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Orrery Collection: 1731 Inventory

An Inventory of the Mathematticall Instrumts: in the Library of the Rt Honble: ye Earl of Orrery Deceast.

In the Small Room

[1] Two Wire Spheres
[2m] A Magick Lanthorn Six Figures
[3] A Dialling Sphere
[4] A Small Quadrant of Ivory on a Pedestall
[5] A Three inch Ball on a Pedestall
[6] A Micrometer
[7] Two Brass Spheres one according to Copernicus the Other according to Ptolemy
[8] A Microscope on a Stand
[9] A Concave Glass on a Stand 10 Inch: Diamtr
[10] A Brass Globe in a Frame & Stand 5 or 6 Inch: Diamtr
[11] A Silver Sphere in a Lignum Vitae Case
[12] A Small Reflecting Tellescope on a Stand New Fashion
[13]x A Pair of 3 Inch Globes wh Brass Horrisons & frames in a Case

In the next Room

[14] A Vellom Tellescope 8 feet long
[15] A Strong Staff wh a Ball & Socket & Balls to ye 3 Leggs
[16] A Square Wooden Tellescope 7 Foot. ½ Shutt brass ends
[17] One Dtto 5 Foot. ½ Shutt Wooden Ends

In the Great Room the first Drawer

[18] A Small Plane Table, Ball & Socket, & a brass Index & Sights
[19m] An Ivory Compass Box
[20] A Pr of Proportionable Compss, Silver in a Shagreen Case
[21] A Square 6 Inch Silver Rule, a pr of Compss. of Silver at one End, a Pencell att the Other End
[22] A nine Inch Ivory Sliding Gunter
[23] A Box Scale
[24] A Small Box wh 9 peices of Brass I believe Relating to Gunnery
[25m] Two Magnifying Glass wh Handles
[26] A Small Microscope of Ivory
[27] A Silver Tellescope eight Inches Shutt
[28m] One Dtto: of Fishskin wh Ivory Ends 2 Feet
[29] Four other Prospects 3 wh Silver ends one without [one only, others m]
[30] A Compound Machine on a Stand wh ye 3 Weights

The Second Drawer

[31] A Spirit Levell in a Fishskin Case
[32] A Sky Optick
[33]x A Loadstone Sett in Silver 2 Inches Square
[34] A Silver Case of Instrumts 4 Inch. ½ wh a Small Sector two pr of Compass & ye poynts & Drawing pen in a Plain Shagreen Case
[35] A Brass Scale in a Case
[36] A Round Level of Brass
[37] A Suttons Quadrant on Board

The Third Drawer

[38] Two Small Cammora Obscura one of Vellom [one only, other m]
[39] A Sett of Small Microscopes & Objects
[40] A Small pr of Scales in a Case
[41] A 4 Inch. ½ inch Suttons Quadrant of Brass
[42] A Small pr of Handvice & a Gun Tooll
[43] A Sett of Sollid Bodys in Box
[44] A Brass Stilliard Beam

The Fourth Drawer

[45ab & 46ab] A Fishskin Case with a 9 Inch Ivory Sector Silver Joynt, an Ivory Scale with a Silver peice to Slide along A Parrellel Rule an Ivory Protractor, & a Sett of Compses [latter m]
[47m] Two Silver Sectors 1, 6 Inch ye Other 3 Inch french
[48] Three Pulleys a Single, Double & Treble of Brass
[49] Two Brass Semicircles
[50] A Brass head of a Staff, & a Ball & Sockett

The above Inventory was taken by Tho Wright Mathematicall Instrumt Maker Sept 17th 1731

[x = in these two instances an x is marked in the left margin, implying it was missing at an early date or perhaps even on arrival at ChCh
m = additional items missing when Gunther reported on the collection about 1920]

[the numbering is Gunther's; the original document is at Christ Church]

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