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Inventory no. 40748 - Former Display Label


Gilt and silvered brass. Signed, "15 *V*S 85" [i.e. Vlrich Schniep], and inscribed, "VIATORIVM" [=the contemporary name for this type of instrument].

Under the point of the plummet is a scale of latitudes from 42° to 52°. The dial is adjusted to the latitude by tilting the dial-plate until the point of the plummet hangs above the dot on the scale corresponding to the correct latitude.

The compass can be rotated and is surrounded by a scale of degrees; it may thus be adjusted to the magnetic deviation.

Inside the cover is a volvelle for converting ordinary hours into Italian hours.

On top of the cover are engraved the latitudes of 19 places.

The bottom of the instrument is engraved with a picture, inscribed, "IVDDHA", showing her with the head of Holophernes.

[G. 386]
Lewis Evans Collection

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