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Special Exhibition Label: 'Al-Mizan: Sciences and Arts in the Islamic World' (26/10/2010 - 20/03/2011)


The Enthroned Word

This Persian astrolabe of c. 1700 carries the famous Throne verse of the Qur'an on its own 'throne' (kursi): 'God! There is no God but the One, the Living, the Self-subsistent; drowsiness does not overtake God, nor sleep. To God belongs what is in the heavens and the earth: who could there be who can intercede with God except by leave of God? God knows what is in front of them and what is behind them; but they do not comprehend anything of God's knowledge except as God wills. The throne of God extends over the heavens and the earth, and the preservation of them both is not oppressive to God, for God is most exalted, most sublime.'

MHS inv. 42649 (left)

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