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—>  A History of Science Technology, and Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century
—>  A History of Science, Technology, and Philosophy in the 16th & 17th Centuries
—>  A History of Science: Ancient Science through the Golden Age of Greece
—>  A History of Science: Hellenistic Science and Culture in the last three centuries B.C.
—>  A History of Scientific and Technical Periodicals: the origins and development of the scientific and technical press 1665-1790
—>  A History of Seamanship
—>  "A History of Some Pharmaceutical Presentations"
—>  A History of Technology : 7 entries
—>  A History of Technology & Invention: Progress Through the Ages
—>  'A History of the College Laboratories in Oxford'
—>  A History of the Daubeny Laboratory, Magdalen College, Oxford
—>  "A History of the Development of the Telescope from about 1675 to 1830 based on Documents in the Court Collection"
—>  A History of the Fossil Insects in the Secondary Rocks of England. accompanied by a particular account of the strata in which they occur, and of the circumstances connected with their preservation
—>  A History of the Hope Entomological Collections in the University Museum Oxford with Lists of Archives and Collections
—>  A History of The Institution of Electrical Engineers 1871-1971
—>  A History of the Linnean Society of London
—>  A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule and Allied Instruments
—>  A History of the Marconi Company
—>  A History of the Mathematical Theories of Attraction. and the Figure of the Earth, from the time of Newton to that of Laplace
—>  A History of the Mathematical Theory of Probability from the Time of Pascal to that of Laplace
—>  A History of the Navigator's Sextant
—>  A history of the Ordnance Board
—>  A History of the Ordnance Survey
—>  "A History of the Periodic Table"
—>  A History of the Photographic Lens
—>  A History of the Royal Society with memoirs of the presidents compiled from authentic documents
—>  A History of the Royal Society, with Memoirs of the Presidents
—>  A History of the Sciences: Main Currents of Scientific Thought
—>  A History of the Society of Antiquaries
—>  A History of the Theories of Rain and other Forms of Precipitation
—>  A History of the Thermometer and its uses in Meteorology
—>  A History of the Three Cathedrals Dedicated to St. Paul in London with Reference Chiefly to their Structure and Architecture, and the Sources whence the Necessary Funds were Derived
—>  A History of the University of Oxford
—>  A history of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom
—>  A History of Two Societies 1965-1990
—>  A History of Western Astrology
—>  A History of Western Technology
—>  A History of Wonderful Inventions
—>  A Horizontal Sun-Dial on Handsome Pedestal
—>  A Hundred Alchemical Books : 2 entries
—>  A Hundred Years of Anthropology
—>  A Hundred Years of Medicine
—>  A Hundred Years of Physics
—>  "A Hunterian Museum Manuscript on Magic"
—>  "A Hymne of Paradise"
—>  "A John Mercer Centenary"
—>  A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts
—>  A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem; at Easter, A.D. 1697
—>  A Key to Helmont. Or, a short Introduction To the better understanding of the Theory and Method Of the most Profound Chymical Physicians
—>  A Key to the First Part of an Introduction to Practical Arithmetic
—>  "A Korean Astronomical Screen of the Mid-Eighteenth Century from the Royal Palace of the Yi Dynasty (Choson Kingdom, 1392-1910)"
—>  A la Conquete des Mers Marins et Marchands des Bas-Pays
—>  "A la recherche des collections perdues a Geneve"
—>  A la Rencontre de Galilee: Deux Voyages en Italie
—>  A Laboratory Manual in Astronomy
—>  A Laboratory Outline of General Chemistry
—>  "A Lancashire Entomologist in the Time of Queen Elizabeth"
—>  "A Lantern Clock Signed 'Thomas Knifton at the [Crossed Keys] in Lothbury Fecit' and its Context"
—>  A Latin Dictionary founded on Andrews' Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary Revised, Enlarged, and in Great Part Rewritten
—>  "A Latin Treatise on the Chilindre (XIII. Century)"
—>  A learned treatise of Globes, Both Celestiall and Terrestriall: with their severall uses
—>  A Lecture on the History of the Law of Gravitation, delivered before the Islington Literary and Scientific Society, November 8th., 1856
—>  A Lecture on the History of the University Archives
—>  A Lecture on the Perpetual Motion
—>  "A Lecture with experiments on various subjects giving an account of several surprising Phenomena touching Light and Electricity"
—>  "A Legend of Salerno - How Constantine the African brought the art of Medicine to the Christians"
—>  A Letter from Galileo
—>  "A Letter from Mr. Rich. Dunthorne to the Rev. Dr Long, F.R.S. Master of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridge, and Lowndes's Professor of Astronomy and Geometry in that University, concerning Comets"
—>  A Letter from Richard Phillips, F. R. S. (1778-1857) to Michael Faraday, F. R. S. (1791-1867)
—>  "A Letter of Monsieur Cassini to the Publisher, giving his corrections to the Theory of the five Satellites of Saturn; With Tables of the Motions of those Satellites; adapted to the Meridian of London, and the Julian Account"
—>  "A Letter of William Dugdale, 1653"
—>  A Letter On Catheters Written by Benjamin Franklin to his brother John ... : 2 entries
—>  A Letter on Steam Gun-Boats of Shallow Draught and High Speed
—>  A Letter to Benjamin Franklin, LL.D., Fellow of the Royal Society, in which his Pretensions to the Title of Natural Philosopher are considered
—>  A Letter to Dr Hooker ... from Dr Acland ...
—>  A Letter to Hugh Hamilton, D.D. Dean of Armagh
—>  A Letter to Mr George Adams on the Subject of Medical Electricity
—>  A Letter to the Board of Visitors of the Greenwich Royal Observatory, in reply to the Calumnies of Mr. Babbage at their Meeting in June 1853, and in his book entitled The Exposition of 1851
—>  A Letter to the Board of Visitors of the Greenwich Royal Observatory in reply to the Calumnies of Mr Babbage at their Meeting in June 1853, and in his Book entitled the Exposition of 1851
—>  A Letter to the Fellows of the Royal and the Royal Astronomical Societies, in reply to the Obituary Notice of the late Rev. Richard Sheepshanks, by the President and Council of the Royal Society; and Report of the Council of the Royal Astronomical Society
—>  "A Letter to the Members of Lincoln College, Oxford, on the Proposed Changes in their College, by the Bishop of Lincoln, Visitor of the College"
—>  A Letter to the Rev. Principal Hill, on the Case of Mr. John Leslie, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh; by the Author of Two Letters to Principal Hill, etc.
—>  A Letter to the Reverend Dr Powell, Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge; in Answer to his Observations on the First Chapter of a Book entitled Miscellanea Analytica and his Defence of those Observations
—>  A Letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone on the Statutes of the University of Oxford Commission
—>  A Letter to the Right Honoruable George Earl of Maccles-field. Concerning an Apparent Motion (Nutation) observed in some of the Fixed Stars
—>  A Letter to the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks, K. B. President of the Royal Society of London: Containing Strictures on his Letter to the National Institute of France
—>  A Life of Travels
—>  "A Light from 1066"
—>  "A List of Apparatus now in Manchester which belonged to Dr J. P. Joule, F.R.S., with Remarks on his MSS. Letters and Autobiography"
—>  A List of British Balance Makers 1625 - 1974
—>  A List of Bygones in the possession of the Museum
—>  A List of Irish Watch and Clock Makers
—>  "A List of Magic Lantern Manufacturers and Dealers Active in England During the 19th Century"
—>  A List of Members of the Clockmakers' Company of London from the Period of their Incorporation in 1631 to the year 1732
—>  A List of Portraits, etc., in the Royal College of Physicians of London : 2 entries
—>  "A List of Spectroscopes and Apparatus, manufactured and sold by William Ladd, 11 and 12, Beak Street, Regent Street, London, W. Microscope and Philosophical Instrument Manufacturer, by appointment to The Royal Institution of Great Britain, etc., etc., et
—>  "A List of Test Objects, Principally Double Stars, arranged in Classes, for the Trial of Telescopes in Various respects, as to Light, Distinctness, etc."
—>  "A List of the Optical and Philosophical Instruments mentioned in this Book; with the Prices at which they are made and sold by W. Harris, no. 47, Holborn, London"
—>  A List of the Paintings, Sculptures, Miniatures, &c.: with 108 Illustrations
—>  "A List of the Portraits in the Royal Society of Edinburgh with Biographical Notes"

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