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Inv. 45127 - Astrological scales

The reverse of the instrument carries an astrological volvelle and scales.

The outer circumference gives the 12 houses identified as 'VITA ·1·' (life), 'LVCRV ·2·' (wealth), 'FERATR ·3·' (brothers), 'PATER ·4·' (father/inheritance), 'FILIO ·5·' (son/children), 'SERVS ·6·' (servants/services, reading 'servus'), 'VXOR ·7·' (wife/spouse), 'MORSE ·8·' (death), 'ITER ·9·' (journeys), 'DOMINS ·10·' (lordship or authority, reading 'dominus'), 'AMICVS ·11·' (friend), 'CARCERE ·12·' (imprisonment).

There is then a scale of months and a zodiac band, succeeded by the 10 degree division of the signs into decans or faces with their planetary rulers.

The next scale gives the exaltations of the planets where each classical planet is allocated to a zodiac sign and given the degree of its exaltation. The assignments are traditional except for the differences noted below:
· ARIES · / SOL · 19 ·
· TAVRO · / LVNA · 30 · [rather than 3]
· CANCR · / IVPITR · 15 ·
· VIRGO · / MRQRI · 15 ·
· LIBERA · / SATVRN · 12 · [rather than 21]
· CAPERCORN · / MARSE · 28 ·
· PISIS · / VENUS · 27 ·
The differences might be intepreted as slips rather than doctrinal departures.

In some astrological schemes, the lunar nodes (head and tail of the Dragon) are given exaltations. Despite the presence of an index for the head and tail on the volvelle, the traditional locations of the lunar node exaltations are not given here (3 Gemini and 3 Sagittarius).

Within the scale of exaltations are the elemental associations of the signs, indicated by symbols for earth, air, fire and water, and qualified as either 'MO', 'ST' or 'ME' (presumably to indicate intensity). The inner ring before the volvelle gives the elemental associations with seasons, again by symbols: Leo to Libra (fire), Scorpio to Capricorn (earth), Aquarius to Aries (air), Taurus to Cancer (water).

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