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Inventory no. 45724 - Former Display Label

Italian or French DIPTYCH DIAL
17th century

Ivory and brass. Signed, "F. IOSEPH. AVINC." and, "F. I. A VIN"; undated.

Includes: 1. Quadrant dial, with hour-lines for Italian hours and a geometer's square for latitude 45° (plumb-line & bob missing); 2. Vertical pin-gnomon dial for Italian hours; 3, Horizontal pin-gnomon cup-dials for Babylonian planetary, ordinary and Italian hours, lunar volvelle and compass (needle and card missing); 4. Compass; 5. Inside a screw-on lid which covers the compass, a vertical pin-gnomon dial for Italian and ordinary hours (displayed here detached).

This instrument is ornamented with engraved decoration, including pictures of St. Joseph and the Infant Christ; Mary Magdalene; a dove holding in its beak a drawn sword, with the inscription, "MISEA: REGIT"; and a winged skull and crossbones, surmounted by serpents and an hour-glass.

[I. 95]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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