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Print (Engraving) Walter Charleton, by Loggan, 1679

preview image for Print (Engraving) Walter Charleton, by Loggan, 1679
Inventory Number: 73564
Object Type:
Persons: David Loggan (Engraver)
Walter Charleton (Subject)
Date Created: 1679
Subject Classification(s): Prints Collection  
Brief Description: Print (engraving) Walter Charleton, by Loggan, 1679. Portrait of Walter Charleton in oval cartouche with inscription around frame. Mounted.
Primary Inscriptions: Wiithin portrait frame: 'Effigies Gualteri Charletoni. Med. Doct. & Coll. Med. Lond. Soc II. Anno Christ. M.D. C.LXXV Aetat suae 56.'
Collection Group:
Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
209 149 mm

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