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Inventory no. 18816 - Former Display Label

early 18th century

Steel and brass, in wooden case, with disc-shaped counterpoises, a glass weight for determining the specific gravities of liquids, and a glass bucket for making similar measurements of solids. Unsigned and undated, but similar to the instrument made by Francis Hauksbee, the elder (1666-1712), instrument maker and 'curator of experiments' at the Royal Society, best known for his experiments on static electricity, electroluminescence, and capillarity.
Believed to have been bequeathed to St John's College, by John Pointer (1668-1754), the antiquary. Other items of his collection in this Museum are a brass quadrant, a small sundial, and a chest containing natural history material, the 'Mus├Žum Pointerianum'.

Lent by St John's College

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