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Lower's Transfusion Tubes Model

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Inventory Number: 45160
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Accession Number: 1928-49
Brief Description: Collection of replica transfusion tubes, based on drawings of Richard Lower who pioneered early blood transfusion. Tubes are mounted on green card in order to be displayed.
Display consists of eight tubes made from metal with black rubber connections, and two bow-headed tubes. Each tube is numbered and mounted next to a printed interpretation panel.
Tubes are held to green card by string.
Primary Inscriptions: 'Lower's Transfusion Tubes Modelled on his Drawings of 1669 'Fig 1. A silver tube a, ending in a nozzle b with two raised rings to prevent the ligatured vessels from slipping off.' 'Fig 2. Silver tube for passing blood into a man's arm. The end b is inserted into the brachial vein and the the tube is kept in place by a thread passed through the holes in the lugs dd.' 'Fig 3. To the tubes cc are tied a cervical artery a, and a jugular vein f by ligatures d and g respectively. Knots that can be easily tightened or loosened at b and h regulate the blood flow.' 'Fig 4. As india rubber tubing for connexions were not available, Lower used a length of cervical artery (a) to connect tubes bb.' 'Fig 5. The complete apparatus for transfusing from one animal to another. a. Jugular vein into which blood from artery g of another animal, is to be passed. Both vein and artery are tied to silver tubes b and f, at c and h. Tubes b and f are then joined by eee, the connecting tube described in fig. 4' 'Fig 6. A similar apparatus for passing blood from an animal into a man.'
Provenance: Associated with Lower
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Material(s): Card
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
230 266 15 mm


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