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Inventory no. 29920 - Former Display Label


Wood. etc. Object-glass signed, "Jac: Wilson Londini fecit"; undated.

There is a sliding copper cradle with trunnions so that the telescope may be used on the tripod belonging to the 11/4-inch aperture refractor also in the Orrery Collection (no. 16). A hook, now missing, on the metal band round the tube at the eye-piece end, was used to suspend the telescope from a small pulley system, for ease of manipulation.

The aperture is about 1 5/8". The eyepiece, which is now imperfect, was of the erecting type. Extension is partly by means of a square wooden draw-tube, partly by a round green vellum tube, which serves as a fine adjustment.

[Orrery Collection, no. 17]
Lent by Christ Church.

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