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Painting (Oil on Canvas, Framed) of Sir John Chardin, 1711

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Inventory Number: 72661
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Persons: Sir John Chardin (Subject)
Date Created: 1711
Accession Number: 1951-47
Brief Description: THIS PORTRAIT IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING REINTERPRETATION. We are working with a history of art undergraduate in 2020 to understand and draw attention to the boy of colour holding the map.


Portrait of Sir John Chardin, oil on canvas, dated 1711, by an unknown British artist.

Elaborate gilt frame incorporating an inscription commemorating the gift of the picture to the Ashmolean Museum by Chardin's eldest son, and various scientific instruments: telescopes, nocturnals, backstaves and cross-staves.
Primary Inscriptions: "Anno 1711 AEtatis 68"
Provenance: Lent by the Ashmolean Museum in 1951. Given to the Ashmolean Museum by the subject's eldest son Sir John Chardin, Bt.
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