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Inventory no. 48219 - Former Display Label


Gilt and silvered brass. Signed, "Horologio Generale Fatto monaco [i.e. at Munich] per maistro Vdalricus Schniepp anno .1566.".

All the descriptions are in Italian. Includes:
1. A nocturnal with a hinged index-arm (repaired) combined with a volvelle giving the times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year. Engraved on the movable disc of the nocturnal and volvelle are instructions for using the nocturnal, which is made for "le due stoll posteriori dell'Vrsa maggior";
2. A lunar volvelle and aspectarium.

3. A universal equinoctial dial.

4. A compass, set in a plate engraved with a wind-rose and the type of weather traditionally associated with each of the eight classical winds. The division allocated to the wind, "LEVECHO" is divided into 45° with divisions every 10°, numbered 80, 90, 10, 20, 30.

5. A circular table of the names and latitudes of thirty-two towns, including many in Italy.

Billmeir Collection

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