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Oxford Vaporizer No. 2 Prototype

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Inventory Number: 10550
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Accession Number: 1998-7
Brief Description: Unique prototype. This model mixed ether vapour and oxygen under pressure. The ether reservoir and mixing chamber were enclosed in a water bath, and both ether inlet and oxygen inlet chambers have rotameters.

Rectangular metal box, top overhangs base, painted yellow. Dial and two tubes coming out of the top. Three tubes coming out of one side. Front has a dial and metal fixture with a glass bottle labelled: "Trilene". Back has a cut-out with two glass tubes, each with a dial at the bottom, one for oxygen and one for nitrous oxide. The back also has a second smaller cut-out revealing another glass tube.

Invented 1941 by H.G. Epstein & R.R. Macintosh, modified by S.L. Cowan, R.D. Scott & S.F. Suffolk.

See references.
Provenance: From the Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics, John Radcliffe Hospital.
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Material(s): Metal
Height Width Depth Diameter Unit
318 427 335 mm


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