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Photograph (Experimental Photogenic Drawing), by Sir John Herschel, ?1841/42

Inventory Number: 82704
Object Type:
Persons: Sir John Frederick William Herschel (Photographer)
Date Created:
Accession Number: 1928-71
Brief Description: Experimental photogenic drawing by Sir John Herschel, undated, probably 1841/42. Four-figure numbers (including 1216 and 1217) occur among the phytotype experiments of 1841 onwards, so the number 1214 would suggest it belongs with them, though the dense colour and negative image preclude it being a phytotype. It would otherwise be thought to be a variant from 1839. The colouring is very unusual, and although the darker side seems to be the front, the image is clearer on the back.

Subject: engraving, sailing ship (left) and yacht
Technique: contact copy
Format: horizontal
Polarity: negative
Orientation: ?laterally reversed
Quality: poor, very dense, clearer on back
Colour: dark murky grey, darker brownish grey border
Chemistry: not known
Coating: none
Inscription: number (on front)
Paper: normal, thinnish
Condition: good
Purpose: not know (see above).

For fuller descriptive and historical commentary see narratives.
Primary Inscriptions: '1214'.
Provenance: Presented by Miss Herschel and Lady Lubbock in 1928. They were the two surviving and youngest children of Sir John Herschel (Francisca and Constance).
Collection Group: Herschel's Photographic Experiments
Material(s): Paper
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
101 129 mm


Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/82704