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Inventory no. 48821 - Former Display Label

English ASTROLABE, made in Oxford

Signed, inside the mater, "Joha. Prujean Fecit Oxon." Wood and pasteboard; the scales and projections were printed from engraved copper plates.

No loose plates; the mater bears a projection for latitude 51°45'. The ecliptic circle is marked with both the zodiac and the calendar of months. The back is blank.

John Prujean, a mathematical instrument maker of Oxford, matriculated on 11 March 1664 as a tradesman privilegiatus (this enabled him to enjoy the privileges of members of the University). He was established in New College Lane, on the west side of Short's Coffee House to the west of Hell Passage, opposite where Hertford College now stands. He and Henry Wyldgoose repainted in 1684 the sundial of St. Peter's in the East. Hearne angrily records (3 May, 1712) that he "died very
poor, wanting bread" and that he "was an ingenious Man, & had done a great deal of service for the University for several Years".

Formerly in the Gabb Collection.

[IC 314]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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