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Inventory no. 18184 - Former Display Label


Wood, brass, etc. The compass-card (printed from an engraved copper-plate) is signed, "Iohn Worgan Londini fecit 1696".

Underneath the mahogany table is a removeable brass socket for fixing the table to a ball & socket tripod head. At one side of the table is a compass in a detachable wooden mount; the compass card is of the reversed type used with plane-tables. Surrounding the table is a removeable folding boxwood frame. This frame is graduated with scales of degrees and inches and serves to fasten a sheet of paper to the table.

There is a separate brass alidade and rule, with detachable sights. On the upper side it is engraved with an 8-inch plotting scale, and scales of divisions of an inch. Underneath are scales marked [Gunter's Line of] Numb[ers], Sines and Tang[ents].

[Orrery Collection, no. 18]
Lent by Christ Church

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