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Inventory no. 14209 - Former Display Label


Silver. Unsigned and undated. The eye-piece and object glass are fitted with sliding dust caps. The four lenses of the eyepiece are mounted in sections of the draw-tube which fit together with bayonet joints, engraved with a rise, a ball, and leaves as an aid to correct assembly. There is a small hole near the object glass to allow air to escape as the draw-tube is pushed in.

Magnification about 4 diameters. The focal length of the objective is 5 1/2 inches.

[Orrery Collection, no. 27]
Lent by Christ Church

{note on back of label: "NB 4th lens missing. Altho telescope gives an image, the tube is not withdrawn to the marked lines. GUET. 16 June 1983"}

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