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43-inch Transit Instrument, by John Bird, c. 1760

preview image for 43-inch Transit Instrument, by John Bird, c. 1760
Inventory Number: 96686
Object Type:
Persons: John Bird
Date Created: c. 1760
Accession Number: 1933-14
Brief Description: Cross-shaped instrument with a central metal cube and four arms, one on each side (all arms are on the same plane). Two arms, opposite one another, are tapered and one has a flat strip of metal extending perpendicularly from the end. Two tubular arms, opposite one another, do not taper; each of these arms is broken off at the end. There are three broken pieces of tubing and an end cap.

Broken, two pieces known in 2004: the central axis (with metal arm attached), with adjacent sections of the tube attached, c. 300mm in each direction from central square block; second section comprises of 360mm end section of tube with lens and cap in place. A further three pieces (2 pieces of tube and an end cap) identified April 2008. One of the tube parts carries Bird's signature. Juxtaposing the four tube parts (which look to fit together) gives an overall length of approximately 50".
Primary Inscriptions: "J. Bird London"
Provenance: Presented by the Radcliffe Trustees in 1933. From the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford.
Collection Group: Radcliffe Observatory Collection
Material(s): Metal
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
615 627 65 mm


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