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Inventory no. 22409 - Former Display Label

GLOBE, etc., of unknown origin

Ivory and brass. Unsigned and undated.

The assembly shown is perhaps not correct. The components are:

1. An ivory globe, marked with lines indicating the Poles, Equator, Tropics, Ecliptic and lines of longitude, on a hollow brass tube or stem. This globe is of the type used in orreries and may be a 'spare'. The brass projections on its surface were perhaps to demonstrate the lengthening of shadows cast by the Sun as distance from the Equator increases.

2. An ivory stand with a vertical brass pin, tapped with a screw-thread at the top. Underneath the base is written: "a planet set down any were".

3. A tapped sleeve-piece which screws on no. 2 (above), to which are fixed two wires each carrying an ivory 'planet'.

4. A 'spare' planet which can also slide onto the pin of no. 2 (above) but which may belong to an orrery.

[Orrery Collection]
Lent by Christ Church.

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