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Inventory no. 43645 - Former Display Label

?Persian HORIZONTAL PIN-GNOMON DIAL and 19th century

Lacquered wood, etc. Unsigned and undated.

The upper surface is divided into four quarters by a meridional
and an East-West line. Below the East-West line are a compass and
a horizontal pin-gnomon sundial (gnomon missing) for Babylonian
hours. Above the East-West line are marked the positions of various
towns in relation to Mecca; an index (now missing) rotating about the
centre of the instrument was used in conjunction with these place-
names as a Qibla-numâ.

Underneath the instrument is a circular table of the inhirâf
and jiha of 32 towns.

From the Michel Collection.
[57-84/44] Billmeir Collection no. 44

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