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Inventory no. 44745 - Former Display Label

German ASTROLABE 1609, or later Signed on the back "IOHANNIS KRABBEN ASTROLABIUM. Cum Gra. et Pruile Cæsar. Maij: WOLFFERBYTÆ. FACIEBAT JOHANNES KRABBE MVNDENSIS ANNO M.D. LXXXIII." below the coat of arms of Henricus Julius, Bishop of Halberstadt, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, to whom Krabbe was Geometer. The date, 1609, also appears on the back. Wood and pasteboard with brass centre pin, shackle, etc. Rete for c. 79 stars. 1 loose plate, drawn in ink, for latitude 50°36'; other plates may be missing. The back of the astrolabe, the rim and the rete are printed from engraved plates; and the plates from which they were printed are identical with plates illustrating Krabbe's book, Newes Astrolabium ..., 1609 (and other editions), which describes the construction of the instrument (see the label 'Pasteboard Astrolabes' in the adjacent horizontal case). Formerly in the Lagermann Collection [IC 276] Lewis Evans Collection

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