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Inventory no. 50108 - Former Display Label

Gilt, silvered & enamelled brass; with ?16th century blind-tooled leather and pasteboard case (not the original case). Signed, "VLRICVS SCHNIEP HOC OPVS FECIT MONACHY [i.e. at Munich] ANNO 1563".

1a. A nocturnal combined with a volvelle for the conversion of equal and Italian hours, showing the length of the day and night in latitudes 44°, 46°, 48°, 50°, 52°, & 54°. At a later date a latitude scale was engraved on 1b. and a hinged arm fixed to 2a. so that the hour-scale of the nocturnal might be used as a universal equinoctial dial.

1b. A horizontal pin-gnomon dial showing the sun's declination, and a horizontal dial, adjustable for use in latitudes 40° -55° by means of an index which rotates over a latitude-scale and which thereby alters the angle of the gnomon.

2a. A compass which can be adapted to the magnetic declination, within a compass-rose.

2b. A table of the names and latitudes of 69 places.

From the Michel Collection.

Billmeir Collection no. 51

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