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Inventory no. 45975 - Former Display Label


Unsigned. Brass.

1 plate, inscribed on one side, "A PARIS 48. DEGRE" and on the other, "A. LILLE. 51. DEGRE".

Inscribed, on the rule, "ICK TOEBEHOORE PHILIS DE DIN"
[i.e. 'I belong to Philis de Din'], and on the back "SIT NOMEN DOMIN BENEDICTVM SECVLA SECVLORUM 1595" written round religious symbols suggesting that the instrument was made by, or for, a Jesuit.

The rete is of simple pattern, and has no circle representing the Tropic of Capricorn. The mater is plain.

On the back are engraved a shadow square and an instrumentum horarum for converting equal hours into planetary hours.

[IC 211]
Lewis Evans Collection

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