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Box of Unmounted Microscope Slides, by 'E.S.J.', Belgium

preview image for Box of Unmounted Microscope Slides, by 'E.S.J.', Belgium
Inventory Number: 25620
Object Type:
Persons: E S J (Maker)
Date Created:
Place Created: Belgium Europe
Accession Number:
Brief Description: Cream rectangular box of unmounted microscope slides with paper, stapled and hinged lid. Green writing on lid with company name "E.S.J. Made in Belgium Selected Quality" and descriptive information. Inside are: 12 blank rectangular slides, 6 of which have a blank circle in the centre; a small square plastic box with a red lid and cream base, inscription on lid "Assistent 1/2 OZ. 22mm - 7/3"", inside this are 58 small square slides.
Primary Inscriptions:
Provenance: Associated with Florey?
Collection Group:
Material(s): Card
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
38 96 100 mm

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