  A Laboratory Manual in Astronomy
—>  A Laboratory Outline of General Chemistry
—>  "A Lancashire Entomologist in the Time of Queen Elizabeth"
—>  "A Lantern Clock Signed 'Thomas Knifton at the [Crossed Keys] in Lothbury Fecit' and its Context"
—>  A Latin Dictionary founded on Andrews' Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary Revised, Enlarged, and in Great Part Rewritten
—>  "A Latin Treatise on the Chilindre (XIII. Century)"
—>  A learned treatise of Globes, Both Celestiall and Terrestriall: with their severall uses
—>  A Lecture on the History of the Law of Gravitation, delivered before the Islington Literary and Scientific Society, November 8th., 1856
—>  A Lecture on the History of the University Archives
—>  A Lecture on the Perpetual Motion
—>  "A Lecture with experiments on various subjects giving an account of several surprising Phenomena touching Light and Electricity"
—>  "A Legend of Salerno - How Constantine the African brought the art of Medicine to the Christians"
—>  A Letter from Galileo
—>  "A Letter from Mr. Rich. Dunthorne to the Rev. Dr Long, F.R.S. Master of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridge, and Lowndes's Professor of Astronomy and Geometry in that University, concerning Comets"
—>  A Letter from Richard Phillips, F. R. S. (1778-1857) to Michael Faraday, F. R. S. (1791-1867)
—>  "A Letter of Monsieur Cassini to the Publisher, giving his corrections to the Theory of the five Satellites of Saturn; With Tables of the Motions of those Satellites; adapted to the Meridian of London, and the Julian Account"
—>  "A Letter of William Dugdale, 1653"
—>  A Letter On Catheters Written by Benjamin Franklin to his brother John ... : 2 entries
—>  A Letter on Steam Gun-Boats of Shallow Draught and High Speed
—>  A Letter to Benjamin Franklin, LL.D., Fellow of the Royal Society, in which his Pretensions to the Title of Natural Philosopher are considered
—>  A Letter to Dr Hooker ... from Dr Acland ...
—>  A Letter to Hugh Hamilton, D.D. Dean of Armagh
—>  A Letter to Mr George Adams on the Subject of Medical Electricity
—>  A Letter to the Board of Visitors of the Greenwich Royal Observatory, in reply to the Calumnies of Mr. Babbage at their Meeting in June 1853, and in his book entitled The Exposition of 1851
—>  A Letter to the Board of Visitors of the Greenwich Royal Observatory in reply to the Calumnies of Mr Babbage at their Meeting in June 1853, and in his Book entitled the Exposition of 1851
—>  A Letter to the Fellows of the Royal and the Royal Astronomical Societies, in reply to the Obituary Notice of the late Rev. Richard Sheepshanks, by the President and Council of the Royal Society; and Report of the Council of the Royal Astronomical Society
—>  "A Letter to the Members of Lincoln College, Oxford, on the Proposed Changes in their College, by the Bishop of Lincoln, Visitor of the College"
—>  A Letter to the Rev. Principal Hill, on the Case of Mr. John Leslie, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh; by the Author of Two Letters to Principal Hill, etc.
—>  A Letter to the Reverend Dr Powell, Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge; in Answer to his Observations on the First Chapter of a Book entitled Miscellanea Analytica and his Defence of those Observations
—>  A Letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone on the Statutes of the University of Oxford Commission
—>  A Letter to the Right Honoruable George Earl of Maccles-field. Concerning an Apparent Motion (Nutation) observed in some of the Fixed Stars
—>  A Letter to the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks, K. B. President of the Royal Society of London: Containing Strictures on his Letter to the National Institute of France
—>  A Life of Travels
—>  "A Light from 1066"
—>  "A List of Apparatus now in Manchester which belonged to Dr J. P. Joule, F.R.S., with Remarks on his MSS. Letters and Autobiography"
—>  A List of British Balance Makers 1625 - 1974
—>  A List of Bygones in the possession of the Museum
—>  A List of Irish Watch and Clock Makers
—>  "A List of Magic Lantern Manufacturers and Dealers Active in England During the 19th Century"
—>  A List of Members of the Clockmakers' Company of London from the Period of their Incorporation in 1631 to the year 1732
—>  A List of Portraits, etc., in the Royal College of Physicians of London : 2 entries
—>  "A List of Spectroscopes and Apparatus, manufactured and sold by William Ladd, 11 and 12, Beak Street, Regent Street, London, W. Microscope and Philosophical Instrument Manufacturer, by appointment to The Royal Institution of Great Britain, etc., etc., et
—>  "A List of Test Objects, Principally Double Stars, arranged in Classes, for the Trial of Telescopes in Various respects, as to Light, Distinctness, etc."
—>  "A List of the Optical and Philosophical Instruments mentioned in this Book; with the Prices at which they are made and sold by W. Harris, no. 47, Holborn, London"
—>  A List of the Paintings, Sculptures, Miniatures, &c.: with 108 Illustrations
—>  "A List of the Portraits in the Royal Society of Edinburgh with Biographical Notes"
—>  A List of the Royal Military College at Sandhurst
—>  A List of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. June 5, 1760
—>  A List of Theses in History of Science in British Universities in Progress or Recently Completed
—>  A List of Two Thousand Microscopic Objects; with remarks on the circulation in animals and plants; the method of viewing crystals by polarized light; etc. etc. etc. forming a Guide for selecting and labelling subjects of natural history, botany, and miner : 2 entries
—>  "A Livonian Sundial made for Generalsuperintendent Fischer"
—>  A L'Occasion du 400th Centenaire de la Mort de Luca Ghini
—>  "A Long-Lost Letter of Galileo to Peiresc on a Magnetic Clock"
—>  "A Low Viscosity Nitrocellulose Method for Cutting Sections of the Eye"
—>  "A Machine for grinding Lenses spherically"
—>  A madeira do Brasil na construcao e reparos de embarcacoes
—>  A Madeira na rota dos descobrimentos e expansao Atlantica
—>  "'A Magazin of all Manner of Inventions': Museums in the Quest for 'Salomon's House' in Seventeenth-Century England"
—>  "A Magic Mirror of Buddhist Significance"
—>  A malograda viagem de Diogo Carreiro a Tombuctu em 1565
—>  "A Man who Chases Shadows of Time"
—>  A Manual of Chemical Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative
—>  A manual of chemistry, descriptive and theoretical. Part 1
—>  A manual of elementary chemistry : theoretical and practical : 3 entries
—>  A Manual of Elementary Geology: or, the Ancient Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants as Illustrated by geological monuments : 3 entries
—>  A Manual of Elementary Microscopical Manipulation for the Use of Amateurs
—>  A Manual of Human Microscopic Anatomy
—>  A manual of injurious insects with methods of prevention and remedy for their attacks to food crops, forest trees, and fruit : to which is appended a short introduction to entomology
—>  A manual of metallurgy
—>  A Manual of Optical Instruments Containing Directions for Testing their Efficiency and Value; with Plain and Concise Instructions for the Practice of Photography, Electro-Metallurgy, &c., and an Appendix, Illustrating the Latest and Most Esteemed Improvem
—>  A Manual of Photographic Chemistry
—>  A Manual of Photographic Manipulation, Treating of the Practice of the Art; and its various applications to Nature
—>  A Manual of Photography : 2 entries
—>  A Manual of Spherical and Practical Astronomy: Embracing the General Problems of Spherical Astronomy, the Special Applications to Nautical Astronomy, and the Theory and Use of Fixed and Portable Astronomical Instruments. With an Appendix on the Method of
—>  A manual of the anatomy of vertebrated animals
—>  A Manual of the Barometer
—>  A Manual of the Hand Lathe: comprising concise directions for working metals of all kinds, ivory, bone and precious woods; dyeing, coloring, and french polishing; inlaying by veneers, and various methods practiced to produce elaborate work with dispatch,
—>  A Manual of the History of the Political System of Europe and its Colonies, from its formation at the close of the Fifteenth Century to its re-establishment upon the fall of Napoleon
—>  A Manual of the Infusoria: Including a Description of all known Flagellate, Ciliate, and Tentaculiferous Protozoa, British and Foreign, and an Account of the Organisation and Affinities of the Sponges
—>  A Manual of the Principal Instruments used in American Engineering and Surveying Manufactured by W. & L. E. Gurley, Troy, N. Y.
—>  A Manual of the Thermometer; Containing its History and Use as a Meteorological Instrument. To which is Added, an Essay on the Vapour-Point and Terrestrial Radiation: also, a General Outline of the Climate of the Eastern Part of England
—>  A manual of zoology
—>  'A Manuscript on Navigation of 1703'
—>  A manuscript sea atlas, drawn by Romeyn de Hooghe in 1681
—>  A Map of the World
—>  A Marinharia Dos Descobrimentos
—>  "A Marvellous Invention within the reach of all: the Kinora Viewing Machine"
—>  A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary
—>  A Mathematical Companion, Or, The Description and Use of a New Sliding-Rule, by which many useful and necessary questions in Arithmetic, etc., may speedily be resolved, etc.
—>  A Mathematical Compendium or Useful Practices in Arithmetic, Geometry, and Astronomy, etc. ... Dialling, etc.
—>  A Mathematical Gazetteer
—>  A Mathematical Manual: Or, Delightful Associate
—>  A Mathematical Manual; containing Tables of Logarithms for Numbers, Lines & Tangents: With the manifold Use thereof, briefly Explained and Applied, in Arithmetick, Geometry, Astronomy, Geography, Surveying, Navigation, Dyalling, Gunnery and Gauging
—>  "A Mathematical System For Identifying the Stars of an Astrolabe and finding its Age"
—>  "A Mathematical Theory of Natural and Artificial Selection. Part III"
—>  A Mathematical Theory of Spirit: Being an attempt to employ certain mathematical principles in the elucidation of some metaphysical problems
—>  "A Mathematician Among the Molasses Barrels: Maclaurin's Unpublished Memoir on Volumes"
—>  "A Matter of Record; Photography in the Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies"
—>  "A maximum-minimum method of determining the cardinal points of a lens system"
—>  "A Mean Sidereal Time Clock"
—>  A Measure of Time: 25th Anniversary Trevor Philip & Sons
—>  A Mechanical Account of Poisons in Several Essays
—>  A Mechanical Account of Poisons, in Several Essays
—>  "A Mediaeval portable sun-dial"
—>  A Medical Bibliography: A Check-List of texts illustrating the history of the Medical Sciences
—>  A Medical History of Plymouth, 1620-1977
—>  "A Medici Palace Clock"
—>  "A Medieval Brass Mortar from South Wales and its Affinities"
—>  "A Medieval Coin-Balance from Roche Abbey, Yorkshire"
—>  "A Medieval Iterative Algorism"
—>  "A Medieval Monastic Water-clock"
—>  A Meeting of Minds
—>  "A Megalithic Lunar Observatory in Islay"
—>  A memoir of the late Ebenezer Henderson : astronomer & antiquarian ; with reprints of "The royal tombs at Dunfermline" and "The old letter"
—>  A Memoir on the Best Method of Measuring Time at Sea, which obtained the Double Prize adjudged by the Royal Academy of Sciences, containing The Description of the Longitude Watch presented to His Majesty the 5th of August 1766. By M. Le Roy, Jun., Clock-m
—>  A Messieurs les membres de l'Academie des Sciences
—>  "A Method for the Determination of the Specific Heats of Liquids, and a Determination of the Specific Heats of Aniline and Benzene over the Approximate Range 20 C. to 50 C."
—>  "A Method for the Determination of the Volume of Blood in Animals"
—>  "A Method of Analysing Stellar Variability"
—>  A Method of Ascertaining the Latitude in the Northern Hemisphere by a Single Altitude of the Polar Star, at any time; with Tables computed for that purpose
—>  A Method of Correcting the Errors due to the Forms of the Pivots of a Transit Instrument
—>  A Method of Making useful Mineral Collections. To which are added, Some Experiments on a Deliquescent Calcareous Earth, or Native Fixed Sal Ammoniac
—>  "A Method of Photographic Registration of Small Volume Changes with Some Results when Applied to the Trachea"
—>  A method of procuring black and violet colors in the positive proofs : and of more permanently fixing them by the use of chloride of gold and hydrochloric acid
—>  "A Microscope by Alexis Magny"
—>  "A Microscope by John Dollond (1706-1761) from the Collection of the Optical Museum in Jena" [and] "Microscopes of Simon Plossl (1794-1868) from the Collection of the Optical Museum in Jena"
—>  "A Microscope Fit for a King Presented to the Science Museum by H. M. The King: the Second of Two Silver Microscopes Made for George III. and The Prince of Wales by George Adams, Author of "Micrographia Illustrata""
—>  "A Middle-Babylonian Chemical Text"
—>  "A Miniature World Map by Jodocus Hondius (1563-1611)"
—>  A Mirror for Surgeons: Selected Readings in Surgery
—>  "A Modern View of Lunar Distances"
—>  "A Modification of a Sandison-Clark Chamber for Observation of Transparent Tissue in the Rabbit's Ear"
—>  "A Modification of Ranson's Silver Nitrate Method for Demonstrating Axis Cylinders"
—>  "A Modified Ross Microscope"
—>  A More Beautiful City: Robert Hooke and the Rebuilding of London after the Great Fire
—>  A Moslem Seeker After God: Showing Islam at its Best in the Life and Teaching of Al-Ghazali Mystic and Theologian of the Eleventh Century
—>  "A most compendious and facile Method for Constructing the Logarithms, exemplified and demonstrated from the Nature of Numbers, without any regard to the Hyperbola, with a speedy Method for finding the Number from the Logarithm given"
—>  A most excellent and perfecte homish apothecarye or homely physick booke / for all the grefes and diseases of the bodye
—>  "A MS. from the Tradescant Collection"
—>  "A Muszaki Muzeum Geodeziai Muszer Gyujtemenye"
—>  A Narrative of Facts relating to some Time-Keepers, constructed by Mr Thomas Mudge, for the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea: together with Observations upon the conduct of the Astronomer Royal respecting them
—>  A Narrative of Facts relating to some Time-keepers, constructed by Mr. Thomas Mudge, for the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea: together with Observations upon the Conduct of the Astronomer Royal respecting them
—>  A Narrative of the Proceedings relative to the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea; by Mr John Harrison's Time-Keeper, Subsequent to those published in the Year 1763
—>  A natural arrangement of British plants : according to their relations to each other, as pointed out by Jussieu, De Candolle, Brown, &c. ; including those cultivated for use ; with an introduction to botany, in which the terms newly introduced are explain
—>  A Naturalist's Voyage: Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited during the voyage of H. M. S. 'Beagle' round the World, under the Command of Captain Fitz Roy
—>  A Naval and Military Technical Dictionary of the French Language
—>  A New and Compendious System of Optics : 2 entries
—>  A New and Complete Dictionary of Arts & Sciences, Including the latest Improvement & Discovery and the Present State of every branch of Human Knowledge
—>  A new and comprehensive system of mathematical institutions, agreeable to the present state of the Newtonian mathesis : 2 entries
—>  A new and comprehensive system of philology; : or, a treatise of the literary arts and sciences, according to their present state
—>  A New and Demonstrative Solution of the Geometric Quadrature of the Circle, and of the Geometric Mean, effected by Charles Hudson, of Calcutta; ... And now Faithfully Published for the information of Philosophers and Mathematicians, in the English, Latin
—>  A New and Easie Method to the Art of Dyalling. Containing etc...
—>  A New and Easy Method of Applying a Tube for the cure of the Fistula Lachrymalis
—>  A New and Genuine Method of finding the Longitude of a Ship at Sea. As also, the Place and Latitude of the Moon, by the Method of Interpolation
—>  "A New and Great Treasure-House for the Nation. The National Maritime Museum to be Opened by H.M. the King"
—>  A New and Invaluable Help in Negative Making: The Chapman Jones Patent Plate Tester
—>  A New and Universal Dictionary of Pure and Mixed Mathematics
—>  "A new calculating slide rule, equivalent to a straight slide rule 83 feet 4 inches long, or, a circular rule 13 feet 3 inches in diameter"
—>  A New Chapter in Musical Acoustics
—>  "A new copy of the map of the British Isles by Gerard Mercator 1564"
—>  "A New Departure in the Self-Winding Mechanism of Watches"
—>  A New Dictionary of Natural History; or, Compleat Universal Display of Animated Nature. With accurate representations of the most curious and beautiful animals, elegantly coloured
—>  A New Dictionary of the English and Italian Languages containing the whole vocabulary in general use with copious selections of scientific, technical and commercial terms and others lately brought into use with their pronunciation figured
—>  A New Form of Electrometer : 2 entries
—>  "A New Form of Position-Finder for Adaptation to Ship's Compasses"
—>  "A New Form of Right-Ascension Slow Motion for Equatorial Telescopes, Illustrated by the Driving Gear of the Cape Town Equatorial"
—>  A New French-English and English-French Dictionary Composed on a New Plan, compiled from the English dictionaries of Ogilvie, Worcester, Webster, Latham, Johnson, Cooley, etc.; and the French dictionaries of the "Academie", of Bescherelle, Littre, etc., a
—>  A New General and Algebraical Solution of the Higher Orders of Equations: with Solutions of Equations to the Tenth Degree inclusive
—>  A New General Theory of the Teeth of Wheels
—>  A new geographical, historical, and commercial grammar; and present state of the several kingdoms of the world
—>  A New German and English Dictionary
—>  A New Guidebook to The Heart of Oxford: With particular attention to the architecture and history of the academic centre through a walking tour of the area
—>  A New Handling of the Planisphere, divided into three sections
—>  A New History of Photography
—>  A New Introduction to Bibliography
—>  "A New Look at Old Linear Measures"
—>  A new manual of logarithms to seven places of decimals
—>  A New Medical Dictionary; or, General Repository of Physic. Containing an explanation of the terms, and a description of the various particulars relating to Anatomy, Physiology, Physics Surgery, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, etc. etc. etc. Each Article, accor
—>  A New Method for Discovering the Longitude both at Sea and Land, Humbly Proposed to the Consideration of the Publick
—>  A New Method of Chemistry; including the History, Theory, and Practice of the Art: Translated from the Original Latin of Dr Boerhaave's "Elementa Chemiae, as Published by Himself. To which are added, Notes; and an Appendix, shewing the Necessity and Utili
—>  "A new method of constructing Sun-Dials, for any given latitude, without the assistance of Dialling Scales, or Logarithmic Calculations"
—>  "A new method of constructing Sun-Dials, for any given latitude, without the assistance of Dialing Scales, or Logarithmic Calculations"
—>  A New Method of constructing Sun-Dials, for any given Latitude, without the Assistance of Dialling Scales or Logarithmic Calculations
—>  A New Method of finding the Longitude by an Altitude of the Moon, when Two, Three, or more Hours distant from the Meridian; independent of the Longitude by Account
—>  "A New Method of Handling Celloidin Sections in Bulk and X-Ray Control of Decalcification in the Histology of Bone"
—>  A New Method of Measuring Solids by Models and Instruments: to which is added, A Description of the Mechanical Part for the Improvement of Husbandry and Mining
—>  A New Method of Physick: or, a Short View of Paraclsus and Galen's Practice; In 3. Treatises I. Opening the Nature of Physick and Alchymy. II. Shewing what things are Requisite to a Physitian and Alchymist. III. Containing an Harmonical Systeme of Physick
—>  A New Method of Resolving Cubic Equations
—>  A New Method of Solving Equations with ease and expedition: by which the True Value of the Unknown Quantity is found without Previous Reduction. With a Supplement containing Two Other Methods of Solving Equations derived from the Same Principle
—>  "A new Method of Solving Numerical Equations of all Orders, by continuous Approximation"
—>  "A new model of Refractometer"
—>  A New School Geometry
—>  A New Series for the Rectification of the Ellipsis together with some Observations on the Evolution of the Formula (a2 + b2 - 2ab cosTH)n
—>  "A New Start for Oxford?"
—>  "A new suspension of the Magnetic Needle, intended for the Discovery of minute quantities of magnetic attraction; also an Air vane of great Sensibility, with new Experiments on the Magnetism of Iron filings and Brass"
—>  A New System of Chemical Philosophy
—>  A New System of Minerology, in the form of Catalogue, after the manner of Baron Born's Systematic Catalogue of the collection of fossils of Mlle Eleonore de Raab
—>  A new system of modern geography : or, a geographical, historical, and commercial grammar; and present state of the several kingdoms of the world
—>  A New Table of Right Ascensions and Declinations
—>  A New Theory of Acute and Slow Continu'd Fevers: Wherein Besides the Appearances of such, and the Manner of their Cure, occasionally, the Structure of the Glands, and the Manner and Laws of Secretion, the Operation of Purgative, Vomitive, and Mercurial Me
—>  A New Theory of Galvanism, supported by some Experiments and Observations made by means of the Calorimeter, a New Galvanic Instrument. Also, a New Mode of Decomposing Potash extenporaneously. Read before the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
—>  A New Treatise of the Construction and Use of the Sector ...
—>  A New Treatise on Short Hand, on an Improved Plan: The Alphabet Consisting of Sixteen Characters Only: Being a Sufficient Instructor in that Art
—>  A new treatise on the use of the globes; : or a philosophical view of the earth and heavens
—>  A New Treatise on the Use of the Globes; Or, A Philosophical View of The Earth And Heavens
—>  A New Treatise, Proving a Multiplicity of Worlds. That the Planets are Regions Inhabited, and the Earth a Star, and that it is out of the Center of the World in the third Heaven, and turns round before the Sun which is fixed. And other most Rare and Curio
—>  "A New Type of Light-Source for Phase-Microscopy"
—>  A New Universal History of Arts and Sciences, shewing their Origin, Progress, Theory, Use and Practice, and exhibiting the Invention, Structure, Improvement, and Uses, of the most considerable Instruments, Engines, and Machines, with their Nature, Power,
—>  "A new universal sundial design"
—>  ''A New Visible World': Microscopical Correspondence of the Royal Society, 1666-1705'
—>  A New World: England's first view of America
—>  A New, Correct, and Complete Ready Reckoner; Containing a Variety of Extensive Calculations for the Accomodation and Assistance of Merchants and Tradesmen; Exhibiting at One View, the Amount of Any Number of Articles, or Quantity of Goods, From 1, up to 2
—>  "A Night Clock by Edward East"
—>  "A Notable Case of Finger-reckoning in America"
—>  "A note on a eudiometer supposed to have belonged to Henry Cavendish"
—>  "A Note on an Early Treatise on the Astrolabe"
—>  "A Note on Early Fossil Wood Sections from the Allen Thomson Collection"
—>  "A Note on H. G. J. Moseley in Manchester"
—>  A Note on History of Science as an Academic Subject
—>  "A Note on Mr. Ablett's Paper on the Angle of Contact between Paraffin Wax and Water"
—>  "A Note on the Astrolabe of Regiomontanus"
—>  "A note on the Astronomers of the Vecinho Family" [&] "A further note on the Astronomers of the Vecinho Family"
—>  "A Note on the Autobiographical Manuscripts of John Edward Gray (1800-1875)"
—>  "A note on the correspondence of Martin Folkes, P. R. S"
—>  "A Note on the Genesis of Coleridge's Thinking on War and Peace"
—>  "A Note on the Oil Fields Investigation under Military Government at Celle 1945-1947"
—>  "A Note on the Original Epitaphs to Thomas Sydenham"
—>  "A note on William Blake and John Hunter" : 2 entries
—>  "A Note relating to the Preservation of Negatives"
—>  "A Pair of Alchemical Ivory Figures"
—>  "A Pair of Fifteenth-Century Spectacle Frames from the City of London"
—>  "A Pair of Globes by Willem Blaeu"
—>  A panegyrick on the Newtonian philosophy : shewing the nature and dignity of the science ... : 2 entries
—>  A Paper and Resolutions in advocacy of the Establishment of a Uniform System of Meteorological Observations throughout the whole American Continent
—>  A Paper on the Shape of the Wheel-Teeth in the New Clock for the New Royal Exchange
—>  A Paper, on the Patent Azimuth and Steering Compass
—>  A Parallel of the Antient Architecture with the Modern in a Collection of Ten Principal Authors who have written upon the Five Orders. viz. Palladio and Scamozzi, Serlio and Vignola, D. Barbaro and Cataneo, L. B. Alberti and Viola, Bullant and de Lorme, C
—>  "A Peep into Herschel's Workshop"
—>  A Perpetual Calendar
—>  A Persian Translation of the Eleventh Century Arabic Alchemical Treatise 'ain as-san'ah wa'aun as-sana'ah
—>  "A Personal Appreciation of Professor Alexander Thom"
—>  "A Personal Note about my Late Father, Alexander Thom" and "The Career and Publications of Alexander Thom"
—>  A Philological Essay Concerning the Pygmies of the Ancients. A.D. 1699
—>  A philosophical account of the works of nature: : as founded upon a plan of the late Mr. Addison. Containing, I. The several gradations remarkable in the mineral, vegetable, and animal parts of the creation; tending to the composition of a scale of life.
—>  A Philosophical Dissertation on the Diving Vessel Projected by Mr Day, and Sunk in Plymouth Sound
—>  A Philosophicall Discourse concerning Speech, conformable to the Cartesian Principles, Dedicated to The Most Christian King
—>  "A Photographic Deetermination of the Proper Motion of 250 Stars in the Neighbourhood of S 443"
—>  A Physician in a Great City
—>  "A Physician's Collection of Pharmacy Jars"
—>  A Physico-Medical Essay Concerning the late frequency of Apoplexies. Together with a general Method of their Prevention, and Cure. In a Letter to a Physitian
—>  A Pictorial History of Chemistry
—>  A Pictorial History of Science and Engineering: The Story of Man's Technological and Scientific Progress from the Dawn of History to the Present, told in 1,000 pictures and 75,000 words
—>  A Picturesque View of the Principal Mountains of the World, in their respective proportions of height above the level of the sea
—>  "A Pioneer of the German Optical Industry: Ernst Leitz I - 150th Anniversary of his Birth"
—>  A Plain and Familiar Introduction to the Newtonian Experimental Philosophy : 3 entries
—>  A plain and familiar introduction to the Newtonian philosophy
—>  A plain and familiar introduction to the Newtonian philosophy, : in six sections illustrated by six copper plates
—>  A Plaine Discovery, of the Whole Revelation of S. John: set downe in two treatises: the one searching and proving the true interpretation thereof: the other applying the same paraphrasticallie and Historicallie to the text
—>  A Plan for observing the Meteors called fire-balls
—>  A planta do Funchal de Mateus Fernandes (c. 1570)
—>  "A Plea for aged and Decayed Typewriters"
—>  A Pocket Book Containing severall Choice Collections in Arithmetic, Navigation, Astronomy, Astrology, Geometry, Geography, Surveying, Measuring, Dialling, Gaugeing
—>  A Pocket-Microscope
—>  A poem on the late civil war
—>  "A Polperro Fishwife"
—>  A Popular Course of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, for the Use of Schools and Students, etc.
—>  A Popular Dictionary of Islam
—>  A popular grammar of the elements of astronomy : adapted to the use of students and public schools
—>  A Popular Handbook to the Microscope : 2 entries
—>  A Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century : 2 entries
—>  A Popular History of Science
—>  A Popular Lecture on the Astronomy and Philosophy of Comets. In which, The Opinions of the Antients, and the Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton, Relative to those Bodies, are introduced and explained
—>  A Popular Sketch of Electro-Magnetism, or Electro-Dynamics; with plates of the most approved apparatus for illustrating the principal phenomena of the science, and outlines of the parent sciences Electricity and Magnetism : 2 entries
—>  A Portion of the Papers Relating to the Great Clock for the New Palace at Westminster
—>  "A Portrait of James Short, F.R.S., Attributable to Benjamin Wilson, F.R.S."
—>  "A Portrait-Painter Who Studied the Moon" : 2 entries
—>  A Portraiture of the Heavens, as they appear to the naked eye: constructed for the use of Students in Astronomy by ...
—>  A Portuguese chart of 1492 by Jorge Aguiar
—>  "A Possible Development of J. S. Haldane's Views on the Relation between Quantum Mechanics and Biology"
—>  A Practical Description of Every Form of Medico-Electric Apparatus in Modern Use with Plain Directions for Mounting, Charging, and Working
—>  A practical essay on chemical re-agents or tests : Illustrated by a series of experiments
—>  A practical introduction to medical electricity : with a compendium of electrical treatment translated from the French of Dr. Onimus
—>  A Practical Method for finding the Longitude and Latitude of a Ship at Sea, by Observations of the Moon; with General Rules for computing the same, illustrated by Examples. Together with all the necessary Tables, and their Explanations. To which are added
—>  A Practical Treatise of the Plague, and All Pestilential Infections that have happen'd in this Island for the last Century, Laying down the Rules and Methods then used by the most learned Physicians of those Times (as Butler, Atkins, Bate, Johnston, Fabri
—>  A Practical Treatise on Electric Lighting
—>  A practical treatise on gas-light: : exhibiting a summary description of the apparatus and machinery best calculated for illuminating streets, houses, and manufactories, with carburetted hydrogen, or coal-gas: with remarks on the utility, safety, and gene
—>  A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Stomach, and of Digestion; including the history and treatment of those affections of the Liver and Digestive Organs, which occur in persons who return from the East or West Indies; with Observations on Various
—>  A Practical Treatise on the Sliding Rule: In two parts
—>  A Practical Treatise on the Use of Portable Mathematical Instruments, in Various Parts of The Mathematics. To which is added, A Complete System of Land-Surveying
—>  A Practical Treatise on the use of the Microscope, including the Different Methods of Preparing and Examining Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Structures : 2 entries
—>  A Practical Treatise on the use of the Microscope, including the different methods of preparing and examining animal, vegetable, and mineral structures
—>  "A Pre-Columbian Map of the World, circa 1489"
—>  A Preliminary Guide to Apothecaries in Book Subscription Lists
—>  "A Preliminary Measurement of a Primary Gas-Grown Skin"
—>  A Previously Unnoticed Fragment of Chaucer's Treatise on the Astrolabe
—>  'A Problem of Provenance: A Technical Analysis of the Champlain Astrolabe'
—>  A Prognostication of Right Good effect, fruitfully augmented, contayning playne, briefe, pleasant, chosen rules, to iudge the wether for euer, by the Sunne, Moone, Sterres, Cometes, Raynebowe, Thunder, Cloudes, with other Extraordinarie tokens, not omitti
—>  "A Program toward Rediscovering the Rational Mechanics of the Age of Reason"
—>  A projeccao da nautica portuguesa quinhentista na Europa
—>  "A propos de l'alidade de Pierre Guillaume Martel"
—>  "A propos des premieres montres / Over de eerste horloges"
—>  A propos des tables astronomiques de Pierre d'Aragon
—>  A Propos d'une Traduction de L'Optique et de la Catoptrique D'Euclide
—>  "A Proposal for an Active Communication Satellite System based on Inclined Elliptic Orbits"
—>  A Proposal to Determine our Longitude
—>  A proposed explanation of the closed Indian Ocean on some Ptolemaic maps of the twelfth-fifteenth centuries
—>  A Publication of Surveying and Measuring ... Of Dialling
—>  "A Rainy-Day Heaven in Oxford"
—>  "A Rare Manuscript Adding to our Knowledge of the Work of Peter Artedi"
—>  A Rational Account of the Weather, shewing the Signs of its several Changes and Alterations, together with the Philosophical Reasons of them. Collected not only from Common Observations, but chiefly from some of the most approv'd Authors, the most celebra
—>  A Rational Account of the Weather. Shewing the Signs of its several Changes and Alterations, together with the Philosophical Reasons of them. Collected, not only from Common Observations, but chiefly from some of the most Approved Authors, the most Celebr
—>  A Rationale Upon the Book of Common-Prayer Of the Church of England
—>  "A Reconstruction of the Han Dynasty Calendar based on the Han Slips"
—>  A Record of Fires in Oxford A.D. 979 to 1870
—>  A Record of Graduates 1841-1981 : 2 entries
—>  "A recording transpirometer"
—>  "A Re-examination of the Michelson-Morley Experiment"
—>  "A Re-examination of the Stigmarian Problem"
—>  A Reference List of Surgical Instruments and Medical Appliances Orthopaedic and Deformity Apparatus Hospital Furniture and Equipment Electro-Medical and Surgical Apparatus, etc.
—>  "A Reflective Sun-dial at Milcote Hall"
—>  A Regiment for the Sea, and other writings on navigation
—>  "A Regional Map of the Early XVIth Century"
—>  A Register of One of Mr. Mudge's Time-Keepers
—>  A Register of the going of Mr. Mudge's First Time-Keeper, from April the 18th, 1780, to May the 7th, 1781: with two other Registers of the same Time-piece
—>  "A Rejoinder to Professor Weismann"
—>  "A Relation of a Voyage made through a great part of Spain by Francis Willughby Esq; containing the chief Observables he met with there, collected out of his Notes"
—>  "A Remarkable Italian Astrolabe from ca. 1300 - Witness to an Ingenious Tradition of Non-standard Astrolabes"
—>  'A Renaissance Sun-Dial of the Oxford Collection Made by Father Hans Dorn'
—>  A Reply to a Critical and Monthly Reviewer, in which is inserted Euler's Demonstration of the Binomial Theoram
—>  A Reply to a Pamphlet entitled Observations on the First Chapter of a Book called Miscellanea Analytica
—>  A Reply to Mr Robins's Remarks on the Essay upon Distinct and Indistinct Vision published at the End of Dr Smith's Compleat System of Opticks
—>  A Reply to the Animadversions of the Edinburgh Reviewers, on some papers published in the Philosophical Transactions
—>  A Reply to the Answer of Dr Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal, to A Narrative of Facts, relating to some Time-Keepers constructed by Mr Thomas Mudge, for the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea, etc. To which is added A Short Explanation of the most proper method
—>  A Report containing an account of experiments made on board H. M. Ships Leven, Conway, and Griper, for correcting the local attraction of those vessels
—>  "A Report of the Proceedings of the Philosophical Society in Northampton, from its Institution, Nov. 11, 1743, to the general Meeting, Nov. 5, 1745" and "Explanation of the Dial, Fig. III"
—>  A Report of Work on the Protozoa of Lake Erie, with especial reference to the laws of their movements
—>  A Report on the Microscopic Objects found in Cholera Evacuations, etc.
—>  A report on the museums and art galleries of British Africa by Sir Henry A. Miers ... and S.F. Markham ... together with a report on the museums of Malta, Cyprus and Gibraltar by Alderman Chas. Squire and D.W. Herdman to the Carnegie Corporation of New Yo
—>  A Restitution of the Geometrical Treatise of Apollonius Pergaeus on Inclinations. Also the Theory of Gunnery; or the Doctrine of Projectiles in a Non-Resisting Medium
—>  "A Review of Crystallographic Microscopy"
—>  "A Review of the Medical Literature of the Dark Ages, with a New Text of about 1110"
—>  A Review of the Theory of the Earth, and of its Proofs: especially in reference to Scripture
—>  "A Revised Catalogue of Pre-Telescopic Galactic Novae and Supernovae"
—>  A Revision and Re-arrangement of the Constellations
—>  A Rhythmic Approach to Mathematics
—>  A Rich Closet of Physical Secrets, collected by the Elaborate paines of four severall Students in Physick, and digested together: viz. The Childbearers Cabinet. A Preservative against the Plague and small Pox. Physicall Experiments presented to our late Q
—>  "A riddle of history: Queen Elizabeth I and the Albertus Laski affair"
—>  "A Robinson balance by Adie & Son of Edinburgh"
—>  "A Roman Sun-dial"
—>  "A Royal compass-dial"
—>  A Rudimentary Treatise on Clock and Watch Making
—>  A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks, Watches, and Bells for Public Purposes
—>  "A Russian Version of the 'Secreta Secretorum' in the Bodleian Library"
—>  A Sanctuary of Printing: the Record Room at the University Press, Oxford
—>  "A Scale of Values" : 2 entries
—>  "A scene from the Hypnerotomachia in a painting by Garofalo"
—>  "A Schoolboy Astronomer"
—>  A Scientific Outpost: The First Half Century of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association
—>  "A Scientific Text of the Middle Ages"
—>  "A Search for the Mechanism of Earth Movements"
—>  "A Second Series of Micrometrical Measures of Double Stars, chiefly performed with the 7-Feet Equatorial, at Slough, in the Years 1831, 1832, 1833"
—>  A Second Supplement to Observations for determining the Refractive Indices for Definite Rays of the Solar Spectrum in Several Media
—>  A selection of astronomical observatories owned by amateur astronomers from the end of the 18th century to the present day : watercolour paintings and pen and ink sketches
—>  A Selection of Facts from the best authorities, arranged so as to form an outline of the Geology of England and Wales. With a Map and Sections of the Strata.
—>  "A Seleucid Table of Daily Solar(?) Positions"
—>  "A self-closing water bucket for plankton investigations (with 4 figures in text)"
—>  A Series of Experiments by which the Integrant Parts of the Fluor Spatosus, or Sparry Fluor, [p. 109, of Cronstedt's Mineralogy] are discovered
—>  A Series of Figures illustrative of Geometrical Optics. Reduced from the steel engravings executed by F. Engel, under the direction of Prof. Schellbach of Berlin. Together with an Explanation, forming A Treatise. Translated from the German of Prof. Schell
—>  A Series of Figures Illustrative of Geometrical Optics, Reduced from Steel Engravings Executed by F. Engel under the Direction of Professor K. Schellbach of Berlin. Together with an Explanation forming a Treatise Translated from the German of Professor Sc
—>  A Series of Metric Tables, in which British Standard Measures and Weights are compared with those of the Metric System at present in use on the Continent
—>  A Sermon of the Credibility of the Mysteries of the Christian Religion, preached before a Learned Audience
—>  A Sermon preached at the Funeral of the Honourable Robert Boyle; at St. Martins in the Fields, January 7. 1691/2
—>  "A Seventeenth Century Calendar Scale for Coins and Mathematical Instruments / With a checklist of coin-calendars in the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford"
—>  "A Seventeenth-Century Dream Interpreted"
—>  "A Shepherd's Time-Stick, Nagari inscribed"
—>  "A Short Account of Space Representation in Pictorial Art"
—>  A Short Account of the Eye, and Nature of Vision. Chiefly designed to Illustrate the Use and Advantage of Spectacles ...
—>  A Short Account of the History of Mathematics
—>  "A Short Account of the Improvements gradually made in determining the Astronomic Refraction"
—>  A Short Account of the late Mr. Reuben Burrow's Measurement of a Degree of Longitude and another of Latitude, near the Tropic in Bengal, in the Years 1790, 1791
—>  A Short Consideration of Mr. Erasmus Warren's Defence of his Exceptions against the Theory of the Earth, In a Letter to a Friend
—>  A Short Course in Elementary Meteorology
—>  A Short Course on Physical Anthropology
—>  A Short Discourse concerning Pestilential Contagion, and the Methods to be used to Prevent it
—>  A Short Elementary Treatise on Experimental and Mathematical Optics Designed for the use of Students in the University
—>  A Short History 1617-1937
—>  A Short History of Anatomical Teaching in Oxford
—>  A Short History of Astronomy
—>  A Short History of Biology: A General Introduction to the Study of Living Things
—>  A Short History of Lighting
—>  A Short History of Medicine: Introducing Medical Principles to Students and Non-Medical Readers
—>  A Short History of Observatories
—>  "A short History of Ophthalmia during the Egyptian Campaigns of 1798-1807"
—>  A Short History of Physics
—>  A Short History of Science : 2 entries
—>  A Short History of Science to the Nineteenth Century
—>  A Short History of Scientific Ideas to 1900
—>  "A Short History of Spectacles. With Special Reference to the Spectacle Makers Company"
—>  A Short History of St. Bartholomew's Hospital 1123-1923
—>  A Short History of Surgical Dressings
—>  A Short History of Technology from the Earliest Times to A.D. 1900
—>  A Short History of the Camera
—>  A Short History of the Firm of Thomas Walker and Son Limited Birmingham: Nautical Instrument Makers
—>  A short history of the Grocers' Company : together with a description of Grocers' Hall and the principal objects of interest therein.
—>  "A Short History of the Libraries and List of Manuscripts and Original Drawings in the British Museum (Natural History)"
—>  A Short History of the Physiological Society 1926-1976
—>  A short history of the progress of scientific chemistry in our own times
—>  A Short History of the Radcliffe Infirmary
—>  A short history of the Science Museum
—>  A Short History of the Watson Service Microscope
—>  A Short History of Weighing
—>  A Short Manual of Analytical Chemistry, Qualitative and Quantitative - Inorganic and Organic
—>  A Short Organic Chemistry : 2 entries
—>  "A Short Sketch of the History of the Oxford Medical School" : 2 entries
—>  A Short Treatise of dialling, shewing the making of all sorts of sun-dials…….
—>  A Short Treatise of the Combinations, Elections, Permutations and Composition of Quantities. Illustrated By several Examples, with a New Speculation of the Differences of the Powers of Numbers
—>  A Short View of Electricity
—>  A Short View of the Frauds, and Abuses Committed by Apothecaries; As well in Relation to Patients, as Physicians: and Of the only Remedy thereof by Physicians making their own Medicines : 2 entries
—>  A shorter history of science
—>  "A simple form of harmonic analyser"
—>  "A Simple Graphic Method for the Determination of Galvanometer and Fluxmeter Constants, with a Note on the Measurement of Intense Magnetic Fields"
—>  "A Simple Method of Navigating in Deserts"
—>  "A simple single-wire surface pressure balance"
—>  "A Sixteenth Century Mathematical Instrument Case"
—>  "A Sixteenth Century mechanical globe"
—>  "A Six-Ton Meteorite: Interesting Phenomenon on N. W. Frontier"
—>  A Sketch of Modern and Antient Geography, for the use of schools
—>  "A Sketch of the Character of Mr. Thomas Wright, late of Byer's-Green Lodge, in the County of Durham"
—>  A Sketch of the History and Principles of Watch-Work
—>  "A Slice of Death: The Art of Dissection in the Low Countries"
—>  A Slide Rule Bibliography
—>  A Social History of Engineering
—>  A Sociedade Real Maritima e o exame das cartas hidrograficas : censura da carta de Cabo Verde de Francisco Antonio Cabral (1790)
—>  A Source Book of Agricultural Chemistry
—>  A Special Collection of Ancient and Modern books on or relating to Freemasonry
—>  A Spectacle of Spectacles: Exhibition Catalogue
—>  "A Spurious Portrait of Robert Hooke (1635-1703)" : 2 entries
—>  A Star Atlas and Reference Handbook (Epoch 1950) for Students and Amateurs
—>  A Star Atlas and Reference Handbook (Epoch 1950) for Students and Amateurs, Covering the whole Star Sphere and showing over 9000 Stars, Nebulae, and Clusters; with Descriptive Lists of Objects mostly suitable for Small Telescopes; Notes on Planets, Star N
—>  A Statement of Circumstances connected with the late Election for the Presidency of the Royal Society
—>  A Statement of the Circumstances connected with the Removal of B. L. Vulliamy, by the Commissioners of Woods, from the Care of such of the Government Clocks as are in their Custody: Together with Copies of all the Correspondence connected with the same
—>  A Statement of the Various Proceedings and Transactions that have taken place between the Court of Assistants of the Clockmakers' Company of the City of London, and His Majesty's Government, in relation to the Importation of Foreign Clocks and Watches int
—>  "A Statement on Optical Reflection and "Refraction" Attributed to Nasir ud-Din at-Tusi"
—>  A Statement on Scientific Temper
—>  "A Statistical Examination of The Megalithic Sites in Britain (with discussion)"
—>  "A Stone Polyhedral Sundial Dated 1520, Attributed to Nicholas Kratzer and Found at Iron Acton Court, near Bristol"

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