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Surveying Sextant, by Brander & Höschel, Augsburg, c. 1780

Object is on display.
Inventory Number: 36262
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Place Created: Augsburg Germany Europe
Brief Description: The scale runs [-7] to 120°, and there is a vernier labelled "Dena Minuta" on the index. The index is (relatively) loose until a decorated hook on the reverse is engaged with the pivot point, when it becomes friction tight. The half-mirror in the horizon sight is lost. There is a central ring in which a brass-screwed wooden handle can be fixed. This socket is supported by three decorated struts.
Primary Inscriptions: "G. F. Brander & Höschel fecit Aug. Vindel."
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Material(s): Brass and wood


Permalink: http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/object/inv/36262