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Gregorian Reflecting Telescope, by James Short, London, 1742

preview image for Gregorian Reflecting Telescope, by James Short, London, 1742
Inventory Number: 98721
Object Type:
Persons: James Short
Date Created: 1742
Place Created: London United Kingdom (England) Europe
Accession Number: 1934-7
Brief Description: Primary Mirror and case, four secondary mirrors mounted on metal boards, two large eyepieces with removable lenses, and tweezers.
Primary Inscriptions: "IAMES SHORT, LONDON, FECIT. = No. = 1 = 144 = 1742 = & REPAIR'D BY THOMAS SHORT HIS BROTHER 1770"
Provenance: Presented by the Radcliffe Trustees
Collection Group:
Material(s): Pine
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
110 mm


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Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/98721