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The search looks for the words you have typed anywhere in the field in the order you typed them
Use the wildcards _ for any single character and % for any group of characters
Do not place search terms within inverted commas or quotation marks
You may use OR and AND but nested queries using brackets are not supported

With ascii matching:
'ecole' finds 'école' and 'ecole'; 'KOSMOS' finds 'ΚΟΣΜΟΣ' and 'KOSMOS'
but 'école' finds nothing and 'ΚΟΣΜΟΣ' finds nothing

With exact matching:
'école' finds only 'école'; 'ΚΟΣΜΟΣ' finds only 'ΚΟΣΜΟΣ'
and 'ecole' finds only 'ecole' not 'école'; 'KOSMOS' only 'KOSMOS' not 'ΚΟΣΜΟΣ'

Exact matching supports the complete set of Unicode characters
Exact matching is case-sensitive for all characters outside the Latin-1 (ANSI) character set
Ascii matching is case-insensitive for all characters
Support for full Unicode exact matching requires the use of a version 4 browser or above
(if your browsers is Unicode incompatible it will display question marks above)

The date field currently only works as a text-based search and currently will not find a between dates unless this date is included in the text. We hope to upgrade this functionality in the near future.