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Inventory no. 38508 - Former Display Label

c. 1760

The larger bottle is labelled "Terminatn. of thoracic duct", and has the number "326.80". It contains a dissection of the thoracic duct which has been dried, varnished and coloured-a standard method of preserving dissections in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The smaller bottle has the number "771", and is a cast of the pelvis of the kidney with the major and minor calyces. The cast was made by injecting Wood's metal (a low melting point alloy) into a kidney, and then dissolving the flesh away with acid, after which the cast was cleaned and painted.
Both preparations came from Christ Church Anatomy School and originated in the early days of Dr Lee's Readership in Anatomy, when the anatomical collection was started. The varnished parchment seals of the bottles are original, and are characteristic of the eighteenth century.

Presented by Professor W. E. Le Gros Clark

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