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Inventory Number: 46448
Object Type: Object
Subject Classification(s): Microscopy  
Brief Description: The body is in a number of parts that screw or push together. A dust cover screws into a cylinder labelled E. This in turn screws onto a series of lenses. The first three are in threaded brass settings inscribed 1, 2 and 3 and a fourth lens is mounted in a cylinder. This assembly pushes into the lower part of the body consisting of two further brass cylinders labelled D and A that push together. The body is held in a collar in two halves, hinged at one side and a locking screw at the other. The optical components are supported by an arm that slides in a sleeve, with a locking screw, on a pivoting joint at the top of the square cross-sectioned pillar. The pillar also supports the circular stage which has two pin holes and spring clips on the upper and lower surfaces. Below the stage is a collar for a condensing lens and the plano-concave mirror on an articulated mount. The angle of the body can be adjusted by two joints on the pillar, one at its base and one between the stage and lower components. The tripod base stands on three hinged legs. There are two pieces of red fabric on the collar holding the microscope in place.
Provenance: Purchased from Dr. Reginald S. Clay with his collection.
Collection Group: Clay Collection
Material(s): Copper alloy
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
426 218 264 mm

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