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Pocket Microscope with Accessories and Case, English, c. 1790

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Inventory Number: 54539
Object Type: Object
Place Created: England United Kingdom Europe
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Accession Number: 1955-1
Brief Description: Pocket microscope with wooden oval-shaped base, square pillar, circular stage and eyepiece with two swivelling lenses. Contained in a fitted wooden cylindrical case with green velvet interior lining, fish skin coating and hinged lid with hook fasteners. The case also contains 1 Bone slider and a glass slider with a red paper coating on one side, containing a locust wing specimen.
Primary Inscriptions: None.
Provenance: Provenance: A handwritten note on a piece of white paper "Gift. 10: vii: l954 from Miss H. L. Tuer 8, The Garth Yarnton Oxon." Also a piece of card with a typed note: "An 18th century pocket microscope in a fish-skin case. (Presented by Miss H. L. Tuer)"
Collection Group:
Material(s): Copper Alloy
Fish Skin
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
49 102 70 mm

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