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Set of Beevers Lipson Strips, Sine Set, c.1946

Inventory Number: 46492
Object Type:
Accession Number: 2003-6/2
Brief Description: A set of Sine Beevers-Lipson Strips in a wooden case. The case has a removable lid with one of the longer sides hinged to a thin piece of wood. The case has two clasp fastenings and a leather handle. The thin card Beevers-Lipson Strips are housed inside the box, printed with numbers. Along with a case of Cosine Beevers-Lipson Strips (inv. 45229), these would have helped with the calculations of crystal structures before modern computing.
Primary Inscriptions: "S" plaque on lid.
Provenance: Transferred from the Department of Crystallography, Oxford, per Professor Keith Prout. Likely to have been used by Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin in the late 1930s / early 1940s as part of her Nobel Prize winning research.
Collection Group:
Material(s): Wood
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
204 403 178 mm


Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/46492