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Dolezalek Quadrant Electrometer, by E. Leybold, Cologne c. 1920

preview image for Dolezalek Quadrant Electrometer, by E. Leybold, Cologne c. 1920
Inventory Number: 70580
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Place Created: Cologne Germany Europe
Brief Description: Similar in action to Kelvin's quadrant electrometer, but increased sensitivity is obtained by means of a finer suspension and a lighter needle. F. Dolezalek (1897) used a fine silvered quartz or glass fibre suspension about 0.0006 mm diam., and a silvered paper needle. Each small copper alloy quadrant is supported by an amber pillar ensuring a high degree of insulation. The Leyden jar has been replaced by an external battery maintaining a P.D. of 40 to 160 volts between needle and quadrants. The instrument is enclosed by a copper alloy cylinder with rectangular window for the deflection of the mirror. The terminals insulated by amber tubes are below the base.
Primary Inscriptions: Signed: "E. LEYBOLD'S NACHFOLGER COELN-RHEIN"
Provenance: Transferred from the Clarendon Laboratory?
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Material(s): Copper Alloy
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
375 170 mm


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